The Rogues were pretty overpowered.

Although spellcasters had all kinds of abnormal means, and Fighters were resistant to all kinds of attacks, the Rogues were naturally proficient in various skills did not lack achievement. For example, killing monsters of more than 10 monster level by leaping over the level gap, diving into dungeons of challenge rating 12 or above to steal treasures, or playing a bit of astonishing acrobatics with the help of high Dexterity.

This was not something out of the ordinary.

Rogues were a profession system that makes it easy for people to show their own advantages.

They could sneak, attack, assassinate, dig holes, pick locks, steal, refine gold, make poison, had good literacy, had good acting, could listen well, and do well in the wild.

Among the basic skills, there was no profession more versatile than the Rogue. (Rogues have the most basic skills.)

So after bypassing the Ancient Mummy, Soran had a new idea in his mind. He was going to kill the legendary grade Ancient Mummy because it gave as much Slaughter EXP as an adult white dragon. Furthermore, Soran had less than 200000 Slaughter EXP left before entering the legend. With the “Cloak of Proof Against Detection,” even if he encountered a strong enemy, no one could block him if he wanted to go.

The Ancient Mummy was not so easy to deal with!

There were two main reasons for this. Firstly, it was quite resistant. As a high-grade undead, it was a meat shield. The second was that it was born with the spell-like ability of “Ghoul Touch.” It could affect people with negative energy erosion in the case of ordinary attacks so that people with insufficient immunity would be stunned in place; there was even a chance to get your attributes stolen.

“Ghoul Touch [level 2 spell]: after hitting the target, it triggers a mandatory Test of Fortitude; the target that cannot pass will enter a paralyzed state. When it is launched, it will produce a stench, making nearby enemies feel sick and become slightly affected. The immunity toward the spell is affected by the spellcasters Spellcasting Level or a monster’s monster level. ”

Vampiric Touch, Ghoul Touch.

These two spells were not high-level spells but very useful. The most disgusting thing about the Ancient Mummies was that their common attack would automatically be accompanied by “Ghoul Touch.”

After all, his Constitution was very high, and he was strong enough to rival many Fighters.

The people he brought here today, except for the Oriental Dancer, would have a high chance of being immune to the spell.


Soran did not go close to the Ancient Mummy. Instead, he pulled out his Elven War Bow and shot an arrow towards it.


The mummy found Soran’s position in a flash after being attacked, and then rushed over at an amazing speed.

“Prepare for battle!”

Soran kept the Elven War Bow and switched in his curved sword. As his figure rushed out of the shadow, the monster wrapped in bandages appeared behind him. Ancient Mummies were different from other mummies. Their bandages were almost integrated into their bodies. Their dry skin and bandages had glued together. Thus their whole body seemed to have an extra layer of skin.

A rotten smell was everywhere.

The Oriental Dancer wrinkled her nose involuntarily, but the others had not noticed the smell.

“It’s an Ancient Mummy!”

The Desert Warrior learned a lot about mummies. When he saw the monster behind him, his expression immediately changed and said, “Don’t get touched by it. Its attack can paralyze people!”

However, he said this slightly too late.

Seeing the Ancient Mummy chasing after Soran, as a qualified meat shield, the Dwarve raised his shield and rushed toward the mummy.

“Shield Charge!”


The Ancient Mummy was blocked. The Dwarf Fighter, who was like a wall, pushed back the mummy back.

“Shield Strike!”

The two sides collided in an instant. Just as the Dwarf struck the mummy, he shiver but soon recovered. He swung his heavy ax and struck it. He roared, “damn the undead! What the hell is this! ”

The dwarf had passed.

Among all the people here, the Dwarf definitely had the highest Fortitude.

Seeing this, the Desert Warrior was relieved and then joined the battle with his curved sword. Soran had been paying attention to the movement behind him. After noticing that the Dwarf could resist the spell, he was also determined to turn around and join the battle group. As long as the meat shield was not afraid of the effect of “Ghoul Touch,” it was not so hard to kill an Ancient Mummy.

“Shadow Strike!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

Soran sprang up from the left side and cut the head of the Ancient Mummy in an instant. The enemy’s body was extremely tough. He felt like he was cutting dry ironwood. At the same time, at the moment of contact with the enemy, it seemed that there was a piercing chill.

“Wing Strike!”

The main force responsible for the damage was Soran and the Ronin. The Desert Warrior was the No. 2 meat shield. If the Dwarf was paralyzed, he would temporarily act as the main meat shield. The only one who didn’t dare to get too close was the Oriental Dancer. Perhaps it was psychological reasons, or her Fortitude was too low.

After striking the enemy once, the Oriental Dancer backed off and only harassed the enemy.

But it was her move that made the ancient mummies with certain wisdom list her as the prime target because she seemed to be the easiest target.

“Undead Touch!”

The Ancient Mummy suddenly gave up its defense, only to see its whole body suddenly shrink, and then the bandage on its body suddenly flew out like vipers!

It was too late for everyone to dodge. Both Soran and the Ronin were blocked by flying bandages.

A row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“Attacked by the Ancient Mummy!”

“You are attacked by the Ancient Mummy’s spell-like ability [Undead Touch]… You have been seriously eroded by negative energy… Test of Fortitude failed!… You take 42 negative energy erosion damage!… You have been temporarily robbed of 2 points of Strength, 2 points of Constitution!… ”

Damn it!

It was a spell-like ability that absorbs attributes.

All the four melee professions in the field were hit, each of them reduced their attributes by four points, and their combat effectiveness decreased by a large part.

However, the Ancient Mummy did not continue to attack them. Instead, it turned its eyes to the wandering Oriental Dancer and rushed over in an instant. Its bandages were like whips.

“Hazy Dance!”

The Oriental Dancer’s face was pale, her body turned into three images, and at the same time, she stepped back crazily.

But it was a step too late. All her images were hit by bandages, and then she remained in place as if she were stiff.

Sure enough!

Her Fortitude was not able to make her immune to the effects of ‘Ghoul Touch’.

A look of hopelessness appeared in her eyes.

Seeing the ancient mummy coming, the Oriental Dancer who was completely stiff and unable to move could not even close her eyes.

Legendary monsters always had the ability to crush the enemies below legend!

The shadow of death was upon her.

Just when other people had no time to rescue her, Soran’s figure suddenly disappeared in place.

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

At this time, he didn’t have to hold back. Although she and Soran were using each other, he did not want her to die like this.

At the moment of desperation, Soran’s figure suddenly appeared behind her shadow, and then directly ran into her body. He clenched his teeth and was ready to take the attack from the Ancient Mummy.


The cold and corrosive negative energy accompanied by a stench emerged, and Soran’s attributes were reduced by four points. In an instant, he failed to resist the Test of Fortitude, and his whole person stood rigidly in place.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

A storm of strikes landed on his body.

Others would need some time to rush over and save her, but Soran could use his ability and Stoneskin to take the hits.

After two attacks, the Stoneskin gradually fell apart.

Every time the Ancient Mummy touched him, Soran was affected by the negative energy. Any attack of the Ancient Mummy would have added more negative energy erosion damage of nearly 10 points.

Even with Soran’s HP of more than 200 points, he was still seriously injured!

After all, they were not long-term teammates.

The others were obviously slower to react, especially the Oriental Dancer who was knocked away by Soran. She didn’t think that Soran would save her in this situation at all and was stupefied for a second.

This foolish woman!

Soran’s heart was filled with a trace of violence. When he was paralyzed by ‘Ghoul Touch’, these teammates would not be able to save him.

The paralyzing effect would not disappear so soon!

If he did not reveal his trump card, he was likely to be killed by the Ancient Mummy.


Soran decided he would not hide his powers anymore.

His pupils became bloodshot at once. His stiff body made a crackling sound. A violent aura emerged on him. Meanwhile, the paralyzing effect of “Ghoul Touch” was forcibly relieved.

“Slaughter Form!”