——”Rock Slide!”

The tall figure came like a storm. As an advanced profession that leaned towards the monks, the strength of Pugilists was high grade. A single leap by the girl in front spanned more than ten meters. Her figure flew across the air. Her long and strong legs roiled up the sand all over the sky, and directly whipped towards Soran’s abdomen.


The Curved Sword Icingdeath came out of its sheath. Soran wielded the sword and unleashed a Horizontal Slash.

Facing the light emitted by Soran’s sword, the tall woman did not panic. As soon as she got her long and strong legs together, she jumped up directly in the air and continued to soar without any relay points at all.


Soran’s pupils shrank in a moment, and he suddenly arched himself and stabbed the other party’s lower body with the Curved Sword.

——”Scaling Ladder!”

——”Empty Body!”

Facing the light from the Sword that Sauron stabbed from below upwards, the tall woman slightly frowned with her beautiful willow-like eyebrows, only to see her two palms clap together. The crackling lightning pulsed from the palms. Then, she directly faced Soran and swooped down. Her figure fell at high speed, and at the same time, she moved half a meter in a strange way, and when she went past Soran and avoided the sword light, the two palms turned into a raging gust of wind and hit Soran’s vital points.

——”Flurry Blows!”

Electric arcs leaped in the air.

In his heart, Soran was shocked at the moment. He frantically protected his chest and blocked the enemy’s attack. The opponent did not need the relay point. When there were no positions to land in the midair, she could even continuously launch attacks. When the enemy’s fist first hit Soran’s body, he evidently did not feel much pain. But when she took back her fist, Soran felt a shock on his chest. It seemed that her strength went through his arms and directly hit his innards. The tiny electric current was pulsing through Soran. Even with his strong and incomparable constitution, he still felt numb all over. If it was other people now, perhaps they would have been paralyzed by the electric current from the start.

“One-inch Punch!?”

Soran’s figure fell from the air. His chest heaved violently. Suddenly his throat moved, and a trace of blood came out of his mouth.

One-inch Punch.

Or it could be called Shadow Punch, or even Invisible Palm.

A fighting skill that ignored the defense ability of the opponent. In the face of such an attack, the defense equipment on Soran’s body would basically fail, and the enemy’s strength would directly infiltrate into his internal organs. This was a kind of ability that could beat a Juggernaut wearing full body armor into a pulp. Under this special fighting skill, any means of physical defense had basically lost their effects.

——”Evade Sight!”

Soran’s figure disappeared instantly after landing, and the tall woman also landed from the air. She frowned her beautiful willow-like eyebrows and paid attention to the surroundings.

It was quiet all around.

Soran’s whole body seemed to have evaporated, and there was no trace at all.

——”Shadow Leap!”

Soran’s figure suddenly appeared from behind the shadow of the other party. The Curved Sword flashed with cold light and directly stabbed at the heart of the other party.

But, at the moment when he launched the attack, the tall woman clearly did not realize his presence, but suddenly she trembled, and then suddenly twisted her body to avoid the cold light coming from behind.

——”Danger Sense!”

——”Extreme Sixth Sense!”

When Soran realized that the enemy had actually evaded his attack, he suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. He immediately wielded his sword and went forth with a Horizontal Slash.


However, the next scene was a little subversive of his past combat experiences. The tall woman in front of him suddenly clapped her palms and caught Soran’s Curved Sword.

——”Bare-Handed Blade Block!”

The crackling lightning appeared, and the electric current passed through Soran’s weapon and into his arm. The tall woman in front of him grinned coldly. She humphed softly, and then suddenly twisted and rotated. A pair of strong thighs were clipped on Soran’s neck in a moment, only to see her legs lock Soran’s neck, and then she flipped his entire body onto the sand.


This woman was definitely a legendary Pugilist!

With such reaction speed, such prediction ability, Soran even doubted that the other party might have possessed the terrifying ability of [Sixth Sense].


The tall woman clung onto Soran, and the distance between her and Soran was less than five centimeters away. Such a close distance could even make Soran feel her long black hair that was just dancing during the battle. Just as he wanted to lift his Curved Sword, the other party’s elbow hit him in the abdomen, and then her fist hit his shoulder joint. For a moment, Soran felt that his arm was completely numb, almost unable to hold onto the Curved Sword.

Elbow Strike, Knee Smash, One-inch Punch.

Torrential-like combos all landed onto Soran’s body, not even letting him have any power to fight back.

Any of his attacks would all be detected by the enemy in advance, and then she would hit the weak points on his body in a flash so that Soran could not unleash any slightest combat prowess. Especially the gloves that have been pulsing with an electric current. Although they could not cause that much damage to Soran, the electric arcs that splattered onto Soran’s body was a nightmare. Every time Soran was hit by the other party, it was like touching high-voltage electricity.

In this scenario!

He might not even be able to unleash about thirty percent of his combat power during normal times.

In the case of being stuck to by the tall woman in front, Soran could only take a dozen punches in a second or two. He was practically just a human sandbag with the way he was letting the other party hit him.

If it was not for his amazing constitution and powerful life force, perhaps he would have been ended off by the other party!


In the face of the enemy’s torrential-like attacks, Soran finally made a decision, only to see that he directly released the Curved Sword Icingdeath in his hand. In an instant, he twisted around and strode, using his shoulder to hit the other party’s body.

——”Close to the Mountain!”

With the dull sound of physical impact, the ferociously aggressive and tall woman was finally knocked back by Soran.

The distance between them instantly widened!

Soran quickly reached for the Curved Sword on the ground, while the tall woman lunged forward and smacked him in the chest with her palm.

The crackling lightning surged.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Soran’s mouth. His hand that was reaching for the Curved Sword Icingdeath suddenly retracted. At the next moment, a pale golden cold light could be seen in his palm. The instant when the tall woman in front of him rushed forth, he waved a fine gold dagger and stabbed towards the other party’s chest.

She fell for it!

The tall woman’s expression was imposing. When the forward momentum was gone, she instantly twisted around and dodged. At the same time, her long and strong leg whipped towards Soran’s chest.


Both of them flew backward.

Soran placed his hand on his chest and coughed slightly while the tall woman put her hand on her elbow. There was a slight bloodstain there. If it was not for her strong dodging abilities, she might have lost half her life.

After all, a Pugilist would not use other weapons except gloves, and would rarely wear any form of defense equipment. (Note: Armor-type.)

“It’s definitely Sixth Sense!”

Soran gently shifted his steps and held the fine gold dagger across his chest. The Pugilist had a strong ability of penetration. Once the distance was closed up, the Curved Sword would be restricted. It was basically not as useful as the small and fine gold dagger. The woman in front of him should have a supernatural ability similar to “Sixth Sense.” Otherwise, it was impossible to continuously dodge Soran’s attack or even predict the position of his attacks. Soran had the same [Danger Sense] ability, but it seemed like it did not exist when he was fighting with the tall woman in front of him. The only explanation was that she had a stronger supernatural ability, which completely suppressed Soran’s Danger Sense effects.

——”Swift Step!”

The woman in front of him looked at Soran coldly. She took a hairband from her left arm, and she did not even bother looking at the bloodstain on her arm, and just slightly tied up her long black hair. Only now, did Soran notice that her arm had a hairband. After her hair was tied into a tidy ponytail, the tall woman’s momentum suddenly became more threatening.

——”Shock Strike!”

——”One-inch Punch: Rock Slide!”

The tall woman sprang up, flying in the air like a wild goose with long hair tied into a ponytail, and rushed towards Soran with a sharp and incomparable strike.


But when Soran was ready to face her with the golden dagger, the figure of the Oriental Dancer suddenly appeared, shouting at the tall woman in the air: “Di! Stop fighting! He is not an enemy!”