Abyss Domination

Chapter 416 - Fallen God

The figure of the tall woman landed on the ground.

However, she still moved her right leg forward and put out a half lunge posture where she could attack again at any time. Soran also crouched slightly, holding a fine gold dagger in his hand, looking ready to fight at any time. He felt a little bit sullen by his hidden loss just now. Even if it was a legendary Pugilist, he should not have been beaten so powerlessly. What he feared most was not the fighting ability of the other party, but the pair of damn gloves. The electric current was disgusting to deal with for a Rogue like him.

There were all kinds of elemental attacks inside.

Damage by the electrical system was the most likely to trigger a negative state, as anyone who has inadvertently touched a home circuit would know.

Even if these gloves were not legendary equipment, they would not be too far from it!

The Oriental Dancer quickly came to the tall woman’s side, and basically threw herself into her arms, then hugged her slender waist. Then, she said happily: “Di! Why are you here? ”

The tall woman’s attention was still on Soran. She softly replied: “I heard that her Highness assigned you a task. I was a little worried about the difficulty of the task. I was afraid that you would encounter danger, so I stopped by.”

“Be careful of this man.”

“He is dangerous and seems to be very evil!”


It seemed that the other party saw the aura on Soran by using some means. As the Pirate King who ruled the three seas, if one used a spell that was similar to Alignment Detection on him, Soran’s aura was absolutely going to be evil. There were many mysterious means in the East, but they were definitely not the paradise for Witches. It seemed that all the professionals from the Eastern Kingdom could master some special abilities during training.

Sixth Sense.

One of the most powerful supernatural abilities!

An ability that Soran longed for but could not obtain. In fact, Soran had spent a lot of time in order to obtain the weakened version of [Danger Sense]. If one wanted to gain a more powerful [Sixth Sense] ability, perhaps one might have to rely on some kind of miraculous encounter or enter into the realm of gods themselves. As for the higher level [Extreme Sixth Sense], it belonged to the legendary ability. There were less than two figures in the whole world who had mastered this ability. (Note: the Sixth Sense was equivalent to an innate super ability. It could not be trained at all. One could only master [Danger Sense] through training. When a legendary Monk reached a certain level, their perception might further strengthen and become a [Sixth Sense] ability, becoming an innate-like supernatural ability.)

“He… He’s still all right….. ”

The Oriental Dancer raised her head and looked at Soran when she heard her words. The expression on her face was a little complicated, and she said softly: “I’ll tell you later. But can you guys stop now?”

“He saved me once!”

“He’s not an enemy. Di. Shall we sit down first before we talk? ”

After hearing the words of the Oriental Dancer, the tall woman raised her beautiful willow-like eyebrow slightly, then glanced at Soran and slowly recovered her posture. Soran frowned slightly at the Oriental Dancer and her, then put away the fine gold dagger. He pulled out the Curved Sword on the ground, and his eyes fell on the tall woman.

Pugilist – Di.

A very strong woman.

But even if their trump card was out, Soran was not afraid of her either.

Pugilists and swordsmen had a routine-like way of fighting. They both pursued the highest level of perfection. This kind of fighting skill might be very powerful, but it also had obvious weaknesses. Once one seized the opportunity, one could kill them instantly. This kind of advanced profession might be very powerful in one-on-one combat, but if there were too many enemies, the situation would be very dangerous. In short, Soran has been hit more than ten times by her, but he had only sustained a little injury. But if she was hit by Soran once, her injury would have been very serious because Pugilists only wore gloves to fight, not armor. (Note: the Pugilist could not even wear leather armor. They could only wear arm guards at most. The woman in front was not equipped with arm guards.)

A group approached the oasis.

The Oriental Dancer pulled her and spoke in a low voice. It seemed that she was talking about what happened prior. From time to time, the tall Di would look back at Soran with a slightly surprised expression.

Soran sat there fiddling with the campfire, quietly wiping his Curved Sword, seemingly uninterested in their conversation.

“Wait a minute.”

Di looked at Soran once more and whispered: “You mean he might have killed the Balor that was below? How is that possible? I was not even Balor’s match! With the strength of this man, it might have even been very difficult to get close to it!”

The Oriental Dancer glanced at Soran quietly and whispered: “It might be true! It has all collapsed down there!”

“But I didn’t see it either.”

“Maybe just now he didn’t show his real strength, or maybe he has sustained some injuries.”

Di shook her head gently as if still disbelieving.

After a while, she slowly came before Soran and softly said: “Thank you! If it were not for you, Zi would have been in danger already.”


Was that the name of the Oriental Dancer?

It was quite strange that their names were all monosyllabic, and it seemed that they have yet to even mention their surnames.

Soran raised his head and looked up at her.

At this time, he could see the real appearance of the woman in front of him. She had willow-like eyebrows, apricot eyes, melon face, cherry mouth, high-bridged nose, and long black hair. It seemed that from any point of view, she had all the beautiful features of an eastern woman. She obviously had a kind of soft and weak beauty with oriental flavor, but one would not think she would be so fierce and vigorous when it comes to fighting.

She had a full chest, slender waist, long and strong thighs.

Soran’s eyes rested on the other party’s white and slender thighs. It was not that he had never seen a Pugilist before, but a Pugilist being able to train Shadow Punch onto their legs, it was the first for him today.


Soran was not sure whether it was the power of Qi or the talent of the opponent was really amazing.

But the woman in front of him undoubtedly left a deep impression on him and even made up for some of the gaps in his battle against the enemy. It seemed that the Whip Leg with incomparable strength could be incorporated with Shadow Punch. It was better to be careful when encountering professionals from the Eastern Kingdom in the future. He had once traveled in the East before, but he had not received any practices of the Eastern Kingdom then. Maybe he could try it sometime in the future. Even Druids and Rangers could learn from the professionals in the Eastern Kingdom. As a Rogue, he should also have the opportunity to learn from them.

“Have a rest.”

Soran roughly flipped the bonfire, then looked up at the dim starry sky, and said slowly: “I’ll watch the night. I will be leaving tomorrow. Since you guys have got what you need, you should leave here earlier as well. ”

Once his voice was heard.

The Oriental Dancer who walked over could not help shivering, but it was not because of Soran’s words. One could only see her fingers raised to the sky in surprise. Her expression seemed to be a little startled, just like an incoherent speech, she went: “Look!….. You!…. You guys look over there!….. The s-stars!….. No!…. It’s not!… It’s a star!…. Falling down!…. ”

Soran immediately turned and looked in the direction pointed by the Oriental Dancer.

Di also looked up at the sky, only to see a star in the distance that she did not know where it was. It suddenly became very dim, just like a light bulb that was going out.

Then, it suddenly disappeared without a trace!

But this was just the beginning. After its light completely disappeared, suddenly, a very dazzling brilliance appeared in its original position!

This was a totally different light from the beginning.

In the past, its light was like stars. Although it was clear, it was far away, just like the earth and the milky way. But now, its light made people feel that it was close as if it was in two plane’s latitudes before, and now it appeared on the same plane. A dazzling star that pierced from the sky across, like meteors falling down, although only a flash, but still letting people feel a strong sense of shock. That kind of shock could not be described by words.

Soran stood up.

He has been looking at the direction of the falling star; his expression has never been so heavy.

A god might have fallen!

He did not know which god had fallen, but he knew that if there was such a vision in the sky, there must have been a real god that has fallen.

That god died.

Even the gods that were high above would have a day that they would die.