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Slaughter, death, and destruction.

Violent aura emerged from Soran, who had rarely activated this ability since the cost of becoming the “Slaughter Form” had increased. He had not used this ability even during the battles of the north coast. However, in order to save this woman, he had to activate the “Slaughter Form” for self-protection. Because Ancient Mummies were legendary monsters, Soran was not sure if he could take another hit.

Since he didn’t have a cold heart, he had to pay this price!

The invisible energy field erupted. When Soran went into the Slaughter Form, some of his abilities would be activated automatically.

Fear Gaze (Divine)!

Deathwalker (Legendary)!

Slaughter and death were inseparable.

When Soran changed into the Slaughter Form, real power broke out. The Oriental Dancer, who was grateful for Soran saving herself, turned white when she saw what Soran had become. Even her delicate body was slightly trembling; she had a pale face as though she had seen something terrible.

A row of data appeared:

“Activated Slaughter Form!”

“Transformation completed!… Divine power activated!… Immune to negative energy erosion effect!… [Undead Touch] negative state is eliminated!… Strength + 6, Dexterity + 2, Constitution + 2, Wisdom + 2, combat ability converted to Fighters of the same level, resistance to any abnormal state increased by 10!… ”

“The Will of Slaughter activated!… Immune to Mind Control type spells!…”

“The Desire of Slaughter activated!… You are affected by the desire of Slaughter!… If you can’t satisfy the hunger and thirst of slaughter, you will go crazy!…”

Soran’s eyes became bloodshot.

Facing the Ancient Mummy who attacked again, he suddenly raised his hand.


Soran caught the attack of the ancient mummy with his bare hands. A wave of force collided. Soran stood still, but the wrist of the Ancient Mummy had slight bending marks.

The scene in front of them shocked everyone–especially the Oriental Dancer who tested Soran. She wore an incredible expression.

Without any spells, Soran had only Strength of around 19.

But if he turned into the Slaughter Form, then his Strength could reach 25! This Strength was enough to crush a legendary Fighter!

A Fighter, after entering the realm of legends, would only have a maximum Strength of 25, but his Constitution, Dexterity, and so on would be greatly weakened.


Soran’s expression was cold. He opened his mouth and uttered a word gently. Then, with a sharp click, he wrenched the arm of the Ancient Mummy violently. He raised his hand and threw the mummy down. With the shaking sound of the ground, the Ancient Mummy was smashed into the ground by Soran.


The cold light of the legendary curved sword flashed, and a strange silver light flowed on the blade.

Soran swung his sword down at it. In an instant. Before the Ancient Mummy could even stand up, there were amazing traces on its body!

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

Soran changed from holding the sword in one hand to holding it in both hands, leaping up and cutting across the head of the Ancient Mummy.


The sound of an object being cut through was heard.

Soran gradually took back his curved sword. Under his feet was a headless mummy.

Soran (Slaughter Form) VS Ancient Mummy!

After dealing with the Ancient Mummy in front of him, he turned to other people who were still there. The Dwarf swallowed a mouth of saliva; his forehead was full of cold sweat while his hands trembled. The Desert Warrior had a scared expression.

As for the Oriental Dancer who was saved by Soran, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. However, she couldn’t say anything as though her throat was choked.

Soran’s gaze was cold and terrifying!

The pressure seemed to seep into their souls, making it hard for them to even talk.

The desire of slaughter.

The soul of the Ancient Mummy had fulfilled some of the desire for killing, but even the legendary monster could not meet Soran’s demand for killing now.

More slaughter!

Soran now seemed to be a man who had been hungry for a long time and had barely eaten half full. More desire had made him gradually out of control.

“Wait for me here!”

Soran said it with a cold voice. Then his figure suddenly flew out, and then his fist hit a closed tunnel, relying on brute force of terror to open a path. Then his figure disappeared into the darkness, leaving only four teammates standing there still frightened.

The surroundings passed by Soran fast.

Darkvision allowed Soran to easily move around here. There was some undead in front of him, but no one could stand after one strike. Even the Skeleton Undead of monster level 15 could only take half a hit from Soran. He reaped all the monsters he saw, expressionless. He knew that if he did not satisfy his desire, he might fall into a state of madness and kill all his teammates and human workers outside.

His merciless killing continued!

Soran in Slayer Form was estimated to have a Challenge Rating of more than 18. The only one who could fight with him in the whole ruin was the Balor.


A desire to kill that came from the soul!

These garbage monsters wandering could not satisfy Soran’s desire for killing. He needed a stronger enemy and a stronger soul to satisfy his desire for killing!

The temperature was up.

For some reason, the temperature of the ground had risen. If ordinary people stood on it, they may feel hot, but Soran didn’t feel it at all.

He saw fire!

In the depth of this underground ruin, there seemed to be a reflection of firelight and a huge and distorted figure.


As a greater demon from the Abyss, it also felt the aura of slaughter, death, and destruction;

Balor brought slaughter and destruction in the fire; Death was its favorite feast!