The rest continued to harass the high level Construct Golem.

Soran was constantly going around it in circles, looking for its breakthrough point. The energy core was generally placed in the most tightly protected place. These kinds most likely had their energy cores inside their chest, not their head. This was because no matter from any angle, the chest was the easiest place to protect. The high-level Construct Golem could block most of the attacks just by having the shield or the huge sword in front of its chest. So its energy core was likely to be inside the alloy steel armor at the chest.

“Attract its attacks!”

Soran turned his line of sight to the Oriental Dancer at the side. She was the most agile and flexible one besides Soran. She did not have much fighting power against this steel plate type of enemy. However, she was one of the few people who would surely be able to cheat counterattacks from the high-level Construct Golems. Soran needed her to open a breaching point, or the shield would have been too uncomfortable.

——”Hazy Dance!”


The Oriental Dancer was very fast. She seemed to take light skips, dancing until her figure gradually became hazy. When she moved to the side of the high-level Construct Golem, she suddenly waved a dagger and stabbed forth.


Unsurprisingly, the high-level Construct Golem blocked the attack with a heavy shield, and under the [Combat Expertise] state, its protection ability has increased by at least three levels.

The huge sword swept down.

The Oriental Dancer’s expression was not worried at all. A light twist, tapping with the tip of her foot gently, like something similar to a dance skill, she evaded.

At this moment!

Soran, who had been waiting for the chance since the start, finally moved, and his figure disappeared in the shadows.

——”Evade Gaze!”

Soran’s figure disappeared on the spot. Next moment, he appeared at the side of the high-level Construct Golem, or rather, he appeared directly in the arms of the high-level Construct Golem.

Half a second ago!

The high-level Construct Golem blocked the attack of the Oriental Dancer with a heavy shield and then swept across with the huge sword.

This moment.

The shield in his hand was slightly raised, and under the light of the nearby torch, the shield formed a shadow, and it cast on itself.

Then, Soran’s figure jumped out of the shadows!

It was a crazy move.

It was like walking on a tightrope. No, no, no, it was like dancing on the tip of a knife!

Soran appeared close to the high-level Construct Golem, and the cold alloy steel armor of the other party directly touched his arm. In this scenario, as long as the reaction speed of the high-level Construct Golem was a little faster, he could instantly close his arms to trap Soran, and the huge force was enough to strangle him to death directly in its steel arms.

However, Soran was still a step faster.

After appearing directly by the side of the high-level Construct Golem with [Shadow Leap], a pale golden cold light appeared in his palm. Subsequently, one could see the refined gold dagger accurately penetrated the chest of the high-level Construct Golem, accompanied by the crackling fire imploding, the Puppet Golem in front of them trembled for a moment, and then its arms fell down powerlessly.


Soran landed.

His chest was a little undulating, and it seemed that he had just consumed a lot in a moment. This kind of risky action was somewhat frightening, but it seemed that he had successfully hit the energy core of the enemy.

If he did not hit his enemy’s critical points, perhaps he could only launch [Shadow Leap] again to escape from the enemy’s attack range.

“Dead at last?”

The Dwarven Juggernaut sat on the ground, panting and muttered: “This thing is more powerful than the Dwarven Defenders! No wonder the Arcane Empire was also destroyed! ”

No one paid attention to his words.

After a short rest, Soran slowly stood up and said: “There should be some spoils in there. You guys can go and collect it.”


Hearing Soran’s words, the Dwarven Juggernaut quickly got up and walked inside: “Go go go! Let’s see what’s good in there! ”

The rest looked at each other and helplessly followed.

As normal Adventurers, they were more concerned about how much benefits they could receive.

Soran stood still in place. He was the Pirate King who ruled the three seas now. His net-worth was enough to rival a ruler of the small kingdom. The only thing that really attracted him here was an item that was undoubtedly a divine weapon for any Rogues, the [Cloak of Proof Against Detection].

The other one standing at the same spot was the Oriental Dancer.

She seemed to be very interested in the high-level Construct Golem in front of her. She softly said: “Is this the craft of the Arcane Empire? They undoubtedly have amazing wisdom! ”

Soran ignored her.

He reached out and took out some tools, and then began to dismantle the high-level Construct Golem in front of him.

Although Soran was not an orthodox wizard, and he did not know much about alchemy, many of the parts in it were of the technological level of the Arcane Empire, which was very useful for Gloria’s research. The Challenge Rating of this toy was perhaps close to level 20. It was also so easy for them to deal with it. More importantly, it was because of the enemy’s energy shortage.

The “Elemental Fission Shield” sounded very sophisticated.


Soran quickly disassembled the high-level Construct Golem into parts. Some things that looked like the Construct’s body were all kept by him, and then he collected some samples of “memory metal.” During the period of the Arcane Empire, the Golem technology was very exquisite, and the parts in it were more than ten times more complex than the current Golem technology, which made people feel like they were disassembling robots. Soran found the energy core that was destroyed by himself in the chest of the Golem and something similar to a crystal block in its brain.

“This should be its intelligence system, right?”

Soran held the purple crystal block in his hand and went with a heavy expression: “It could still input a special ability into the Puppet Golem! How did the Spellcasters in the Arcane Empire do it? ”

It was something very sophisticated.

It could even be said that it was at the level of ‘artificial intelligence.’ Soran became more and more curious about the technological level of the Arcane Empire.

He did not know how to start researching this sort of topic at all.

So Soran put it away directly and prepared to take it back for Gloria to see if she could find something out of it, and at least help her to improve her Iron Golems.

If the Puppet Golems could input skills and abilities, its growth would be terrifying!

Very soon.

The Dwarven Juggernaut and two others came out of the room in the front. They brought out a lot of good things, as well as some light purple complete crystals. It was not clear whether it was an artificial crystal or a natural crystal.

Looking at their expressions, it should be that the income they got was quite satisfactory!

That was good.

Soran wanted to satisfy them so that these people could really work their hardest.