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It was quiet under the night sky.

Soran sat cross-legged beside the campfire with his hands on the Curved Sword, Icingdeath, placed on his knees. This was the way to cultivate for a Sword Saint, a mysterious domain similar to meditation. The moment the mind has calmed to the limit, the sensory world would be able to catch the vibrations in the blink of an eye. That was why the Sword Saint’s moves would always be so precise and deadly. This was also the basic cultivation method of mastering the legendary ability [Expose Weakness]. For a Rogue like Soran, it would take a lot of effort to master it in the future.

Di was also sitting cross-legged.

But she did not settle down. She just sat normally in silence. Her entire person seemed very relaxed. She was a little similar to the Pugilist Soran had met. The Oriental Dancer rested her head on her long and strong thighs. The relationship between the two women made Soran feel a little strange. He didn’t know whether they were really just in a very good relationship or some other special relationship. At the moment, Di looked like a gentle big sister, occasionally reaching out to touch the long hair of the Oriental Dancer.

Her eyes were clear.

Soran had never seen such a clear gaze before. It was such a pure mind and had a pure strength.

Body, spirit, soul-

A Pugilist’s cultivation was very similar to that of a Monk’s. They could get a pure physique through training and would be completely immune to any diseases’ effect. With further training, a Pugilist’s body would gradually approach perfection, and they would be immune to any poison effects. When their cultivation has reached a certain level, the spirit of the Pugilist would become extremely pure, and their body and spirit would enter a mysterious state of ‘Emptiness’. In the end, a Pugilist would also eventually cultivate the domain of ‘Perfect Self’ just like the Monks.

In simpler words, the woman in front of him had reached the point where ‘Essence-Qi-Spirit’ has integrated. Her clear and incomparable eyes represented a real existence of power.

“Your mind is not at peace.”

After looking at Sorn for a long time, Di slowly said: “Although you have an extraordinary determination, as long as your mind has not really calmed down, you will never feel the real way of cultivation.”

Soran slowly looked up and said in a deep voice: “What should I do?”

“I can’t teach you.” Di gently shook her head and took off the hair belt behind her, letting the long black hair hang down. She raised her hand and stroked the side of the face of the Oriental Dancer. In a soft voice, she said: “In the Eastern Kingdom, everyone cultivates in a different way. Even monasteries of the same school have different ways of cultivating. ”

“You have a strong belief!”

“I can feel it. This is a good thing. When you’ve found the way to cultivate, this belief will become your greatest motivation. ”

After she said this, Di paused and then went: “I met a Druid when I left my hometown.”

“Just like you, he came from the other side of the continent. Although he had some mysterious magic that would let him reach the Eastern Kingdom quickly, in the end, he chose to go on foot. He spent more than a year walking tens of thousands of miles, through forests, grasslands, Gobi, deserts, and finally reached the Qinglong Lake in the Eastern Kingdom. Before I left, he had already been there for three years. What he did every day was to plant different kinds of trees, flowers, and grass, and then sat down to meditate there.”

“He said he was feeling the way of nature.”

“The way of nature for the Druids was different from our way of cultivation. The power that you use is not the same power that we use. So if you intend to cultivate, you should find the answer from the source of your own power.”

After saying this, Di stopped.

She closed her eyes slowly as if she had no interest in saying anything else.

Soran was lost in thought at her words. If the power source of Druids was the way of nature, then where was the power source of Rogues?

Combat skills?


Based on combat skills, Rogues were superior to many professionals because they were a group of people that were the most proficient in skills.

Soran looked at the bonfire, and he noticed the shadow under the fire.


He opened his hand gently and had a thoughtful expression. The power source of the Rogues should be the shadows. It was the only supernatural power they could use, and it could support most supernatural abilities. However, Soran was not so familiar with this ability, nor did he have much clue to improve it. More often, it was more like a kind of bloodline ability. With the advancement of the professional level and strength, it would penetrate into the body bit by bit. From the moment of advanced Rogue, their bodies would begin to adapt to the power of shadows.

The mysterious Eastern Kingdom.

They seemed to have a very different way of cultivating. No wonder more and more professionals have been going to the eastern world for hundreds of years.

Soran did not have a lot of outlines.

After all, he did not know much about the cultivation in the Eastern Kingdom, but he also had something more familiar.

That was the Sword Saint.

The existence of Sword Saint was the perfect combination of different professional systems on both sides of the mainland, which inherited the explosive power of the Fighters on the mainland and held the most mysterious ‘Qi’ of the Eastern Kingdom. (KI)


That was the most iconic ability of Sword Saint.

In a flash, his fighting power would burst out at the peak state. All the sword movements that Soran has mastered now were basically extended from the burst technique of Kai. Soran felt that there was a mist in front of him. He seemed to see something, but he did not really see it. He thought of the first encounter of the Storm Ronin. Although he was an advanced professional of Ranger’s, his fighting skills had obvious traces of ‘Flurry Blows.’

Maybe, I should go to the Eastern Kingdom again if I have the chance.

Soran slowly stood up. He turned his head and looked at Di behind him. In a soft voice, he said: “It’s almost dawn. Let’s part ways. Take care of yourself! I hope to see you again.”

There was a glimmer of light in the sky.

Soran turned and walked away without saying much, either.

The Oriental Dancer also slowly opened her eyes. She looked at the back of Soran’s departure. Her expression was complicated yet reluctant, but finally turned into calmness.

“Let’s go, too.”

Di slowly stood up and gently stamped her foot. The sand in front of her collapsed and buried the bonfire. She turned and stroked the side of the face of the Oriental Dancer, and said slowly: “Her Highness is still waiting for us to go back. Recently, the monasteries all over the world seemed to have taken action. I’m afraid that evil things underground will run out again.”

Guard against evil things.

From the fall of the Arcane Empire to the present, the ancient evil things sealed at the bottom of the earth have always been the enemies of the entire Eastern Kingdom!

The two tall figures gradually disappeared.

Before leaving, the Oriental Dancer looked behind her once again. Soran’s figure had long gone far away, and only a small black spot could be seen vaguely.

The wind and sand gradually spread.

This desert was the border between the two countries and the real destruction of the Arcane Empire.

In this desert, there used to be the most brilliant Arcane civilization radiating throughout the whole multiverse, but now it had become the most desolate and dangerous Death Desert.

Energy radiation destroyed everything.

This desert spanned more than a quarter of the land on the whole continent and had isolated the two countries for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the ascetic monks from the East appeared, and after the South Coast has opened up the eastern sea route, that their contact with each other began to increase gradually!

However, for ordinary people, the Eastern Kingdom was still a distant unknown.

Frost Kingdom, Arendelle.

Recently, there was a new figure in Arendelle, who was the descendant of Queen Isabella, Lady Adele-Isabella.

In other parts of the continent, it was not so easy for a woman to get a title, but there was no such concern in Arendelle. This Adele Isabella was Arendelle’s new favorite. She not only had a noble bloodline, a beautiful face, and an amazing wealth but also had a close relationship with Princess Anna of Arendelle. She would be invited to almost every palace banquet, and she has always been sitting beside Princess Anna as if she was the closest friend of Princess Anna.

Even other kingdoms in the South have heard of her existence. After all, the blood of Queen Isabella has different meanings.

It was also on the same day.

Lady Adele Isabella, Arendale’s new influential figure, left. She would take a merchant ship to the South Coast because she still had her own business in the Shipwreck Bay.

The news reached the Kingdom on the South Coast.

Many aristocrats in the South began to arrange for people to meet the noblewoman. Her beauty, her wealth, her status, all made the noble children in the South restless. A woman of noble birth could not only improve the family’s gold content, but also enjoy a share of the huge wealth through her, and be able to build a relationship with the rich of Arendelle.

Many southern nobles were making their own tabulations.

The plan that Soran had set had begun to brew.