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Blood gushed out.

Soran stood calmly, but he was not at all relaxed.

It seemed that the demigod genie was not surprised by the result. It continued in a low voice, “The enemy in front of you was not dangerous to you, but as you enter the deep dungeon, the ground suddenly makes a strange sound, followed by a sharp arrow flying towards you.”

“It seems that you triggered a trap.”

Just as the Genie said that he waved his hand, and the ice around the area became arrows flying toward Soran.

“Tang! Tang! Tang!”

Another curved sword appeared in the palm of Soran’s hand. His twin swords turned into the flowing light, blocking the ice arrows from all directions. At the same time, he rolled and moved back three meters, protecting himself with the twin swords in front of his chest, and looking at the Genie in front of him warily. There was no sign of the spell attack that the opponent had just cast; the demigod Genie was different from all the enemies he met in the past. The realm of the gods had its own rules, so the ice arrows just now was an improvised spell.

“You’ve survived the trap.”

Karonagos looked up at the sky, his expression seemed to change a little, and then continued in a low voice, “You found the person you were looking for in a dungeon room. But at this time, the dungeon suddenly had loud noises. When you opened the door, you seemed to activate a mechanism. Now the whole dungeon will collapse, and hot magma will gush out from the bottom of the ground. The burning magma will cover the dungeon, which may be swallowed by the molten rock gushing out at any time. ”

The whole ground shook.

The ice gradually disintegrated, and the whole valley seemed to vibrate as if something terrible would happen.

There was a divine light in the eyes of the demigod Genie. He looked at Soran in front of him. His smile suddenly became weird and said in a low voice, “At this time, the demon who first attacked suddenly appeared. He stood in front of you.”

Karonagos’ figure seemed to distort as if his body was not made of real material.

His smile was eerie, “I can open a teleportation portal to let you leave here, but this portal only allows one person to go. The other person will be buried. ”

“Who do you choose to go through the portal?”


The mountains around the valley began to collapse, and the ice and snow rushed down like torrents. The rock structure of the mountain gradually collapsed. The cliffs around the valley started to fall. Probably in a short time, the whole valley would be buried by the falling boulders.

A glow from the teleportation portal appeared.

In front of Soran’s eyes appeared a blue teleportation portal, and the demigod Genie smiled at him strangely as though waiting for Soran’s answer.

Soran’s eyebrows were locked tightly, and he gently moved away from a huge rock falling from the sky. The colossal rock smashed into the ground, which meant that if he were hit, he would be seriously injured. He wanted to leave here, but he felt the Genie had locked his body, and the opponent was waiting for his answer. The smile of the Genie was like that of a devil.

“I’ll stay!”

Soran slowly pulled out his curved sword, his muscles tensed and ready to fight at any time. He said in a deep voice, “I will choose to stay.”


The earth gradually cracked, the nearby mountain collapsed, and a boulder with a diameter of more than 10 meters fell from the sky.

The demigod Genie looked at Soran, then smiled playfully and said, “Very well. You have passed my test, Mortal! Goodbye! I hope we can meet again one day. ”

The figure of Karonagos gradually disappeared.

However, the surrounding rocks that were falling did not stop. Countless boulders fell and would soon cover the valley.

Soran took a deep breath.

Then he quickly cast spells. With the help of Fly, his whole body rose in the air. When his figure flew into the air, the valley in front of him had been buried by ice, snow, and rocks. The whole valley had become ruins, and the nearby mountains have almost collapsed in half. If he didn’t know how to fly, he would not have been able to escape at all and would have been buried under everything. The original Elemental altar had also completely disappeared. The Elemental energy here seemed to have changed, and the aura of the Ice Elemental had disappeared.

The demigod Genie was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe it had gone to the Elemental plane or some other world.

Soran’s figure stayed in the air for a while and then flew toward the east. The collapse of the mountain buried everything behind him. It was estimated that there would be no Elemental Ice here in the future. Intuition told him that there might be another array under the valley, but it should have been destroyed by now. He didn’t care where the demigod Genie would go because with the coming of the Avatar Crisis, this level of creatures would become more and more common. But for some reason, he felt that this demigod Genie was a little strange; he seemed to be different from other Genies. Maybe it was because he had been sealed up.

Soran did not stay here but went toward the eastern desert.

There was not much time left for him, because according to the progress in his memory, if there were no significant changes, there would be important news from the Underdark.

When he heard the news, he was near the Misty Forest. It was around April.

Deities were appearing!

The first batch of gods had fallen. One of them fell to the Underdark and finally died there. (Note: for details, please review the chapters about Whiterun, which mentions the gods who fell to earth at that time.)

Three days passed.

Soran crossed the icy lands and left the Frost Kingdom.

He didn’t go to the elves’ territory, because he heard that Elfenland was not very stable. The Druids seemed to have a fierce conflict with the elves and gods, so legendary Druids were dissatisfied with the elves’ royal family. The recent actions of the Druids were quite unusual. People who were interested could feel what they were planning, but because the Druid’s territory was tough to infiltrate, there was no specific news. (Note: for details, please review the chapters about the Elemental Stone [Earth].)

Soran naturally paid attention to this kind of communication.

The night was upon him.

Soran came to a town called Blackwaters near the Misty Forest, which was rich in coal resources and still had a coal mine. He once came here, but at that time, it was broken. Due to excessive mining and tree cutting, people around Blackwaters offended a group of powerful natural life. However, Blackwaters was still very prosperous now, with a lot of caravans and a population of more than 10000.

There were some supernatural creatures in the forest.

Creatures that even Soran wouldn’t dare to offend, that was why he was only passing by.

It was rowdy inside the tavern.

But it was already in the hinterland of the mainland. So, there was no news from the south coast and nothing from the Frost Kingdom.

People were still talking about Whiterun. It was said that the leader of Whiterun pulled out the legendary dragon-slaying sword and prepared to gather the army and powerful adventurers to kill the red dragon. The crafty ancient red dragon hasn’t revealed its identity yet, but Soran already knew the fate of the leader of Whiterun. He just hoped that this time there won’t be any big deviation and that Whiterun would not decline so soon. The decline of Whiterun city meant that the surrounding environment began to deteriorate, and other races gradually launched attacks on humans.

Humans were greedy.

If they were strong enough, then the other races could only retreat, but once they became weak, hatred and desire would rekindle the war.

Soran sat in his room and toyed with the Elemental Stone [Water] in his hand.

“Item Type: Elemental Stone [Water]

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 1)]

Description: a special treasure from the plane of Elemental Water. It is endowed with special magic powers and can be used to cast powerful spells when activated. It doesn’t seem to be a single item. From the pattern on edge, it can be seen that it was once a part of an item.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Summon Water Elemental (Once every seven days), Ice Storm (Once every three days)

Compared with the Elemental Stone [Earth], the Elemental Stone [Water] was less useful.

The Water Elemental it summoned was much weaker than that of the Earth Element. Its speed was no faster than that of the Air Elemental. However, its combat power in the sea was amazing. The Fire Elemental was the most practical among the four Elementals because it was basically a burning flame, which could cause damage to enemies as long as it moved around; it had a crushing effect against many weak enemies. As for the spell “Ice Storm,” this was an AOE damage spell, while less useful than “Stoneskin”; it still had some uses in certain cases.

“Ice Storm [Level 4 spell]: Summons an ice storm to cause regional damage to enemies within 20-40 meters, causing 18 blunt damage and 12 cold damage to enemies within the range. The enemy in the area would have their movement speed reduced. The influence of the reduced movement speed depended on the enemy’s Constitution. ”

The damage of this spell was not better than a level 3 Fireball.

However, there was one advantage: it could affect an enemy’s movement speed.