Abyss Domination

Chapter 402 - Combat Expertise

Memory metal.

As long as the cutting-edge technology of the Arcane Empire was not completely damaged, it could gradually recover its original appearance.

This was an alchemy process that could only be used on the high-level Construct Golems of the Arcane Empire. Memory metal enabled this kind of Golems to have the ability of self-repair and could employ a very strong endurance effect in battles, for example, just like what Soran had seen in front of him. The high-level Construct Golem obviously had a scar cut on the leg, but soon, it had recovered its original appearance. Memory metal had a great relationship with the weapons of the Githyankis in the Star Realm. Many Wizard organizations were secretly studying this metal to strengthen their Puppet Golems.

Unfortunately, the current progress was not that great.

“Focus all our attacks in one place!”

Soran twisted his body to avoid the giant sword wielded by the high-level Construct Golem, and at the same time, he made a backhand slash at the joint of the enemy’s leg. The Puppet Golem’s strength was infinite, and only the Dwarven Juggernaut could resist it head-on. If the rest of them hit it hard-on, they would absolutely sustain injuries, if not death. Fortunately, because of it being buried in the underground world for a long time, the energy of the high-level Construct Golem was insufficient, or else, Soran really did not know what terrifying means of attack it contained. This level of Construct Puppet Golem was sometimes quite similar to the simplified version of transformers.


There was a sound of metal colliding, and the alloy metal technology in the era of the Arcane Empire was very strong. The iron armor of the high-level Construct Golem made Soran felt like he was taking a cold weapon to dismantle a tank. The strength of this alloy steel was enough to reach the level of aerospace technology standards, so Soran had a tough nut to crack, and felt a sense of helplessness, not knowing where to start.

Golems were highly resistant to spells, ignoring most of their negative states, and could only be forcibly torn apart if one was to deal with them.

“I didn’t expect to encounter the situation that was jokingly called “Tearing apart a Gundam barehanded” at that time!”

Soran slid three meters sideways, then turned from holding the sword in one hand to holding it with two hands, and unleashed Sword Form [Horizontal Slash] to slash at the position of the knee of the high-level Construct Golem. The series of attacks had finally taken effect. The recovery ability of the memory metal was damaged by continuous assaults. The body of the high-level Construct Golem shook for a while, and then its movement became slower and more awkward.

Its leg’s joint was damaged!

“Now’s a good chance!”

Soran immediately looked quite happy and said in a deep voice: “Attack its other leg and destroy its ability to move.”

——”Storm Slash!”

The enemy’s movement speed was damaged. In the beginning, the Oriental Ronin, who was a little bit tied up, suddenly became braver. Among all of them, he was the only one who was slightly more towards the Fighter professions who did not wear heavy armor. Now that the enemy’s movement was damaged, he could finally let go and start attacking.

One could only see that this Oriental Ronin’s left hand was like a storm. The skill was a bit like “Battojutsu.” In a flash, he lashed out three slashes, and it all accurately hit the same position. In the next moment, the other leg joint of the high-level Construct Golem had obvious cracks after being slashed.

“Is he related to the Storm Ronins?”

Soran glanced at him and said to himself: “Well, he’s probably a Ronin advanced from the Oriental Rangers?”

There were many special advanced professions in eastern countries.

Soran was most impressed by the [Fist Master] spread from the eastern world. In the eastern countries, there were many professionals who specialize in a skill, and would think that this skill could finally produce a special fit with “the Heavenly Way,” “Nature” and “the World.”


The huge heavy sword was smashed by the high-level Construct Golem, and the Dwarven Juggernaut, who had resisted hard once, did not continue going head-on any more, and towards the end, he started using his short stature to avoid the attacks.

“Let me!”

Soran jumped out of the regiment and put away his Curved Sword Icingdeath. Instead, he replaced it with a small dagger with a light golden luster. He opened his mouth and said to the Desert Warrior who was fighting: “Distract it, and I will cut off his leg.”

Curved Sword Icingdeath was a piece of legendary equipment without a doubt, but its cutting ability was no better than the dagger in Soran’s hand because this dagger was a weapon forged by incorporating a lot of refined gold.

Among all the special metals, the hardness and cutting ability of refined gold was the most amazing! Real gold weapons could even be used to cut diamonds. This dagger was much more useful than much legendary equipment when cutting metal!

——”Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

Followed by lots of sparks, Soran curled and rushed to the side of the high-level Construct Golem, and at the same time, the dagger in his hands sliced through with a cold light, directly slashing through from the broken part of the iron armor.


There was an obvious loud crack.

When Soran’s figure rushed forward to avoid the swinging shield, the high-level Construct Golem behind him immediately shook and rumbled, then fell back to the ground.

One of its legs was cut off!

“As expected, a Rogue still needs equipment to eat!….. Many skills are useless without complementary weapons! ”

Soran put away the refined gold dagger with a backhand and then took out the Curved Sword Icingdeath again. The dagger was too short, too small, and too difficult to use. Even though he had trained the skills of using dagger, Soran still did not like this kind of short and powerful weapon.


The high level Construct Golem with one leg cut off suddenly became a live target, and its incomplete movement speed was basically difficult to threaten the rest on the scene.

But another problem has arisen.

It seemed to have activated the defense mode, and used the heavy shield to protect the front of its body, and made people feel like they were facing a tortoiseshell.

Breaking one leg made it give up most of its attacks, and the intelligent commands from the Arcane Empire could actually let it know that it should turn into defense mode when it was in a disadvantaged state.

At this moment, all of them were a little dumbstruck.

It was not that they could not kill it, but it was obvious that the other party was in a defensive counterattack posture. Unless one could cheat it out a counterattack, it was likely that once one attacked, they would be within the sweeping range of the giant sword.

“Damn it!”

Soran’s face was a little ugly. He murmured: “This Golem still had the ability [Combat Expertise].”

In the present era, the Puppet Golems did not have any skills or abilities.

In other words, only the high-level Golems in the Arcane Empire could be used by the great Arcanists ]to input some special combat expertise. It was absolutely depressing to encounter such high-level Golems.

“It’s such a tough nut to crack.”

The Dwarven Juggernaut took a step back with his ax and gasped a little: “What now? This idiotic thing is staying in its place to defend! Should we go around it? ”

“No way!” Soran shook his head and said: “It’s safer to settle it now.”

Combat Expertise.

A defense ability that would make one disgusted!

It was equal to giving up attacking and paying more attention to defending. At the same time, while paying more attention to its defense, it would carry out a part of a defense counterattack. It was better for others to have mastered this ability. At least, they could break through the defense ability in many ways. However, when the ability was mastered by a high-level Puppet Golem made entirely of iron, the situation becomes one that would give people headaches.

“Cover me!”

Soran frowned and thought for a moment, then the pale gold dagger appeared in his palm, and he said in a deep voice: “Help me attract its attention, and I will find a chance to destroy its energy core.”

There was no energy source.

No matter how powerful the Construct Golem was, it was still a heap of scrap metal. Soran had to be covered for such a dangerous thing.