Soran was stuck.

In fact, he and the Oriental Dancer had been stuck for a whole day and night.

By the time they finally dug out a passage to return to the ground, both of them were a little exhausted and looked as if they had been rolling in mud. Soran was a little better. After all, he was wearing tights; he only had to shake the sand and soil on his cloak. But the Oriental Dancer wore a long dress; when she came out, she was covered in dirt. Only when she wiped her sweat occasionally, could she wipe off the dust and expose her white skin.


After the Oriental Dancer came to the ground, she threw away the shovel and sat on the sand. She jumped up immediately when she sat down; although the sky was getting dark at the moment, the temperature in the desert area was still very high. There were no signs of the workers and other teammates nearby, but there was a lot of garbage left in the distance. The others probably had taken away all that was useful, leaving only trash behind.

Soran pushed the sand, examined the burnt charcoal, and said in a deep voice, “it hasn’t been long since they left! They probably left around noon. ”

The Oriental Dancer walked over, nodded, and said, “These useless!…”

“It’s fine.”

Soran shook his head indifferently. He had seen too many things in the Underdark. At least this time, his teammates hadn’t stabbed him in the back. He looked up at the sky and said slowly, “Have a rest here for one night. We’ll leave tomorrow. ”

“Since you’ve found what you wanted, we’ll split tomorrow! If you’re going back to the Eastern countries, then leave earlier.”

“Not long from now, this place would become desolate.”

The Oriental Dancer nodded softly when she heard the words, and her eyes fell on Soran. She looked at him quietly for a while. Then a gentle smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, and she said softly, “Thank you.”

Soran waved his hand and didn’t reply, then said, “I’ll go look for water.”

“There should be an oasis around here.”


Hearing Soran’s words, the Oriental Dancer instantly felt uncomfortable all over. She could not help following him quickly and asked, “Is there an oasis nearby? I’ll go with you! ”

There should be an oasis around the area because there was a gathering place for adventurers here; an oasis was slowly created to become a base camp for them.

Soran walked the way he recalled, and soon a patch of green was seen in front.

A small oasis.

Maybe only over 100 meters long, surrounded by various vegetation, and some tall trees, with a deep pool in the center. It was a miracle in the desert. In such a dry and brutal place, such a place could be preserved.

“That’s fantastic!”

The Oriental Dancer couldn’t help but speed up her steps. When she came to the water pool, she bent down and took a few drinks. Then she picked up the water and washed her face. As the dust on the face was washed, a charming and moving face was also exposed. After she washed her face, a faint blush appeared on her charming face. She turned to look at Soran beside her as if she wanted to say something.

Soran was also washing his face.

The cooling water relieved the uncomfortable feeling. He wiped his body then saw the stare of the Oriental Dancer.

“What?” Soran asked with a frown.

The Oriental Dancer had an awkward expression; it seemed that she was a little embarrassed. Then she asked, “I want to clean up. Can you wait for me outside first!… ”

So she wants to wash up.

Soran, hearing the words, stood up, looked at the dusty woman, and said, “Fine. I’ll wait for you outside. ”

Soran turned and left.

After the Oriental Dancer was sure that Soran was nowhere near, she untied her belt carefully. However, she took a quiet look at the back and whispered, “Would he peek! Well, I can’t do any if he decides to stealthily come back? I don’t care! Let’s take a bath first… ”

The Oriental Dancer dropped her dress, revealing her pair of long beautiful legs.

She touched the water with her feet, and then slowly untied her blouse. Her breasts were like white jade in the moonlight. The Oriental Dancer put her hands on her chest and slowly entered the water. She sighed contentedly and then began to clean the dust on her body.

“He’s not bad!”

“Too bad I like Di!”

The Oriental Dancer was immersed in the water. Her long wet hair spread like seaweed. She gently wiped her face as she had some wild thoughts in her mind. She blushed and said, “Is he peeking?”

In fact, she really did think too much.

Soran had gone outside and had no intention of taking a peek at her.

In terms of beauty, Gloria was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Maybe only when Vivian grew up, she would surpass Gloria. With Gloria around, Soran had no appetite for the Oriental Dancer.

Under the dim moon,

Someone was close by!

Soran went into the shadow and sneaked over.

One person.

A woman.

Before Soran got close to the target, he saw a tall figure with long black hair. At a glance, she could recognize that she was a woman. The woman was wearing tights, showing the exquisite curve of her body. Her face and outline had the characteristics of the oriental people. However, her height was higher than that of a woman in the north, but this was not the key; the important thing was that Soran did not see a weapon on her. She only had a pair of black gloves.

“Who is it!?”

A cold voice was heard, and then the woman in front of Soran stopped. Her figure swept up in a flash and directly locked on to Soran’s position. Then she turned into a shadow and came close to Soran. She kicked her leg toward Soran with amazing momentum.

There were no signs at all.

Soran didn’t even know how the enemy determined his position. He was only sure that he didn’t expose himself. It seemed that the opponent could detect him because of some supernatural ability.

Soran was surprised as the dust she kicked up revealed his position.


In the face of the enemy’s high-speed approach and kick, Soran had no time to dodge and had no chance to draw his sword; he could only brace himself. With the dull sound of body collision, Soran was pushed back a little. After a hard hit, her vigorous figure quickly backed up. She landed on the ground like a goose feather and said, “A Rogue?”


The woman in front of him brought her hands together. As she clapped her hands together, a faint magic glow appeared on the gloves immediately, and then an arc of electricity jumped across the gloves. This strange arc kept jumping in the palm of her hand, but it did not seem like it was her ability; it was probably an ability of her gloves, a rare grade weapon.

Bow stance, sidestep, raised hands.

Soran became serious after seeing these moves. He slowly took out his sword and said, “Master Boxer?”

Master Boxer.

This was the first time Soran had seen a female Master Boxer. As an advanced class of the Monk profession, although there was no mandatory requirement to become a Master Boxer, it was extremely rare for a woman to advance to a Master Boxer. This kind of female professions who accepted the practice of the orthodox Master Boxer training was very rare.

Furthermore, the opponent was as good as Soran was!