Abyss Domination

Chapter 409 - Legendary Rogue

Drops of demon blood dripped on the silvery-white chain.

It seemed that there was some powerful magic in it. The blood of these demons would burn like gasoline after being stained with the silver chain. The Balor looked at Soran crazily and stepped forward again. Then a stream of demon blood gushed out of the wound, just like adding fuel to the fire, making the fire spread all over the silver chain. The light on the chain was fading. It seemed that the demon blood had eroded its power and the ancient runes on it.

Soran, who intended to move, stood his ground and looked at the Balor without expression.

The blood of a demon!

It was the source of power for the high-grade demons and their innate power.

This kind of power was very precious. In the Abyss, only when other demons under its command had made great contributions, the superior demons would give them this power to promote the weak demons. This kind of promotion would reduce the power of some superior demons, so it was also a rarely used ability for the higher grade demons with brutal nature. More often, the inferior demons needed to rely on killing to level up.

Even though the demon had a body, they were formed from souls.

The Balor was releasing his true blood. This blood was not only its vitality but also a part of its own power. With this cost, it was breaking the chain.

In simpler terms: if Soran was trapped now, he would lose not only his health but also his Slaughter EXP. This loss of power was permanent. The lost HP could be recovered gradually, but the lost Slaughter EXP needed to be gained again. It was in this way that the Balor was breaking the seal. The price he paid would reduce his power, and he might even drop a rank directly.

The Balor was willing to pay this price!

After confirming that the opponent was using demon blood to corrode the chain seal, Soran was not in a hurry to launch an attack. Although the Balor was now trapped in chains, its combat effectiveness had not been greatly affected. As long as Soran was within 15 meters of it, the Balor could launch fierce attacks at any time, and even turn the nearby area into a sea of fire instantly.

Soran waited silently.

He waited for the Balor to break the seal. When the seal was completely removed, the Balor’s strength would be reduced to the limit.

By then, Soran’s chances of winning would be higher!

They both wanted to kill each other.

For the Balor, Soran had the most delicious divine power. For Soran, killing the Balor would also be a great reward.

The Slaughter Form limited Soran’s spellcasting ability.

This was not good for him, because the ‘Slaughter Form’ was like the Tenser’s transformation. Although his combat ability would be the same as a Fighter of the same level, he could not cast spells. Soran could only use the ability brought by divine power, as well as the spell-like abilities possessed by his own talent. (Note: Casting requires concentration of will and clear mind. Slaughter hunger and thirst greatly affect casting ability.)

However, Soran still had some chances of winning.

Otherwise, he would not stand and wait. Previously in the Abyss, he had challenged a Balor. He was very clear about this powerful monster’s fighting style. The narrow terrain here limited its flight ability, and also limited the effectiveness of large weapons. The power of Balor’s sword, which was more than two meters long, had been greatly reduced.

Soran wouldn’t go into a battle he had no confidence in!

Only when he felt that he had a fair chance of winning, would he take the risk.


Balor roared and stepped out again. At the moment, the silver chain on its back was tightened to the limit. The silver rune on it became very dim; the demon’s blood turned into a raging fire and melted it little by little. The power source Balor was the fire. Its blood was the hottest fire in the Abyss. Even the seals left from the Arcane Empire could not resist this powerful blood.


When Balor’s huge body of more than 5000 pounds stepped forward a step again, the already fragile chain broke. With a roar, he raised the Abyss Beheading Sword and rushed towards Soran. Although the moment when it lifted the seal was its weakest moment, it was also the most powerful moment for Balor. After it broke the seal with a heavy price, the Balor showed a sense of unremitting war.

This powerful creature, with its huge size and its inborn strength of 35,

35 Strength.

This was a level of Strength that no mortal could reach!

Its strength was not only because of its own spell-like abilities but also because of its powerful attribute brought by the powerful demon blood.

“Boomm, Boom!”

The Balor, like the bravest warrior, rushed over. The two-meter long Abyss Beheading Sword was light. At the same time, the whip of fire swept from the side and directly blocked all dodging spaces of Soran. Soran could not escape.

Never underestimate demon. Even though the Balor was huge, it had 25 Dexterity. (Note: Adult dragon had 10 Dexterity)

Furthermore, it had Greater Dual-wielding ability!

Regardless of any spell-like ability, the Balor could still easily crush a legendary level Fighter just by relying on its own attributes, talents, abilities, and combat skills. Unless a person could kill the Balor with one strike, even deities and Saints would have to pay a hefty price against the Balor.


The burning flame appeared on the Balor’s sword. The sharp edge of the sword was hidden in the fire and directly cut toward Soran’s head.

The whip of fire came from the side with a tricky angle. The attacks came from two directions.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Shadow Strike!”

Soran’s eyes showed a trace of blood-red light. In the face of Balor’s attack, his figure disappeared instantly.

In the next moment!

Soran’s figure appeared in the shadow behind the Balor. He jumped less than six meters, then pulled out his legendary curved sword, stabbing it in the back of the enemy.

A powerful strike meant that pulling back was hard!

The Balor’s attack, which had accumulated momentum, hit the open ground. The Abyss Beheading Sword directly split the ground in the roaring sound, leaving a terrible gully in the original place. A bone piercing pain came from behind, and the Balor roared wildly. The flame whip in its hand suddenly turned to its back. The whip was a very flexible weapon. The Abyss Beheading Sword was a very hegemonic weapon. It was very difficult to master these two weapons, and only the Balor could use them so well.

“Sword Form [Heavy Hack]!”

In the face of the flame whip from the side, Soran’s expression did not change at all. The hot flame enveloped him; it was the fire on the Balor. Ordinary people could not even get close to this terrible monster. But Soran was not afraid of the flame because the blade was emitting a strange silver shield so that no flame could get close to his body.

Time was slow at that moment.

The whip of fire swept over, but Soran rolled violently from the crotch of the Balor. Its body, which was up to 12 feet and weighed more than 5000 pounds, was too big for Soran. He had enough space to use the Ground Blade technique from the Underdark. With a cold and merciless cold light, Soran directly launched the Sword Form [Heavy Hack] under the crotch of the Balor!


A gush of bloodshot out!

Then, like a fountain that could not be stopped, Soran cut a thirty-centimeter long wound in the enemy’s groin.

Its great body gave it exceptional Strength!

But this figure also gave Soran enough space to attack it. In battles like these, Soran didn’t care about honor.

“Damn mortal!”

The great pain caused the body of the Balor to tremble. No male creature could continue to fight after a hit to the groin.

Soran’s cold eyes did not change at all. When he rolled from the crotch of the Balor to escape, he also appeared in the lower corner of the enemy, which was also at the attack range of the Abyss Beheading Sword. The Balor, who was proficient in the two-handed attacks, shook the flame whip and immediately pulled back his hand; and at the same time, he waved the huge sword and slashed it toward Soran. It wanted to split the enemy in half, believing that 35 Strength would be enough to crush the enemy.

Soran smacked on the ground with his hand. The huge force pushed Soran off the ground into the air.

In an instant, the heavy sword of the Balor struck the ground and left a two-meter long gap.

Although he did not have the ability Shadow Realm or Shadowstep, and he could not make unpredictable attacks, Soran, with his powerful attributes, could already use many extraordinary combat skills.

“Sword Form [Horizontal Slash]!”

The fighting skills from the East needed to be supported by Qi. The Monk’s Wind Walk (non-stealth ability), “Trackless Step” and “Chain Steps” could make them jump into the enemy’s side in an instant. Soran, as a Rogue, did not master these special fighting skills, but he had other ways to accomplish this.

Soran suddenly kicked on the wall, and then his figure seemed to fly out like a sharp arrow.

He rushed over from the left side of the Balor, and his curved sword turned into a stream of light to stab the enemy’s heart. The Balor, who had been hit many times, seemed to be crazy. It almost didn’t dodge, and then he waved his sword to Soran as if he wanted to die together with him. It was hard to damage the powerful body of the higher grade demon. It’s flame body was not common, and it was impossible to kill it immediately by stabbing its heart. On the contrary, it was difficult for Soran to resist the power of a heavy split from the Balor.

Time went slow again.

Soran shot out like a sharp arrow, which looked like a ferocious attack straight into the heart of the Balor. However, just as he was three meters away, Soran’s figure entered the reflection of the stalactite above the underground ruins. Then, for the next instant, Soran disappeared into the shadow and then reappeared from the shadow behind Balor.

He Shadow Leaped for more than 7 meters.

At this moment, the combat skills of Soran were without a doubt. He successfully launched Shadow Leap when he entered the shadow with less than a millisecond, and then appeared behind the enemy in an instant.

“Sword Form [Waist Chop]!”

In an instant, Soran slashed the body of Balor with both hands holding the sword, and the blood of the burning demon fell on him like fire.

Soran still had no expressions!

As though he was a stone-cold killing machine!

This was the amount of power he had in his past!

Only after entering the Slaughter Form could Soran’s basic ability to support his legendary combat power.