There were many unique training methods in the eastern world.

For example, the ascetic Monks in the east had a special ability called [Alert Mind], which was more powerful than the legendary ability[ Sixth Sense]. In addition, the Monk’s training methods could also obtain many additional abilities, such as [Spiritual Walk], [Position Perception through Wind], [Deflect Concealed Weapon], etc. Many of these abilities were common and could be mastered by other professions. Among them, Druids and Sword Saints were those who learned the most from Monks.

The Warden should also have some special abilities.

Even with Soran just moving a little, the Warden was able to detect him. Soran walked out directly and said in a deep voice, “Your Excellency! Long time no see! ”

After hearing Soran, the Warden lowered his hammer and asked, “Who are you? Have we met before?”

Soran’s words were a psychological hint. The opponent would be less likely to attack him.

“Long time, no see.”

Soran glanced at the Paladin beside him. The young Paladin didn’t recognize him because Soran was wearing a cape at the moment. At that time, when Soran was in the City of Wealth, he wasn’t as powerful as he was now. As long as Soran did not want to expose himself, it was not easy to recognize him.

He looked at the Warden and said, “In fact, I was just passing by.”

“But since I’ve encountered your Excellency, I hope to make a deal with you!”

A deal?

The Warden looked shocked and asked, “What deal?”

To him, Soran looked like a legendary Rogue. No matter whether he was evil or not, he was not sure he could win against a legendary Rogue. The nearby Paladin was also likely to be affected; he did not want a young seed to fall here. The number of Divine Avengers had been very small, and most of the Paladins had gathered under the leadership of the Lord of Glory. Compared with the decisive Divine Avengers, the Lord of Glory was more in line with the belief of the Paladins.

For example, ‘Exterminate Evil,’ this was a creed of the Divine Avengers!

They advocated cutting the grass and removing the roots and showing no mercy to the enemy. However, other Paladins advocated for “Treating the captives kindly,” “Do no harm to anyone without arms,” and “Those who are less guilty can be forgiven if they repent,” etc. Take the Desert Bandits in front of them, for example. The Divine Avengers would kill them completely, while the orthodox Paladins may let some people go.

Soran looked at the Warden and said, “I’ve come across this information.”

“Maybe this news is very useful to you! But if you want to get information from me, you have to pay for it. I happen to have one thing that I want to ask you for. ”

Thieves Guild? Or is he a Rogue from some other organization?

The Warden frowned and asked, “What information? What do you want?”

Soran smiled and said, “I got the information during the journey by accident. I know where the gem is for the Holy Avenger sword–Carsomyr! I know your group had always wanted to fix this artifact, so I think you’ll be interested in the information. ”


The Warden was shocked when he heard that. He took a step forward and looked at Soran. He then asked in a deep voice, “You sure you have the information for Carsomyr?”

[Holy Avenger] – Carsomyr.

A +5 artifact and the most powerful weapon in the mortal realm!

However, it was not complete right now, because the most important part of the artifact was still missing, that was the Eye of Tyre

This eye was similar to a gem and was used to repair the Divine Avenger, Carsomyr. For a long time, the organization of the Divine Avenger had been searching for its whereabouts, but unfortunately, there had been no clue. Soran, of course, had not seen the eye, but there was a clue in his memory. That’s something Soran could not get now, but he did not mind telling the Warden in advance.

“What do you want?”

The Warden had a cold expression and said, “I’m curious what a Rogue would want from us.”

He believed it. If an ordinary profession said it, he would probably scoff at it, but if it was told by a legendary Rogue, the credibility would be quite high.

Plus, the Rogue was the profession that would get information more easily.

“It’s nothing important.”

Soran took a look at him and said slowly, “I know your organization has been expanding in the desert for so many years. I want the map here, but not the ordinary map. I want a map that has marked all the ancient ruins. One of them has something I need, so it’s a fair deal. ”

The desert had many dangerous ancient ruins.

Many places were the remains of the Arcane Empire, and the Paladins were secretly monitoring these places to check on the terrible monsters sealed in them.

The radiation energy had previously created many mutant creatures.

The ancient evil creatures were a big threat to the eastern word. The Paladins also shouldered some of this responsibility.

“A map?”

The Warden became quiet. Just as Soran said, this was nothing important to them.

The worst thing that could happen would be that the Rogue opened some dangerous places. Even if there was no map, this legendary Rogue was determined to find it. He would be able to find it.

“Where’s the item?”

The Warden looked at Soran and said, “Tell me where the item is, and I’ll ask someone to pass you the map.”

The words of the Paladins were reliable.

Soran took a look at him and said slowly, “In the Underdark. It is in the hands of a Death Tyrant Beholder. With your ability, you should be able to invite a legendary wizard to use Divination. You can know the truth of the information with Divination. As for the specific location, I will tell you when the map is delivered. ”

Divination had great limitations.

However, with some clues, it could be useful.

Of course, this was assuming that Soran was telling the truth.

Without the clue he gave, only using ‘Eye of Tyre’ for Divination, they could not get more clues.

The Warden took a deep look at Soran and then said in a deep voice, “Good. As long as the information is true, what you want will be delivered soon. ”

“Let’s go.”

The legendary Paladin turned to leave, as if eager to confirm the truth of the information.

However, before leaving, the young Paladin could not help but look at Soran; he seemed a little familiar.

Although Soran didn’t say the specific location, as long as the information just now was true, the power to activate the Carsomyr could be found. However, the cost was very high. They must first find the Death Tyrant Beholder in the Underdark. This monster was not easy to deal with. Now it even had the eye of a deity.

A day went by.

The Divine Avengers moved quickly, almost the next noon, Soran got what he wanted.

A map that had marked most of the ancient ruins.

Soran could tell whether it was true or not because even though he did not know the terrain of the desert very well, he still had some impression on the location of the ruins that were traced and explored by many adventurers. More than 70% of the desert ruins on it Soran had vague memories, and the place he wanted to go was also marked on it.

There was a Balor at the deepest part of the site, which was clearly marked on the map.

Soran’s memory coincided with this information because there was a Divine Avenger who sealed the Balor, a 27 monster level creature.

What Soran wanted was not with the creature, so he probably won’t have to deal with the monster!

The map had marked most of the things.

From the Golems, evil creatures, demons to devils. There were many places where everything was clear. Such a map was only in the hands of a few powerful organizations, and he only got more than half of the map previously.

Soran told them what he knew.

As for whether they could get it or not, it was the matter of the Paladins. There were many dangers in the Underdark; thus, It was not easy for them to enter.

They would surely need to form a group of legendary figures to complete the mission.

With the map in hand,