Soran did not answer the question.

He looked up at the sky. His eyes seemed to have pierced it and saw some fragments of the future. The stars under the night sky have been very dim. As time went by into late April, some stars became very inconspicuous. The moon looked a bit gray as if it was covered with a layer of haze. There were still eight months to the end of this year, which should be the safest eight months for Soran. When next spring comes, perhaps he would not be as relaxed and calm.

The Oriental Dancer looked up at the sky, and she seemed to be in a trance. She then murmured: “Have you heard of the Legend of the East?”

“What legend?” Soran played with the fire and said in a deep voice.

The Oriental Dancer stood up and looked at the moon. Then said softly: “When all the stars in the sky become dim, a demon star will break through the sky! There will be a huge disaster at that time. It is said that there have been rumors in many places. It seems that the monks are also secretly preparing for something. In the eastern countries, it’s said that many ascetic monks have come out from seclusion, including the high ascetic monks of the Prajna sect. The actions of the monks had made many people feel uneasy. ”

“After finishing this task, I’m going to head back to the eastern countries.”

“Her Highness has told us to evacuate the surroundings of the Death Desert by the next half of the year. Although I don’t know what would happen.”

Oriental Empress.

With a profession level of over 30, this woman was a legend amongst the legends. It was not surprising that she could detect the signs of the Avatar’s Crisis in advance.

The Death Desert bore the brunt of the Avatar’s Crisis!

There were too many evil things sealed here, but there were no monasteries suppressing them. It was easy to become a place of chaos and massacres.

“It’s also good to get out of here.”

Soran turned around and looked at the woman behind him. The Oriental Dancer had a charm that was different from the other women. This exotic style made them easily receive favors from other people.

But this did not include Soran’s, because the woman in front of him was likely to want to use this chance to get closer to him.

If one wanted to use a person as a metaphor for the Oriental Dancer, she was just like the Tenth Yin sect of the demon sects. The Eastern Empress was proficient in Charm skills. The lethality of the dance would never be much weaker than that of the “Heavenly Demon Dance.” Moreover, they had a close relationship with the brothels in the eastern countries behind the scenes. Many Oriental Dancers had statuses at the top of the brothels, but behind the scenes, they were actually ruthless assassins.

Soran stood up, looked at the woman in front of him, and said in a deep voice: “It’s time.”

“It’s time for someone else to keep watch at night.”

“You’d better rest earlier today. Tomorrow we will be able to go underground to the bottom.”

The second watchman was the Oriental Ronin. He sat by the fire with his sword in his arms and glanced at the Oriental Dancer, but he had a face that was lacking interest.

After a while, he stabbed a scorpion with his sword and baked it on the fire. Unexpectedly, he actually drank some alcohol.

The night passed by very quickly.

The next day, the workers were pushed to work again. Once it was reaching noon, their speed was much faster. They dug up the broken walls of some tattered buildings, but a little accident happened again. After digging a wall, suddenly a lot of scarabs came out of it. The scarabs swarmed out in a frenzied way. All of a sudden, they submerged the three closest workers. Not to mention these ordinary people, even the other professionals that were present, especially the Oriental Dancer, could not help turning a little white when she saw the dense amount of scarabs.

Desert scarabs.

They were like marching ants in the Outer Islands, creatures that could submerge even high-grade professionals.


Soran had been prepared for this for a long time. Soon after his order was given, someone poured down the fire oil at the side of the passage. Then the fire spread around the passage and burnt for a full ten minutes, which drove the scarabs to the other places. There were many burnt scarabs at the entrance of the passage. Perhaps there were even thousands of them. Many ancient ruins of the desert had these kinds of creatures. If one did not prepare in advance, they would feel their heads go numb if they saw them.

Two dead and one wounded!

The casualties were still within Soran’s expectations, although they had only just reached the edge of the underground remains.

“Get ready to enter.”

Soran looked up at the sky and said in a deep voice: “Take the torches! The rest of you go prepare. Below this part should be the ancient ruins’ main square. There should be some dirty things in it. ”

“We have to get rid of them before we can continue to dig the passage.”

If ordinary people went down, they were just sending themselves to die.

Soran had to clean up some of the monsters so they could go in and continue to dig.

“I’ve been getting impatient while waiting.”

The Dwarven Juggernaut knocked his shield, jumped up from the sand dune, and said excitedly: “Are there any treasures below? Didn’t you say you were clear about what was going on inside? There should be something good around the square, right? ”

A treasure trove.

Except for Soran and the Oriental Dancer, all the people here came for wealth.

Soran took a look at him and nodded: “There should be some. According to the distribution of buildings in the period of the Arcane Empire, there should be many arcane gold coins nearby.”

“This kind of gold coins are very valuable, and the exchange ratio with Gold Derahls should be about 1:10.”

Arcane gold.

In short, it was gold refined by alchemy. The gold had a strong consistency. The gold production technology of the Arcane Empire was at least two times ahead of the current era.

“Is it really worth that much?”

The Dwarven Juggernaut was a little excited and said: “Isn’t that a thousand Gold Derahls if I were to find a hundred coins?”

Hearing what he said, both the Oriental Ronin’s and the Desert Warrior’s expression wavered. It was normal to find thousands of ancient gold coins in an underground ruins exploration. That is to say. There was an income of tens of thousands of Gold Derahls without counting the other treasures.

“Don’t be happy too early.”

Soran frowned a little and said in a deep voice: “There may be some Guard Golems who have not been damaged. Our task is to clean up the square first, then explore the other areas.”

The Dwarven Juggernaut slammed his chest and said seriously: “I know. It’s not the first time that I’ve explored ruins. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything brashly. ”


There was a slight collapse in the passage as if a wall had been knocked down.

Soran looked down and said: “Prepare the ropes. We have dug an entrance. It looks like it’s more than 30 meters deep.”

Torches, hook locks, and pulleys.

As a Rogue, Soran was at the front. Although he could easily go down with the aid of Levitate, he still slowly slid to the bottom using the ropes.

At present, no one knew that his sub-profession was a Wizard. It was better to keep it a secret for the time being.


Soran’s night vision ability was very strong. He glanced around the surroundings. Then, he subsequently lit the torch and stuck it properly. In a serious voice, he went: “You can come down now.”

The second one that came down was the Dwarven Juggernaut.

He was the orthodox meat shield with a heavy armor of more than 60 catties, which could only be worn by Dwarven Fighters. (They have extraordinary strength, the highest constitution in a conventional race. The dwarves who did not advance could have their constitution reach 19 points if they had rather good talent. Besides their height, Dwarven Fighters were top-level meat shields in all aspects and were naturally good at ridiculing others.)


His landing was rough because of the weight.

The sound reverberated in the dead silent underground, and soon there seemed to be some slight movement around.

One should never expect the Juggernauts to move around quietly. Soran listened to it for a while, and his face gradually turned serious. He said in a deep voice: “Come down quickly! Get ready to fight! ”

The Desert Warrior and Oriental Ronin were all the melee professions of the Dexterity aspect. They soon landed on their feet, while the Oriental Dancer landed quietly.


Strange sounds came from all directions, which made people feel a little creeped out.

“Damn it!”

After hearing this, the Dwarven Juggernaut whispered: “I see the undead!…” (Ghosts!)

A faint blue flame emerged.

The breath of the undead emerged with the cold wind. The enclosed underground remains should be less ventilated, so the experienced ones would know that they have met the undead.

“Spirits! Will-o’-wisps! It seems that there are Skeleton Undeads nearby!… ”

Soran frowned and looked around, and said in a deep voice: “Prepare the Holy Water and apply them on your weapons! Everyone should not be too far apart. No one knows what monsters are here!”

A translucent figure appeared, and the spirits buried together with the city rushed towards them.


Soran slashed with his sword in a flash. There was energy damage to the Curved Sword Icingdeath. He could directly deal with these half animated and half real undead creatures.

“I hate the undead!”

The lumbering Dwarven Juggernaut had no idea how to deal with the spirits. He could only look around and find a Skeleton Undead (Challenge Rating 6) that was waking up.

All that were present were high-grade professionals.

If they were put out in the open, each of them was also a leader of a town or an organization. It was nothing to deal with this undead.

The fight lasted only a few minutes.

All the undead were resolved. Soran put away his Curved Sword and started to light the torch. This was the first stop to explore underground relics. Because it sank deep into the desert, many places were buried, and the exploration must be done gradually from here. Although the light slowly became abundant, everything in front of them also lit up.

This was a square with a large diameter. In front of it was the broken obelisk.

Half of the square was buried, and the other half was where they dug. If Soran did not find the place, perhaps it would be useless for them to dig it up to this point, unless they forcibly dug up all the earth and sand. There was a passage near the square. This was the past streets of the city, which was very wide. However, many of them have been buried, and the houses have collapsed rather severely. Only a few of the buildings in front of them were completely preserved. Preserving these places intact was not simple, and without a doubt, there were traces of arcane remains.

“It should be this position.”

Before Soran took action, he still prepared to have them taste a little sweetness. After all, they were all high-level professionals, so it was hard for them to work hard without seeing benefits.

He still had a deep impression within his memory. There was a place nearby with many spoils.

“Follow me.” Soran looked up a bit. Since it has been buried for thousands of years, it was a lot firmer, but this did not rule out the possibility of an abnormal collapse. He did not want to be buried under the sand.

The party walked carefully.

As they got closer to a fairly complete building, some plants appeared unexpectedly in front of them.

They were a

There were mottled marks on the wall, as well as incomplete artificial crystals. This was the craftsmanship of the Arcane Empire. They used artificial crystals to transmit magical energy.

“Intruder alert!”

“Reserve energy activated!…. Arcane Energy Device activated!…. Level I defense system activated!… ”

The cold mechanical sound resounded.

Suddenly, there was a dull sound coming from the wall in front of them, followed by the heavy footsteps. A Puppet Golem, which was made of iron and was as high as three meters, stepped out.

Soran stepped back alertly and had the Dwarven Juggernaut stand in front of him. He said in a deep voice: “It’s a Puppet Golem from the Arcane Empire!…”

“Be careful!”

“They may have the means to use energy attacks.”

As long as the underground remains were related to the Arcane Empire, it was easy for them to encounter these Iron Golems because they completely replaced the city guards during the era of the Arcane Empire.

“Target found!”

“Arcane Energy Guard Type I received the attack command!…”

In front of him, the arm of the Iron Golem suddenly turned, and then a black cannon muzzle came out. This was a craft of a Golem rarely seen in the current era. Soran just took a look at it, then his face changed and went: “Move!”


Three energy cannons accurately hit where they were, directly blasting out pits on the ground. Their power was not that far from that of the mortars.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft!”

The Dwarven Juggernaut spat out the mud, roared, and guarded with the shield in front of him and rushed over, shouting: “Dunedin hates Puppet Golems! Die! Iron monster!”

The Hill Dwarves also once had brilliant alchemy but was finally destroyed in the hands of the Dwarven Defenders (Construct Golems) that they had created.


The piercing sound of metal impacts, the Dwarven Warrior slashed the thigh of the Iron Golem with an ax, and sparks came out directly.

“Attack the position of the joints!”

Soran also moved, and he went around from the side. The one who also reacted quickly was the Oriental Ronin. He glided and slashed his sword towards the leg joint of the Golem.

“Activate… energy shield!”

“Elemental Fission Shield activated!…. Not enough energy!…. Failed to activate the Elemental Fission Shield!… ”

“Arcane Energy Guard Type I switch to melee form!”

Under the attacks of Soran and others, the joints of the Iron Golem began to operate, like a transformer, transforming rapidly. The black muzzle entered the body, transforming into a light gold square shield and a huge sword forged by the arcane metal craftsmanship. At the same time, the part where its leg was split began to repair gradually. The metal seemed to be recovering back to its original appearance.

“Memory metal?!”

Soran’s face suddenly changed, and then his expression was a little surprised. He murmured: “Is this a high level Construct Golem?”