The land gradually became barren once he passed through the edge of the forest.

The forest was a special place.

There was a particular “Magic dead zone”; in short, it was complicated by Elemental energy, so it wasn’t covered by the Magic Network. Spellcasters would be affected here, and many failed to cast or even became confused. Most of these places were very dangerous because of the strong energy radiation, so it was easy to produce strong mutant organisms. Deep in the forest was the place where a god fell. A God who once had great power once fell here. So far, few people have been able to enter.

It was very difficult even for Saints to enter. Only a few legendary Druids could connect there with dreams.

There were some rumors. It was said that the deep part of the fog was connected with a certain realm, which was a huge half-plane embedded in the material plane.

It was a pity that no one could prove it.

The sand storm became stronger and stronger.

After entering the Gobi desert, everything was gradually desolate. This land was the territory of the Gnolls, and there were a number of them. Because of the harsh living environment, many Gnolls here had advanced professions. There was the belief of Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls, one of the Lords of the Abyss. The demon lord of the 422nd level of the Abyss, one of the most powerful Gnolls.

Perhaps it was not the most powerful Abyss lord, but no one should belittle him because its old enemies were the Queen of Succubus and the King of Tauren. If he could fight with them for thousands of years and not fall, either he was really lucky or had great power.

The Prince of Gnolls was not a complicated Abyss lord. Soran had gone to his territory before.

His goal in life was to make the Gnolls group prosper. For this reason, it hunted the weak creatures as much as possible or plotted against the enemy.

Unfortunately, the Gnolls were natural hunters, which meant that their numbers would never grow.

A strong wind blew by.

With excellent tracking ability, the Gnolls found Soran, who was walking alone on the Gobi desert. They carefully lurked behind and communicated in special ways. They were wise enough to understand that the person traveling alone was not so easy to deal with, but their desire for flesh and blood encouraged them to keep following him.


An arrow shot out.

In order to avoid trouble, Soran took out his bow and then shot an arrow at the shoulder of the Gnoll. Because of the wind direction, the arrow deviated; it should have hit its head.

“Aow, Aow!”

A scream came out, and the Gnolls realized that they could not deal with the target in front of them. These creatures soon retreated.

The more he moved inward, the fewer plants there were.

Finally, Soran began to see the desert. The scene of the yellow sand covering the sky was bleak, and there was hardly any greenery in front of him.

This was the disaster left behind by the Arcane Empire.

Many brilliant cities were now buried under this yellow sand, and part of the reason were humans. In the past, too many plants were cut; thus, the environment was destroyed.

The rivers dried up, and the earth became desertified.

The humans moved out of here, leaving other creatures to settle here.

After crossing the desert, it would be the eastern kingdoms.

It was the largest desert on the material plane. Even flying took days. Soran’s goal was in the interior of the desert, so he needed to find the city in the dessert first.

An oasis!

Since the environment had become bad, some druids had come here to work.

They formed the legendary ” tree shepherds,” who had been creating greenery in this harsh desert for hundreds of years. It was quite difficult because it was hard to repair the deteriorated environment, while there was still residual energy radiation in many places. The shepherds were another group of Druids; they seldom interfered in the mainland. Their task was to plant plants and build oases in the desert. These druids had a very great reputation in the desert area.

Finding an oasis was not easy.

It was also a strange environment for Soran. He could only rely on his Fly ability to determine the location and then pursue the traces of life in the wilderness.

On the first day, he could only rest on the sand dune of the desert and continued on early in the morning.

As he got deeper into the desert, there were some decaying buildings in front, which were as grand as the pyramids of Egypt. Unfortunately, they were now dilapidated and not in shape. They had been buried in yellow sand all around. If you want to enter, you could only dig out a passage. This was a very dangerous thing since Soran was almost buried by quicksand in the past. It seemed that the land under his feet used to be a city, and now it had become an ancient relic in the desert. Except for the occasional adventurers looking for wealth, no one else would go to the desert.

The desert was filled with too many dangers.

This desert buried nearly a third of the cities in the period of the Arcane Empire, including the sealed ancient evil creatures. To explore here was to explore a city, which was a very large project. The most dangerous place was in eastern countries. There were many such ancient relics under the Monks’ monasteries, many of which suppresses terrible, evil things.

Half a day went by.

Some greenery finally appeared in front of Soran. He saw a river, a river in the desert.

There were tall trees on both sides of the bank, which were very neatly distributed around. These were not natural. It seemed that the place was man-made.

The work of the Druids.

After finding a river, it meant that an oasis was near. Soran got quicker.

A sandy rock wall appeared in front.

At the gate of the city stood a high flagpole, which was quite different from the hinterland of the mainland. The whole town was surrounded by sand and wind. Traveling caravans no longer used horses, but camels. They carried heavy goods on the camels, and there were Oriental merchants dressed in Arabian style clothes. Many of the buildings around were built of sand and stone, which seemed to be rough and desolate.

Soran entered a desert city.