Abyss Domination

Chapter 411 - Self-Destruct!

Chapter 411: Chapter 57 Self-Destruct!

Fresh blood trickled down.

Soran’s breathing was a little short; the continuous high-intensity explosive power had a high burden on his body, especially the battle that was accurate to the millisecond level. However, his physical condition was extraordinary; in just a second or two, Soran had adjusted his breathing. Constitution not only affected the limit of his physical fitness but also determined his endurance in battle. Soran’s extraordinary Constitution allowed him to recover very fast.

There was the smell of burnt skin.

Maybe because his skin had been burnt, but Soran did not feel too much pain.

The Balor, who was standing in front of him, was no better. It had seven or eight wounds on its body, especially it’s back, and was hit twice by Soran. It’s a pity that Balor’s Constitution was too strong. With a constitution of up to 31, Soran’s waist attack that was supposed to chop the Balor in half only injured its spine. The Balor’s vitality was too tenacious. The HP of the higher grade demons were above that of a Legendary Fighter.

The Balor was also catching its breath.

Even if it was this strong, under the condition of massive blood loss and severe injury, the speed of physical consumption and recovery had become mismatched.

The madness of a demon made it want to fight even when it was seriously injured.

Thus it raised the massive Abyss Beheading Sword again and rushed towards Soran with the flame whip. The flame on the Balor had dimmed a lot. There were only some leaping flames on the flame whip, revealing the dark barbs on the whip. This was the reason why Soran’s left arm was severely injured. The barb caught the flesh and skin of his arm, and then a piece of tissue was torn off.

Soran’s injuries were not light.

Even though he had only been struck once by the Balor, it had caused almost 100s of damage.

The fire on the Balor was strong.

Even with the power of Icingdeath, Soran was slowly burned every time he approached it. This kind of enemy was simply invincible to ordinary people. It was even more difficult to deal with than a dragon. Ordinary people standing in front of it would be burned to ashes. Soran had become a bit numb to the fire as his sword kept him from becoming ashes. The legendary weapon’s ability to put out magic flame had been in effect. But a burning sensation was still felt all over, and his throat seemed to be extremely dry.

The silver light kept moving about.

The Balor’s flames also became weaker; Soran’s hand was now like a block of ice.

Soran had used all of his Shadow Leap.

Even with a range of 100 meters, Soran still used it all up.

Both seemed to be at their limit.

Thus in the face of the Balor’s crazy attack, Soran had to roll and dodge. The huge Abyss Beheading Sword hit the wall behind Soran and directly created a two-meter long crack. At the same time, because of the great power of the Balor, his sword continued down.

“Die! Mortal!”

The Balor forced Soran to a corner. The enemy in front of him did not dare to take one hit from the beginning to the end. So the Balor did not care about defense and only focused on using its brute strength to overcome Soran.


Soran dodged again. Since the Strength of the Balor was too high, he did not dare to take a hit even in Slaughter Form.

The Abyss Beheading Sword once again hit the open space. The terrible brute force caused the ground to crack greatly. The walls made a loud noise, and the cracks extended to both sides.

Suddenly, Soran noticed something!

That was why when the big sword came swinging, he moved to his original position.

A gust of wind blew over his head.

The flame whip came in then the Abyss Beheading Sword swept in again.


The wall shook again, and another obvious crack was seen.

At this moment, Soran was almost forced into a corner by the enemy. The Balor let out a sinister smile. He swung the Abyss Beheading Sword toward the doomed Soran.


When the Balor wielded the huge Abyssal Beheading Sword to attack again, Soran clenched his teeth and held the knife in his hands.


Fresh blood gushed out.

Soran, as if he had been hit by a high-speed car, flew straight out. The huge force pushed him to the wall, and his whole person trembled slightly.

Raw power.

The great difference of size and strength between the two allowed the Balor to push Soran back with ease.


Soran hit the wall behind him.

As if it was the last straw to crush the camel, the cracks on the wall suddenly spread, and the Balor, who came to him with a grim smile, suddenly had a shadow above him.


A sharp stalactite fell on the Balor’s head, and a lot of rubble fell to the ground.

This sort of damage would not kill the powerful Balor.

However, when its head was hit, the Balor was staggered. Its huge body became a burden as most of the falling stones hit its huge body.


At this moment, Soran suddenly leaped out with a ferocious expression. His emaciated body easily dodged the falling boulders, and then he reached out to the Balor and pressed on it.

“Vampiric Touch!”

A hot flow of life force flowed into Soran’s body, allowing him to recover quite a good amount of health.

A hint of red appeared on his previously pale face, and Soran sprang to the top of the Balor and swung his curved sword with both hands at the head of the Balor.

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

A cold flash was seen.

Then there was blood gushing out. The huge body of the Balor froze in place. The next moment, the body of the Balor seemed to let out a great flame.

It seemed the whole beast was now a big fireball!


As one of the most difficult high-grade demons to challenge in the Abyss, the dread of Balor was not only its power but also its ability to automatically activate a “Self-Destruct” after death. This spell allowed the Balor to explode in flames, causing hundreds of explosive range damage to any enemies around.

Many died because of this after killing it!


The sound of a violent explosion was heard, and the terrible fire came out. Soran, who had just cut off the head of the Balor, was shrouded in the terrible explosion in an instant.