The oriental dancer was all wet with sweat. She lifted her hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead with a shovel in one hand; her delicate white skin was revealed after the sand was swept off. The beautiful girl now looked like a beggar, spitting out sand. The structure of the underground ruin was compromised. When she managed to dig slightly, sand would flow back slightly.

“Huh, huh, huh!”

The Oriental Dancer opened her mouth and gasped for air. After turning around and looking at Soran on the side, she could not help but express her resentment, “Hello! Haven’t you rested enough? How long do I have to dig for? ”

At first, Soran threw a shovel to her. She thought they would be digging together, but in the end, she did it by herself. She worked hard for a long time to dig through a little bit. As for Soran, he had been sitting there for about five or six hours. Every time she was tired of digging or was drenched from head to foot in the sand, the Oriental Dancer would look back at Soran. He still sat cross-legged at the corner; every time she saw that, there would be more bitterness in her eyes.

“What an ungentlemanlike person!”

The Oriental Dancer murmured in a low voice. Then she raised her hand to move her long hair, which was covered with dust. This environment made her feel unforgettable as she liked cleanliness. After digging for a long time, she had a lot of sweat, which mixed with dust and became stuck on her body, making her feel like she was rolling in mud. However, after complaining, she finally went on because she could see that Soran was hurt badly at the moment.

In fact, Soran was now seriously injured. After the Balor used Self-Destruct, he immediately went into Near Death State.

He could still move freely now because he had an extraordinary Constitution!

At the moment, Soran seemed to be resting, but in fact, he remembered spells again. The Oriental Dancer does not know that he had multi-professioned in Wizard. Naturally, she would think that Soran was resting and recovering. In addition, other Wizards usually needed to take out a spellbook to memorize a spell; Soran memorized spells only with his memory. Although he had paid a lot of Slaughter EXP, Soran’s current spells were all engraved by memory; no need to bring a spellbook with him.


Soran slowly opened his eyes.

Soran looked at the Oriental Dancer and let out a playful smile.

The Oriental Dancer was no more attractive or moving as before. She was now like a village woman with mud all over her body.

There were many notifications in front of him, the top most:

“You’ve been hit by the Balor’s [Self-Destruct] attack!”

“Reflex Evasion is successful!… You’ve evaded the core explosion range!… You’ve received 52 Explosion damage!… You’ve received 12 Burn damage!…”

“Pushed to the limit! Ability break-through!”

“Your ability [Minor Fire Resistance] leveled up to [Lesser Fire Resistance]!…”

“Your ability [Lesser Fire Resistance] leveled up to [Great Fire Resistance]!…”

The Balor was a ball of fire.

Soran suffered from the burning fire from the beginning to the end. If he didn’t have the power of Icingdeath, he would not have survived for so long. So, at the end of the battle, the first thing to upgrade was Fire Resistance, from Minor Fire Resistance to Great Fire Resistance.

“Great Fire Resistance [Personal Ability]: divine power increased your resistance to fire damage. From now on, you are immune to any fire damage below 5. When you are attacked by spells or spell-like attacks, any fire damage will be reduced by 10 damage. With the strengthening of divine power, your ability to master fire resistance will gradually increase, and eventually, you may be immune to fire damage totally. ”

Resistance abilities were very useful.

His ability to survive could be greatly increased after upgrading to Great Fire Resistance. However, to be immune to a certain kind of attack, more supportive abilities were needed, divine abilities.

Soran currently had two resistance, [Lesser Cold Resistance] and [Great Fire Resistance].

After a while,

Another row of data appeared:

“Killed the Balor!”

“Extracting soul energy!… You’ve gained 165100 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Target has divinity.”

“Divinity activated… You’ve absorbed targets remaining divinity!… Divinity converted!…”

“You’ve gained 5 Divinity.”

A hundred and sixty thousand Slaughter EXP.

Although it was not enough for Soran to advance to the realm of legends, it was still quite a bit. He still needed to get another Elemental Stone during his trip. By then, he should have enough Slaughter EXP to advance into the realm of legends. As for the 5 divinity obtained, this surprised Soran. It was a pity that encountering a demon of this caliber was very unlikely, and he may not win again. After all, the difficulty of the challenge between a high-grade demon and a demigod was not much different.

This was not something strange.

Abyss demons always had divinity in their blood. Many powerful demons had no Divine Shard or Divine Title, but they still could use divine powers.

That was because divinity ran in their blood.

Soran was lucky he could kill the Balor. He knew that if the Balor was not handicapped, he would have little chance to win the battle. If we wanted to deal with such enemies in the future, he would have to either wait for the coming of The Avatar Crisis. The Balor was the backbone of the first demonic vanguard army at that time.


Soran slowly stood up.

He took out a shovel and began to dig.

After about three hours, a

“The battle of Balor [legendary battle]: in the early April 1676 of the new moon era, you encountered a sealed Balor in the ruins of the ancient Arcane Empire. After a difficult battle, you finally defeated this powerful enemy. The fall of this great demon results in the Abyss taking an interest in you. The Balor you killed was the offspring of the ancient Balor. Your existence will be perceived by some powerful demons. [Legend Rating + 2] ”

Something was strange.

Soran only got only 2 Legend Rating. However, the Balor should be the hardest enemy he had ever encountered.

It was strange that the Legend Rating it gave was only 2!

Furthermore, the time it took for this notification to pop up was fast, unlike the previous ones.

This led Soran to wonder why.

“Why is it like this?”

Soran said to himself, “The Balor was so powerful! Why did it only give 2 Legend Rating? Even the legendary naval battle gave more Legend Rating then this! Is Legend Rating not directly related to the strength of the enemy? Or are there other conditions that determine the amount of Legend Rating? ”

Soran frowned as he thought about something.

Legend Rating was not necessarily determined by the power of the enemy. Of course, defeating a powerful enemy will naturally obtain more Legend Rating than defeating a weak enemy. However, there seemed to be certain criteria that determined the amount of Legend Rating given.

An audience!

The previous Legend Ratings Soran got were because the incident was spread out.

Many battles were not as dangerous as they were today, but they gave more Legend Rating because these incidents had spread to many places, resulting in many people knowing about it. However, today Soran had no audience at all. Thus the taverns nearby won’t be gossiping on how he killed this Balor. Among all the people, probably only the Oriental Dancer vaguely guessed that Soran had defeated the Balor. Maybe that’s why the Legend Rating it gave was so low.