Chapter 407: Chapter 53 Blasphemy

Hot flames.

In the dark underground ruins, a fire was lit up near the passageway. No one knew when these torches were placed here; these lamps with grease were automatically ignited under a certain force. It was said that everywhere the Balor went, it would burn. Although there were few people who had seen this terrible monster, the legend about it was still spreading in the world. Because in the mortal realm, Balor was a very powerful enemy!

(The Challenge Rating is equivalent to the ancient red dragon, and most of the dragons in the stories were young and adult dragons.)

Going above, it would mean challenging the deities.

The Abyss was a place of chaos and evil. There were many kinds of demons. Almost every day, new kinds were born.

But there was no doubt that the real owner of the Abyss was the Tanar’ri demons, which were now the third generation of Abyss demons. Before them, the ruler of the Abyss was Obyrith, the offspring of chaos and destruction. They were the creation of the first chaos demons, who had ruled the Abyss for a long time.

However, humans were created later on!

Before the present order was really formed, human souls went into the Abyss. Obyrith demons were very interested in these mortal souls. They used their own chaotic power to transform these souls and finally created the Tanari Demons. The demons created by the integration of the human souls were extremely powerful and there were a large number of them. At last, chaos broke out in the Abyss, and the Tanari Demons turned over the second generation demon lords and became the rulers of the Abyss.


Even the demonic lords in the Abyss were also born of Tanari Demons.

They had the power of human souls!

The Balors were the best of the Tanari Demons, and they were also the high-grade demon who inherits the power of “chaos and fire”. Even in the Abyss, Balors were the absolute ruling class. They stood at the top of the demonic community, next to the demonic Lords. They were a small number of high grade demons born with divinity. They had always been the main force in the Abyss battlefield. A Balor exists at the Lord level in any place in the Abyss and controls a large number of demons. (Note: to challenge the Balor in the AbyssAbyss, one must face the demon army.)

Name: Balor [High-grade demon] [Large outer world creature]

Race: Tanari Demons

Attributes: Strength 35, Dexterity 25, Constitution 31, Intelligence 11, Wisdom 24, Charisma 26

Alignment: Chaos Evil

Monster Level: 25+

Challenge Rating: 20+

Health Points (HP): 360+

Divinity Shard: None

Divinity: [Minor Divinity]

Portfolio: Fire, Chaos, Evil

Loot: Gold Derahls, +3 Abyss Beheading Sword, +3 Abyss Fire Whip

Basic Skills: Cajole 310, Concentration 330, Diplomacy 350, Disguise 100, Hide 260, Intimidation 330, Literacy 300, Listen 380, Sneak 300, Search 300, Face Read 300, Spellcraft 300, Detection 380, Survival 70, Use Magic Device 310

Special Skills: Entangle, Spell-like Ability, Summon Demon

Personal Abilities: Combo Slash, Great Combo Slash, Expert Dual-wielding, Slam, Soul Control, Greater Dual-wielding, Long Sword, Beheading Sword.

Spell-like abilities: Blasphemy, Dominate Monster, Greater dispel magic, Insanity, Power Word: Jolt, Telekinesis, Unholy Aura, Fire Storm, Implosion

Gifted Abilities: Flame Body


Almost any adventurer who was going to the Abyss would remember the basic information of the Balor.

When Soran felt the surrounding temperature rise, a great row of data appeared in his mind.

Previously when he adventured into the Abyss, Balor was a monster he focused on, because in case of encountering it, you would have to know enough about it to defeat it.

It was very powerful!

Challenging a Balor was not so different from challenging a demigod.

The hunger and thirst for killing continued. Soran’s ability to reason had not been lost even though he had become the Slaughter Form; the only difference was there was a desire for fighting and killing. Balor was the only enemy here that could satisfy his desire for killing.


A huge shadow.

When Soran exited the black tunnel, he saw a bright light.

In front of him stood a huge monster, which was burning all over. It had a pair of horns and broad demon wings behind it. But they were basically useless in this small underground vestige. The Balor, who was more than 12 feet tall and weighed more than 5000 pounds, held a huge Abyss Beheading Sword in his hand, which was burning with flames. The Balor also had another weapon, a +3 Abyss Fire Whip.

The temperature gradually rose.

The Balor was like a fireball, anything going close to it would continuously sustain burn damage.


When Soran saw this huge monster in front of him, his legendary curved sword also had a strange silver glow from its body. It was as bright as the stars, isolating the hot flame from the outside. Meanwhile, it automatically extinguished the flames generated by the Balor nearby. This legendary curved sword once killed a Balor. After perceiving the evil and discovering a new enemy, it even trembled slightly in Soran’s hands.

The flame became slightly weaker.

The fire on Balor seemed to dim a lot, and then a pair of heavy shackles appeared in front of Soran. The shackles with silvery-white metallic luster were bound on its hands, and there seemed to be a barb pierced on the giant demon’s wing. It had been sealed here for a long time. Even though thousands of years had passed, it still couldn’t break the seal here, because it was originally imprisoned by the great masters of the Arcane Empire.

“Demon? No! Human?”

The pupil of the Balor was like a jumping fire. It looked at Soran, who appeared in front of it. In the old demon language, it said, “The man has the smell of slaughter!”


“Come, set me free, and I’ll give you all you want!”

There was a sneer in Soran’s mouth, and he didn’t pay any attention to the words of the Balor. Demons were all faithless, so they would not abide by any law of contract. Anyone who dealt with demons could be eaten completely by them in the end. Moreover, Soran’s purpose was to take its life.

Soran took out his bow and shot an arrow at the Balor.


Balor instantly blocked the arrow. At the same time, the wooden part of the arrow burned instantly, even the arrowhead made of steel showed slight signs of melting. There was no doubt that the terrible power of the high-grade demons was revealed. Unless at the legendary level, it was impossible to get close to it, because the body of Balor was a burning flame. (Note: any enemy caught by Balor will receive 36 fire damage every second.)

The power of the seal was still there.

The Furious Balor roared. It took a step forward, and a faint magic aura appeared on the shackles that imprisoned him.

The chain was connected to the wall behind it, on which was a huge array of nine-pointed stars.

There were slight cracks on the surface of the array, and there was also debris after the battle nearby. This was left by adventurers who had explored here.

“Damn mortal!”

Balor roared. The shackles that bound his hands did not stop him from attacking Soran. Balor whipped its fiery whip toward Soran.

A ten meter long flaming whip!

The whip with flame came with the whistling wind. It was as nimble and cunning as a viper, blocking all directions for Soran’s retreat.


Soran’s eyes were fixed, and his figure rose up in the air. He didn’t mean to dodge at all. Instead, he slashed directly at the scourge of the flames.

A silvery flash was seen.

The flame on the whip of the flame seemed to be dim, and then it went out gradually. The Balor then yanked it back. It looked at Soran’s curved sword, and the fire in its eyes moved, “This weapon has a nasty smell!”

The first round was over.

It seemed that both of them were testing each other out.

Although Soran saw the shackles on Balor, he had no intention of rushing in.

Even though it was sealed, a Balor was still a Balor.

Its Challenge Rating was above 21. Soran had encountered such demons more than once. Although they were trapped, they still had the urge to fight. For example, even if Soran was unarmed and his hands were shackled, his powerful attributes and abilities could still turn him into a killing machine.

The seal here was loosing.

There were two broken pillars behind the Balor. Originally, the shackles on its hands should be wrapped around them, but now only the barb on its back was connected to the wall.

This allowed it to have some freedom!

Soran’s brain was running fast, thinking about how to kill the Balor in front of him, and also calculating its danger.


The Fire Whip turned into a fire again. Balor’s chaotic nature made him so easily irritated. He shook the flame whip and twisted it around Soran as if he was going to pull him over.


Soran once again jumped out of the way. The Balor, who was trapped by the chain in place, had a limited attack distance and reduced its danger a lot.


When Soran jumped away from the attack, there was a grim smile on the Balor’s face and shouted, “Mortal! You can’t escape! ”


An evil magic aura appeared, the Balor raised its finger toward Soran, which cast its spell-like ability.

Soran was hit.

Swiftly, a row of data appeared:

“You’ve been hit by the Balor’s [Insanity] attack!…”

“Slaughter Form activated!… Divine energy transformed!… You’re immune to this spell!…”

Soran landed safely.

The Balor was in disbelief. He roared and waved the whip of fire again, and at the same time, he launched another magic ability towards Soran.

“Power Word: Jolt!”

The whip of fire roared by, and the evil spell fell on Soran again. But this time Soran didn’t even intend to dodge. He directly resisted the spell of Balor, and at the same time, he wielded his curved sword to block the whip.

A row of data appeared:

“You’ve been hit by the Balor’s [Power Word: Jolt] attack!…”

“Slaughter Form activated!… Divine energy transformed!… HP is higher than 200!… Test of Fortitude passed!… You’re totally immune to the spell!…”

Soran let out a sarcastic smile.

He dared to come here to challenge the high-grade legendary Balor demon because he was basically immune to the control ability of the opponent. For Soran, who had strong vitality, the possibility of passing tests was quite high! Balor’s control spells were basically not effective on him!

In disbelief, the Balor immediately cast several spells at Soran.



“Unholy Aura!”


The ancient blasphemous language was uttered from the mouth of the angry Balor. The evil language seemed to have some powerful magic power. When it uttered the depraved language, the air around it was filled with evil energy. This time, Soran paid attention; his expression changed a little. It seemed that he was suffering and crazy. His body was shaking involuntarily as if he was suffering a lot.

The Balor laughed out loud!

The arrogant enemy finally had one spell that worked on Soran. Blasphemy had an effect on him.


Soran let out a howl of pain, and then he stood up trembling. His pupils showed a strange blood-red color, and his violent aura became more and more strong.

Soran opened his mouth and then uttered the same blasphemous language.


A row of dense data appeared in front of Soran.