Abyss Domination

Chapter 398 - Oriental Dancer

Pearl of the desert.

This was a city close to the eastern world and the boundary to the desert of death. From here, you could continue to the East and enter the Desert of Death. It was a very dangerous place, and it was also a gathering place for the believers of God of Death – Nerull. There were many titles in the field of death, but the evilest one was undoubtedly the believers of God of death – Nerull. This ancient God was known as the enemy of goodness, the abomination of life, the dark emissary, the king of gloom, the Reaper of flesh and blood, and so on. From his creation until now, he had never fallen.

He was one of the few surviving ancient gods of death!

The believers of Nerull did not need a reason for attacking others because their belief was about collecting life.

This God of death hated life.

Soran’s figure came here. In this prosperous desert city, there were not many people like him. This was the territory of desert people. People of other races seldom went this far. In the center of the city was a big palace, with exquisite carvings on the four walls. The top of the palace was a huge statue of an immortal bird. It was said that the immortal bird once appeared here and got new life in the fire, so it had always been the eyesore of Nerull.

There were many people in the guild of adventurers.

Soran saw Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings, but most of the Elves here were Druids. Since the cultivation of Monks spread to the mainland, many Druids would travel to the eastern countries.

“Anything you need?”

An oriental woman with a veil and slender waist appeared in front of Soran. She was the receptionist of the adventurer’s guild. Because of the different geographical relations, this place was naturally different from the mainland.

Soran could see at a glance that she was an advanced Oriental Dancer. In her exotic dress, there were at least ten deadly throwing knives hidden.

This was a class similar to the Clown.

The Oriental Dancers were proficient in some of the fighting skills of the Bards, and at the same time, they were trained by Monks. These women’s movements were fierce and deadly, and sometimes they could be assassins. They were very good at using their own beauty and charming dance to confuse the enemy.

This was a class that required agileness and charm.

There were many special advanced classes in the eastern world. Soran only glanced at them and found two or three special advanced classes, including the Ronin.

A class advanced from the Rogue that was good at swordcraft.

“I want to post a recruitment mission.”

Soran glanced at the Oriental Dancer in front of him, raised his hand, took out a task list, and handed it to the woman in front of him.


The Oriental Dancer glanced at him, raised her head, and looked at him with blue eyes. She said softly, “Do you want to explore ancient relics? Task difficulty level C? You’ll need to recruit some pros!”

“The cost is a thousand gold Derahls. We will announce your information.”

“If someone wants to take this task, we will send someone to inform you. Please leave your current address with us.”

Soran quickly left his address, then glanced at the hall. He went to the hotel, as he needed to learn some new spells. It was not easy to recruit a group of pros. Professions that were too weak were useless in these relics, so Soran was ready to stay there for three days.

As Soran left, t

The Oriental Dancer glanced at him and said slowly, “A high-grade Rogue. He should be from the south, with the taste of the sea. ”

“He had the smell as the Ronin!”

“He has probably been on the sea for some time. I don’t know why such a Rogue would come to the desert!”

Face Read.

Oriental Dancers were very good at collecting information. Their knowledge was no worse than that of Bards.

“As long as he doesn’t cause any trouble.”

The middle-aged man glanced at the task list and said in a deep voice, “He wants to explore ancient relics? Every year these adventurers come here to die. They have no idea what’s deep in the desert! ”

The Oriental Dancer shrugged her shoulder and said, “Well, what can we do if they want to die.”

“We can’t stop them.”

Soon, the task was posted out; because it was a task of C-level difficulty, it was posted at a more obvious place.

“Exploring ancient relics?”

“Recruiting experienced veterans? A reward of at least five thousand gold Derahls? Posted by a Rogue? It looks like a lot of money!”

The post had attracted much attention.

However, most of them considered their own power and chose to give up, because many of them were mercenary’s; at most, they could only take up the task of escorting caravans. The risk of such ancient relics exploration was too high. Even if they were well paid, they were not sure.

“Doesn’t look bad.”

A bearded Dwarf in heavy armor glanced at the post, then put down his ax and said in a deep voice, “maybe I can talk to this Rogue.”

The task was not that simple.

Not many veterans would decide so easily. They would want to know the details of the mission.

Another person attracted by the task was the Ronin sitting in the corner. Beside him, there was a wine pot. He had been wiping his sword; after noticing the crowd, he took a serious look.

Five thousand gold Derahls.

It was already a great reward, enough to make a profession like him interested.

Spellcasters were rare to see as usual.

There was not a wizard in the whole adventurer guild, not even a Sorcerer. Druids didn’t seem to be interested in this task. They had always rejected this kind of underground exploration because they believed it would cause disasters. Many of the Druids here were herders, not Druids of the fighting school. Their strength was quite polarized.

Three days passed.

Soran recruited some useful veterans with rich rewards, a Dwarf with heavy armor, a Ronin, and a Desert Warrior.

With Soran, they had gey had a group of 4.

It’s a pretty good group. The only one missing was a priest.

As always, it was hard to recruit high-grade priests. These guys were in a high position and rarely took risks to make money.

Because he couldn’t get a spellcaster, Soran had to delay the mission.

Although he did not care much, these temporarily recruited teammates wanted to have a spellcaster around, so there was more security.

In the end, Soran had to raise the reward to eight thousand gold Deralhs.

Unfortunately, it still couldn’t move the spellcasters. He could only turn this investment to purchase supplies from the desert temple.

Expensive therapeutic potions still had some uses.

The potion made by Priests could achieve the effect of “Treat Serious Wounds,” but the price was not cheap.

A little accident happened when Soran considered whether he could finally find a way to bring together a team of five adventurers with a high-grade profession.

Someone took the initiative to find him, ready to take up this task.

A woman.

A beautiful and dangerous woman.

The previous day.

Soran was just about to return to his tavern. He went out and hired a group of workers to dig a passage to the underground ruins with tools. But as soon as he came to the door of the tavern, Soran’s expression suddenly became heavy, and then he put his hand on his sword.

Someone had touched the door handle!

Before leaving, Soran left a very slight mark. Now the mark was asymmetric, and the door had been opened.

Soran had told the innkeeper not to clean up the room, so there was a great chance that someone else had snuck in.

There was no sound from the room.

Soran was sure that if there were any people in there, they would be able to hear his footsteps.

He reached for the handle of the door, took a deep breath, and slowly pushed it open. There was nothing unusual in the room, but Soran saw that there was a slight shift in the table. It was less than a millimeter or two away. If it wasn’t for his amazing observation skill and memory, it was impossible to notice that someone had come in and moved his stuff.


Soran closed the door gently. He didn’t relax his vigilance because he couldn’t see people in the room. There were many professions in the world who were proficient in stealth, and there were many whose abilities were no worse than him.


Soran’s body tightened instantly, then rolled back and pulled out his curved sword with a clang. A strange dagger appeared at the door.

The dagger that was like a snake, and it was aimed at Soran’s throat.

There was a gentle sound of the wind.

In the dim room, a hazy figure appeared. With the sound air breaking, five throwing knives came from different angles, blocking all the paths of retreating.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran had blocked the enemy’s attack, and at the same time, he jumped forward. His figure disappeared strangely and suddenly appeared behind the dim black shadow.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Shadow Strike!”

Soran had no mercy, attacking immediately.


Just then, the strange figure let out delicate laughter, and then the hazy shadow was divided into three parts and dodged in three directions at the same time.

“Hazy Dance!”


The vigorous and tall figure turned over and tiptoed slightly on the roof, then dived down and stabbed with a dark dagger.

“Oriental Dancer!”

Soran’s eyebrows were locked. Facing the figure coming down from the roof, he suddenly closed his eyes. His ears moved a little; without even seeing the attack, he slashed toward the direction of the bed. The shadow that rushed down from the roof suddenly disappeared, and the shadow around the corner of the room twisted. Another hazy shadow appeared again.

Still another illusion!

The enemy had not revealed herself.