Abyss Domination

Chapter 419 - Brass Dragon

It was about three hundred kilometers South along the desert.

There was a special place where there was a volcano, but it had not erupted for hundreds of years. This volcano was Soran’s destination. The third Elemental Stone was on the altar near the volcano. The fire element was the most difficult to deal with among the four elements. However, for Soran, he just finished off a Balor, and then turned to deal with some fire elements which was as if it were child’s play.

With his current flame resistance and the power of the Curved Sword Icingdeath, he didn’t need to be afraid of the fire.


There was also something he was afraid of.

——the Dragon!

Dragons lived all over the world, but most of them did not like places with human activities, so many of them built their nests in desolate areas. Soran’s current position naturally met all aspects of the dragon’s conditions, so his destination was actually the territory of a dragon. Although this was not the first time Soran fought against a dragon, he was not naive enough to think that he could easily go fight a dragon on his own–Especially when the dragon that was here was not so easy to deal with.

It was a ‘Brass Dragon’!

Brass Dragons were of the Chaotic Good Alignment. They were different from the pureblood dragon Soran met in the past; the Brass Dragon belonged to the Metallic Dragons, while the Red Dragon and the White Dragon belonged to the Chaos Dragons. The Metallic Dragons were mostly dragons of the Good Alignment, so they were not very aggressive. Unfortunately, as the existence of the Evil Order, the threat by the Metallic Dragons was not very different from that of the Chaos Dragons for Soran. Evil Alignment was not that good because of this point. It was not easy to fight against the Good Alignment, and it was also not easy to fight against the Evil Alignment.

The one that was staying here was an adult Brass Dragon.

Its existence has long been known by others, and even desert caravans have met it, calling it “Desert Wind.”

The Brass Dragon was a very special kind of dragon because they liked to ‘chatter’ with others!

There was a passage that recorded them like this.

“The Brass Dragon is very talkative and good at speaking. Sometimes they can provide some useful information for Adventurers, but it usually takes a long time of chatting and hinting to give it a gift before the Brass Dragon gives out information.”

“The pupils of the Brass Dragons would gradually darken with age and end up like molten metal balls.”

“Brass dragons like dry and high temperatures, and most of the time bathed in the desert sun. They give off a strong smell of metal or sand. They like to build their nests in high caves.”

“Brass dragons can eat almost anything, but they usually eat very little. They can get nutrients from the morning dew. Because the habitat of Brass Dragons and Blue Dragons were the same, they are dangerous enemies. If the two sides were in a one-on-one conflict, the larger Blue Dragon would easily prevail.”

“For the Brass Dragons, talking to Adventurers was more attractive than fighting.”

That’s right!

You were not mistaken. The labels of Brass Dragons were marked with ‘Extremely Talkative,’ ‘Good at Speaking,’ “Likes Chatting,” etc.

That is, a Brass Dragon was a chatterbox amongst the pureblood dragon species.

There was a saying in those days.

——”What is the most likely outcome of the chaos alignment? Without a doubt! It’s a joke!!!!” (Note: Since ancient times, chaos has had jokes.)

Brass Dragon.

It was the joke amongst the dragons. Other than being chaotic good and a chatter. They were not only a joke but also fighting trash amongst the jokes!

Soran was also the territory of the Brass Dragon that was called ‘Desert Wind.’ It has done a hilarious thing in the past too–It kidnapped a group of Adventurers, and then forced them to chat with him for a full three days and three nights!

After it satisfied its desire to talk, did it let go of the team of Adventurers who were about to be played badly.

Because it has never done anything bad, and its own strength was quite strong, no one came to fight against it. This desert area was its independent kingdom, and it has been living well here until the end of the Avatar Crisis. Maybe most of those who were born to be a joke was lucky. Anyway, Soran did not hear who had killed it. (Note 1: There were not many Brass Dragons, most of them live in the desolate desert.)

(Note 2: because of living in the desert, the Brass Dragon’s desire for chatting was often not satisfied.)

A volcano appeared in front of Soran’s eyes.

Fortunately, the figure of the Brass Dragon did not appear, and the dragon slept for a long time during its lifetime.

It was not difficult to find the altar of the elements.

Because all the elemental altars had a symbolic feature, and it was that there were Elemental guarding it nearby. So if one found the fire element, one would find the location of the elemental altar.


Soran searched carefully near the volcano, and soon found traces of the fire element.

It was not difficult to deal with these fire elements. Soran’s fire resistance was enough to ignore the fire on them, so it was easy to finish off a large area.

The Slaughter EXP was accumulating incessantly.

When Soran cleaned up the fire elements near the altar, he gradually approached the center of the altar.

Then he began to search carefully.

Time went by bit by bit!

Soran’s expression became more and more perplexed. At last, he could not help frowning and standing at the same place. He seemed to be in deep thought.

The elemental fire stone was not here.

This was a very strange thing because, according to the information he remembered from the start, there should be no errors in the location of four elemental stones. Although no specific details were released at that time, the general location would not be deceiving. The fire elemental stone should be here. The two elemental stones in front of Soran were all obtained from an altar.

Why can’t I find that elemental stone [Fire] once I got here?

He did not give up and went looking again.

It was a pity that he still found nothing, but Soran found the dark pattern that was preserved by the elemental stone.

It was empty inside!

The fire elemental stone was taken away by someone.

The discovery immediately made Soran feel thorny because he needed all four of the elemental stones. If it was really taken away by someone, he still did not know if he could get it back from the others. Even if he could find it back, he did not know how much time it would take. Now that Soran was racing against time, and he was not allowed to spend too much energy on it. If the whereabouts of fire elemental stone was really unknown, perhaps he could only give up in this way.

When Soran could not find any clues, suddenly, a voice came from above him.


“Where did this Rogue come from! How dare you come to your mother’s place to steal things?!”

The voice was loud, but there was still a trace of childishness.

When Soran heard this voice, he turned over and retreated almost instantly. At the same time, he pulled out his Curved Sword Icingdeath with a clang. His entire body crouched slightly, ready to fight at any time.

Your mother?!

When Soran lifted his head to look up to the front, his expression suddenly froze.

Standing about 50 meters away in front of him was a lolita, about a meter two tall. She was wearing a gold princess skirt with broken lace, which was inlaid with dazzling gems. The long pale blonde hair fell naturally, the face looked very lovely and adorable, but the expression was old-fashioned. At the moment, she was holding out a pink and tender finger and pointing at Soran in front of her, while pouting with her mouth and went: “Hey! I’m asking you something! Why did you come to my place to steal things? ”


“Are you a mute? Or an idiot! Were you scared silly by my overbearingness? ”

“Really scared till you’ve become stupid?”

“I’m not that unlucky, am I? It’s not that easy to catch a human! ”

She still did not wait for Soran to speak.

With such a stupefied effort, the lolita in front had already said a lot.

However, he seemed to know who she was!