The harvested spoils made the rest of their actions more preemptive.

After disassembling the body of the high-level Construct Golem, Soran began to survey nearby terrain. Many places had collapsed or buried. The only way was to the North, but Soran wasn’t going there. The scope of the underground remained very large. After all, it was a sunken city, but there were only limited places that they could explore. Unless a large amount of manpower was arranged to dig out the city, such projects would still be difficult even in the 21st century, so the exploration of relics was mainly concentrated in the core area.

“Have the workers come down.”

Soran surveyed the nearby terrain, then came to a thick wall, and said in a deep voice: “If we can get through here, we should be able to enter the inner depths. Let them bring tools down to dig bit by bit. We can’t use gunpowder to explode here.”

The light in the square was already very strong.

The torches lit up the area, and they had basically cleaned up the monsters.

The Oriental Dancer quickly went up and called for people to come down. After a while, dozens of workers landed using the rope timidly. They took a look at the surrounding environment, and their faces were still very scared, but at this time, they could not help it. Under the commands of the professionals, the workers began to dig the side walls. There were rhythmic hammering sounds that reverberated throughout the underground relics as if something was stirred by the vibration.

Suddenly, there was a slight pulse from the deeper part of the underground relics, as well as some kind of spirit-like aura.

Balor (Creature Level 27)!

The Balor, sealed in the deepest part of the underground ruins, felt the vibration from above, but it could not leave the scope of the seal at all. The only people here that understood what was happening below were Soran and the Oriental Dancer. But, they were wise not to talk. It was better not to let other people know. The workers stopped in fear under a slight vibration but were soon pushed to work quickly. Soran could not stay here for too long.

“There seems to be something here!” muttered the bearded Dwarven Warrior.

The Oriental Ronin looked at him and said in a deep voice: “There must be something under this place. We’d better hurry up.”

It took roughly about an hour’s time.

They finally cut open a passage. Unlike the square, the space inside was very narrow. The broken building supported the gap inside. Many places could only be passed by one person at a time. It was naturally Soran who was going to explore the road ahead. His most important purpose was to get the [Cloak of Proof Against Detection], so the route also went directly to the general area. This legendary equipment was stored in a special room. Its owner should have been a powerful professional. Now, there was a monster there that was very difficult to deal with.

This monster had once killed the adventurer team who had first explored here!

Later on, it was the Adventurers who worked out how to deal with it.

Since Soran had come here already, he naturally had a good idea of how to kill it–but it might cost him quite a bit.

The rough passage gradually widened.

This meant that Sora entered another area. It should be the aristocratic residential area of the city. Even if it was broken and tattered, one could see that the buildings here were very sophisticated, and there were many marble pillars nearby. In this area, the most prominent one was a tall house, which was one of the few well-preserved buildings. From the side here, one could see three Iron Golems. Their surfaces were severely rusted. They should be rather lower-end Puppet Golems. They were completely wasted due to the loss of the energy source to power them.

“Be careful!”

Soran looked at the surroundings and said in a deep voice: “There seems to be a breath of the undead here.”

After hearing his words, everyone else on the scene was much more alert.

There were really undead here.

But it was not the ordinary undead. Soran knew what was here already way before he came.

——Ancient Mummy [Challenge Rating, 18]!


One of the most common monsters among the undead were mummies. Some were made by humans, while others were mummies produced naturally for some other reasons.

Mummies were most likely to occur here.

They weren’t difficult to deal with. An ordinary adventurer team could easily kill it.


If the word [Ancient] was added to the head of undead, it would make it quite difficult to deal with.

“Ancient Mummies [Greater Undead] (Grade 5).”

“Challenge Rating 18, Personal Level 22, possesses spell-like abilities.”

“25 points for the highest attribute, 15 points for the lowest attribute, and 100-115 points for the overall attributes.”

“Special Abilities: Greater Undead attributes, Energy Erosion, Spell-like Abilities, Immunity to Ordinary Weapons.”

“Difficulty: B +.”

At that time, when the first group of adventurers explored here, what they exterminated was the Ancient Mummy– a powerful undead caused by the special geographical environment.

Soran looked around carefully.

He knew that there were Ancient Mummies here, but he did not know where they were hiding.

The group of people had spread out to form a defensive formation. They went closer to the building bit by bit. They did not know which passage could connect to the outside. There was even a slight sound of the wind, a rather faint but a kind of chillness that would horrify someone.


A strange figure passed through the darkness ahead.

Soran’s consciousness suddenly tightened, and he clenched the Curved Sword Icingdeath with his hand. In a deep voice, he said: “There are monsters nearby!”

A faint light, little by little.

It was unknown if it was that the Curved Sword Icingdeath had detected something, or whether it was stimulated by some kind of aura. The legendary Curved Sword’s blade seemed to have been met with something chilling and was shining faintly.

The weapon was giving a warning!

Ever since the legendary Curved Sword awakened, it seemed to have some additional special uses.

Douse Flames.

It would emit a dazzling silver glow when it was exposed to temperatures below zero.

And when there were evil creatures nearby, it would release a signal.

“Be careful,”

The rest nervously held onto their weapons. Many of them glanced at Soran’s machete, and some were even jealous. After all, the number of legendary weapons was quite rare. It was fine if Soran’s Curved Sword was not activated. But once it was activated, it would let others know that it was legendary level equipment.

The strange wind reappeared.

There was a shadow in the dark. Ancient Mummies were different from the other undead. They were actually quite fast. When the undead have reached its level, they would become a legendary level monster, and were no longer restricted by the mummy-like limitations. Even though it was immune to attacks by ordinary weapons, fortunately, no professional present here was equipped with white plate equipment.


The Oriental Dancer reached out and pinched something from the ground. Her face changed slightly, as she went: “This fell from its body.”

It was a crumpled strip of dry cloth.

They didn’t know how long it was preserved. There was even a foul smell on it.

“It looks like a high grade Mummy!”

The Desert Warrior knew a lot about Mummies. He had met some of them before. He said in a deep voice: “With their speed, it will be hard to deal with them!”

The Mummy was not in a hurry to attack.

Its wisdom was not bad, and it knew that the adventurer team in front of it was not so easy to deal with.

When Soran’s eyes turned, he immediately said in a deep voice: “Stay where you are and be on guard. I’ll lead it out.”

——”Evade Gaze.”

His figure gradually disappeared into the darkness, but he was not looking for traces of the Ancient Mummy. Instead, he quietly sneaked towards the building ahead.

That was where the legendary [Cloak of Proof Against Detection] was.

Soran especially came here for this equipment, which was undoubtedly a godly artifact for the Rogues. Now that he has found it, it was naturally the most important thing to get it first.

Hearing Soran’s words, the others immediately formed a defensive formation.

And he himself had to go sideways and feel bit by bit, and then quietly sneaked into the room from the broken window. He was very clear about his memories here. There was a hidden room within the room, in which there was the [Cloak of Proof Against Detection] kept in the box, but there was a magic trap on the box, forcibly opening it would trigger a [Disintegrate].

There was no way out.

They were in the remains of the Arcane Empire. The traps were high level, even when Soran was at his peak.

But it was not totally impossible!

By knowing what kind of trap it was, it was much easier to break it.


A slight noise came out.

Soran entered the hidden room quietly, and a lot of things appeared in front of him. There was a layer of dust accumulated through time on the bookshelves. However, the other well-preserved items were basically extraordinary level items: some alchemy equipment, some unknown potions, a dark blue robe (dress), and special quality staff and so on. Undoubtedly, the one that was the most eye-catching was the box in the corner, which was the most valuable thing in the surroundings and the only piece of legendary equipment.

The box had a special Enchanted craft.

Even after thousands of years, it remained fully intact.

Silver-white metal.

There were strange patterns on the surface. It was the engraved magical patterns. Any actions of forcibly destroying the box would activate the magic trap on it. One couldn’t just break through it with brute force.

In the past, the adventurer team found it, and because they had no way to remove the magic trap, they let the Fighters directly break it.

The Fighter was directly disintegrated!

——”Disintegrate [Level Six Spell]!”

“Disintegrate [Transmutation]: When cast, a green light will be shot at the target, causing 240 spell damage at most! It can directly disintegrate any inanimate matter and influence the field effects. Any enemy hit by Disintegrate must pass a mandatory Immunity Test. If they fail, they could possibly be disintegrated. If they pass, the damage will be reduced. ”

This magic trap was at a very high level!

In the past, the strength of the Fighter who opened it was of a high grade, and the defense Fighter at a profession level of about 16. In the end, the Fighter and even his equipment disintegrated in an instant.

Even with Soran now, he did not have much assurance to swallow either.

However, there was a flaw for Disintegrate: it only worked on the first target hit.

Soran could not remove this magic trap unless his Disarm Trap ability was as high as 200 points. So. the only way to open this box was to risk it and release the Disintegrate or use a way to cross the planes to avoid this attack.

He made a circle in place.

Then Soran moved the bookshelf a little bit, just nice having the shadow over him, and then he took an alchemical crystal bottle in his hand.


Soren took a deep breath, swung his Curved Sword Icingdeath, and hit the box directly in front of him.


As a muffled sound resounded, Soran suddenly released the crystal bottle in his hand. Meanwhile, his figure became blurred in the shadows, and the next moment appeared a meter away.

——”Shadow Leap!”

A green light appeared, and in a blink of an eye, shot where Soran had been. Then he saw that the crystal bottle which he had loosened his hand was directly disintegrated, like ice and snow melting away without leaving any traces.

“It’s Broken!”

There was a sound of a strange wind outside. The movement here attracted the Ancient Mummies wandering outside. Soran did not think too much. He smashed the box in front of him without looking at other things. He picked up a black cloak and put it on his body.

[Cloak of Proof Against Detection]!

I’m finally one step ahead! Having this equipment which is undoubtedly a godly level artifact for Rogues!

“Item Type: Cloak of Proof Against Detection

Item Level: [Grade 3 Legendary item]

Description: This is a legendary Cloak! Anyone wearing it will not be seen or found by any spells. It’s immune to all detection spells, except for creatures with a natural ability to see through invisibility. Even the Avatar that was reincarnated by the gods would not find the person wearing it using a detection spell. However, it is not omnipotent. Although this legendary cloak can make people immune to detection spells, there is no way to hide other movements in invisibility.

Requirements: None.

Equipment Effect 1: Sneak + 30.

Equipment Effect 2: [Proof Against Detection Energy Field], immune to any invisibility detection spell. No enemies can use a spell to disrupt the invisibility of the legendary equipment wearer.”

Soran’s figure slipped into the shadows.

This legendary equipment did not have many additional abilities. Other than an addition of ‘Proof Against Detection Energy Field’, it only added 30 points to Sneak.

But for Soran, it was already a huge effect!

After putting on this cloak, when he sneaked again, there was barely any trace of him. It was as if he completely integrated into the darkness.


A slight noise came.

A shadow gradually approached from the outside, and the figure of the Ancient Mummy appeared outside the hidden room. However, it did not find any traces of Soran but looked around in a daze.

The undead had a certain ability to sense invisibility!

However, after wearing the Cloak of Proof Against Detection, only creatures born with [True Vision] could find the traces of Soran.