Chapter 408: Chapter 54 Break Free

One second before.

When the blasphemous words came out of the Balor’s mouth, Soran’s brain seemed to be hit by lightning in an instant. Heat came out of his body and then all over his body. Not only that, but Soran’s powerful memory seemed to be activated by some kind of power. In a flash, he memorized these blasphemous words that he couldn’t understand but had some hazy feelings. This was a power belonging to the oldest demon gods, and one of the abilities that gods of the evil alignment were good at.


Soran’s brain seemed to be broken down by a certain force, and in a flash, he understood this ancient blasphemy language.

“Blasphemy: Pain!”

This power seemed to fit him so well at the moment that Soran had mastered it in an instant.

A row of data appeared:

“You’re affected by [Blasphemy]!…”

“Divinity of Slaughter transformed!… Divinity of Fear transformed!… Slaughter Form activated!… Activate Eidetic Memory!… Activate Able Learner!…”

“You’re in the Lawful Evil alignment!…”

“Divinity is [Minor Divinity]!… You are immune to the Blasphemy attack!… The match between your evil tendency and blasphemy is 91%!… Divine mastery activated!… Understand a new ability [Blasphemy]!… ”


As the name implies, it was the special power of the Evil alignment. This was the oldest blasphemy; only some powerful and evil being with divinity, could master this ability. Otherwise, you could only master the lower level of Blasphemy. That was the special kind of magic ability used by the blasphemous priests in Whiterun. Some priests who were favored by gods also had this ability. If they could become the Chosen or Favored of the gods, this ability could be upgraded to “Devine Word”.

Good and Evil.

Both of these camps mastered different abilities, but the power of Evil was from the ability Blasphemy.

In normal circumstances, even if Soran wanted to master the ability Blasphemy, he had to go through an unholy sacrificial ceremony and carry out the depraved blasphemous language in the sacrificial ceremony. The process of the ceremony varies according to the gods. Of course, there were many choices for the objects of this ritual sacrifice because the demons of bottomless Abyss and Nine Hells of Baator could also give this ability.

The Succubus Queen could also do this, and she was the easiest to please because she was the God of lust, depravity, and ethics. So, some taboo pleasures were easy to please her and get her reward.

Demons, Devils, and Underlords could give the ability Blasphemy.

Although it could strengthen the user’s own power, it also meant falling into their control. Soran’s variation at this moment was different from all the Blasphemy rituals. He automatically mastered and understood his ability.

In this aspect, even he himself was a little confused. He could only vaguely guess that it was related to his alignment: the blood of Slaughter or maybe because of the Minor Divinity– since

If the Balor in front had no master, then the blasphemous language it mastered was also because of its divinity.

The body of the Balor trembled.

Even if it had a strong flame body, it had suffered a lot under the power of Blasphemy.

“Blasphemy: pain [Special Ability]: uttering the oldest blasphemy language, turning the blasphemy language into the power of pain to act on the enemy. Any non-domain power would not be able to resist this damage, causing real damage equal to your profession level + divinity value to the target. This ability can be used once a day. ”

Soran stood up without expression.

The power of pain gradually subsided. He looked at the Balor in front of him, and his eyes had a bloodshot glow.

At the moment, he seemed to be full of evil and depravity, as if some kind of shadow of the Abyss demon. The Balor in front of him seemed to think of something. Suddenly, his face changed, and he said, “Son of Slaughter?!”

“No! It can’t be!”

“You’re too weak!

The Balor had a look of greed.

It suddenly growled, stepped forward, and the barb that pierced its back was pulled tight, and then a drop of demon blood fell down the chain. The Balor made a painful howl but still did not retreat. Instead, he clenched the Abyss Beheading Sword in his hand and took another step again. The sound of flesh and blood being torn was heard. The flame on his body was much weaker. The huge wings of the demon were torn open by the chain of imprisonment, and there were wounds on its back.

“Divinity of Slaughter!”

The eyes of Balor burst with flames and said, “Hahaha! Who would have thought I would encounter a descendant of Slaughter!”


“Let us fight!”

“The winner gets everything! The loser becomes the sacrifice!… Standing before you is the descendant of [Fire and Destruction]!… Barossa Kendy, a high-grade demon! ”

Because of the chains, the Balor wouldn’t be able to really kill Soran.

Even if he couldn’t kill the Balor, Soran could escape at any time, as the Balor was limited to a range by the chain. The Balor didn’t know that Soran was in a state of thirst for killing and that he would go crazy if he didn’t satisfy his desire for killing. The Balor just felt the Slaughter divinity of Soran, which activated its crazy nature of demon, so in order to kill Soran, it was ready to break the shackles.

Slaughter and Destruction.

The two most powerful forces in the Abyss!

Although they were not the gods who controlled these two divine powers, they still created a Balor of level 27 and Soran.


There was a trace of crack on the chain connected to the wall, and there was a tearing wound on the body of the Balor. His hands were still trapped by shackles, but the chain that was locked in place was pulled out little by little. There was a sharp barb on its back, almost through its lute bone, with a strange silver rune on it, which was the power keeping it in place. But now it was forced to break away, with a stream of demon blood gushing out, the Balor roared and stepped forward.

The Balor was becoming weaker, but the power of the seal was also becoming weaker!

There were greed and madness in the pupil of the Balor. As long as it killed the mortal in front of it and captured the Slaughter divinity, the price was nothing!

As a powerful high-grade demon, it had the confidence of killing the mortal in front of him even with serious injuries!

-Balor [Barossa – Kendy] [Monster Level 27] [Serious Wounds] [Sealed] [Grade 6]!

-Soran [Slaughter Form] [Profession Level 18] [Grade 4]!