Abyss Domination

Chapter 399 - Eastern Empress

Chapter 399: Chapter 45 Eastern Empress

Eastern illusion.

As the birthplace of Monks, the eastern magic was not like the western world, most of which were mastered by Wizards. Many of the people who were proficient in illusions here were combat professions, among which the Oriental Dancer was good at using illusions. Many illusions were fake, but they become more powerful after some time. Even the Bards who play tricks would become a proper spellcaster after some time. The Oriental Dancer could master the ability ‘Mirror Image’ after advancing into the legendary realm.

Soran didn’t care to make a move. He waited quietly, waiting to counterattack.

The woman that had abused him was rather powerful.

She was at least a high-grade profession. Maybe she was even a legendary figure.

“Ting, Ding, Ling!”

The ringing of the bell seemed to resonate with people’s heart rate. For a moment, Soran was in a bit of a trance, but he soon recovered. At the same time, there were three virtual shadows again in front of him. They were wearing light and thin silk long skirts and following the light and charming dance steps. Although he couldn’t see their faces clearly, they were full of charm. These three enchanting figures were not eager to launch an attack, but send out a burst of crisp laughter around Soran, as if enjoying the feeling of fooling the enemy.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

Soran’s figure leaped out, and the curved sword in his hand turned into a cold light. The three figures in front of him laughed lightly, dodged slightly, and then stabbed toward Soran with a dagger.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Three of the figures were real, and they all blocked Soran’s attack.

“Mirror Image!?”

Soran’s brows were locked; his expression was quite serious. An enemy who could master the Mirror Image ability was either legendary or somewhere around there.

Where is her real self?

The combat power of Mirror Images was very low, less than one-third of the real body. Even a legendary Sword Saint who practiced Mirror Image could only retain half of his strength at most. These three Mirror Images couldn’t pose a great threat to Soran, but the Oriental Dancer hidden in the dark was very dangerous. Soran had not been threatened by this kind of sneaking enemy for a long time.

What is this smell?

Just as Soran was a little confused about the position of the enemy, his nose suddenly moved, and then his eyes had a flash of light, leaping forward to the position around the bed.

“Shadow Strike!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

A fragrance.

The room had a fragrance, a woman’s fragrance.


The sound of weapons colliding was heard, a pair of snake-shaped daggers suddenly emerged, and then a slim figure was forced to appear. Under the impact of Soran’s explosive strike, the figure flew back a meter and hit the wall behind.


The hazy shadow gradually became clear, and the figure of the Oriental Dancer emerged, saying in a voice with a trace of pain, “Wait a minute! Stop it! I give up! Oww! ”

“Damn it!”

“I give up! Stop attacking!”

Soran’s eyes were cold, and his fierce attack did not stop. After using Beheading, he immediately slashed toward her. At the same time, he launched the Sword Form [Spinning Strike] with a low voice, blocking every possibility to retreat.

Even though the opponent had surrendered, Soran did not want to stop.

“Swift Step!”

The face of the Oriental Dancer finally changed. At last, she knew how dangerous she had provoked an enemy. She turned around in a rather awkward way to avoid. Her slender waist was almost folded in half. Her amazing flexibility made her avoid Soran’s attack. At the same time, her figure suddenly appeared behind Soran.


The Oriental Dancer stepped back and said anxiously, “I’m just trying your skills! Not the enemy! I’m going to join your team to earn some money, so I came here to test you!… ”


“We’ve met before! At the adventurer’s guild!”


The sound of weapon collision rang again, Soran frowned and took back his curved sword, looked at the opponent coldly, and said in a deep voice, “take off your veil.”

The Oriental Dancer let out a breath of relief after seeing him stop.

She first gasped for a moment, then frowned and looked at her arm. On her bare white arm, there was a light cut. If she didn’t dodge fast enough, she would have been cut by the man in front of her. The Oriental Dancer looked at Soran strangely, then slowly took off her veil, revealing a beautiful face with exotic characteristics.

Soran looked at the woman in front of him, and his memory was running at full speed. After a while, he said in a deep voice, “Who are you to the Eastern Empress?”

Eastern Empress!?

Soran’s words changed the expression of the woman in front of her eyes. For a moment, she clenched the snake dagger and said in a tight voice, “Who are you? Why do you know that?”

She is related to the Eastern Empress!

Soran couldn’t help but remember something, which made him unconsciously touch his ears.

In those years, he traveled all over the continent after he became a legend, and he encountered countless legendary figures; even after encountering the incarnation of deities several times, he was defeated in the hands of a mysterious woman in the East. He not only failed in the task but also lost nearly a third of his group. Finally, he even lost one ear.

At that time, if he was slow, he would not have only lost his ear, probably his head!

The Eastern Empress.

The advanced dancer with a profession level of 30 +. She was proficient in magic, Mirror Image, Charm, Sneak, Assassination, information gathering, and others. She secretly controlled many brothels in the eastern countries, but her real identity was unknown. She had a very special item in her hand. It was said that it’s an artifact handed down from the eastern countries; the item gave the user youthfulness and longevity.

“Tell me.”

Soran looked at her coldly while holding his weapon and asked, “Why are you here?”

The Oriental Dancer’s expression was complex. It seemed that she doesn’t understand why a person from the western part of the mainland would know the existence of the Eastern Empress. She took a step back gently, pondered for a moment, and then said slowly, “I really just want to test your skills. I received a report that you wanted to explore a ruin; there is something the Eastern Empress is interested in.”

“That’s why I was given orders to find it. I really have no ill intentions! If not, I would have used Enthrall Fragrance on you when you entered.”

Enthrall Fragrance.

Something the Oriental Dancer was good at.

“What were you looking for?”

Soran frowned and said in a deep voice, “I’m afraid you didn’t come here to test my skills but to steal the information of underground relics from me correct?”

It seemed that Soran was right; the Oriental Dancer’s eyes looked dodgy.

During this time, she had been watching Soran’s actions secretly and found that many of his preparations seemed to match the situations. This made her very sure that Soran had specific information about the underground ruins. If he didn’t know the general situation of the underground ruins, he would not prepare so many things.

The Oriental Dancer didn’t speak. She seemed to acquiesce to this point. Then she said, “There is something in this underground relic, a gem left by the desert kingdom. My task is to find it. I don’t want anything else. Maybe we can cooperate. ”

“Since you know the existence of the Eastern Empress, you’ll know how powerful we are.”

“With our help, it will be much easier for you to explore the underground ruins, and we need your information about it. After all, there is the terrible Balor.”

Soran went into deep thought after hearing that.

For a man like Soran, there was basically no eternal enemy. He could even deal with the fickle, vicious, and insidious Drows for so many times. Now, it was not impossible to cooperate with the Oriental Dancer in front of him.

The only thing was!

He couldn’t trust the woman in front of him.

The Oriental Dancer was no better than the Drows!

However, their strength may still be borrowed. Soran was used to the insidious cunning of the Drows.

It was nothing more than mutual use, relying on the means at the critical moment.


Soran looked at the opponent, nodded his head in an unexpected way, and said in a deep voice, “We’ll start the day after tomorrow! I need something else. Maybe you can get it for me. ”

It seemed that the Oriental Dancer didn’t expect Soran to answer so fast, but at last, she smiled and nodded softly, and said, “No problem.”

“I’ll bring what you want tomorrow.”

The matter was thus settled.

Soran finally decided to set out the day after tomorrow, and there were a high-grade Oriental Dancer and some of the people she brought in. Although Soran couldn’t cover everything about the underground ruins, there was a cloak artifact for the Rogue.

Thus, On the morning of the third day, the adventurers set foot on the road to the ancient ruins with nearly a hundred men and materials close to a caravan.

Before everything began, Soran had to locate the exact location to dig and find the path to the ancient ruin.