Abyss Domination

Chapter 392 - A Genie’s Test

Demigod Genie.

Special Elemental creatures, as long as an Elemental was called Genie, were all creatures with divinity. However, the most active Elementals were the Fire Elemental and Wind Elemental. In most cases, adventurers would encounter Djinni the most times. They were also the most interesting ones, because Djinni likes to ask questions to others, or give a question to test others. As long as you could answer the question of the Djinni correctly, you may get its help or a reward.

They were not affected by evil or good because Genies were neutral creatures.

There were some special items in the world, like a magic bottle or a magic lamp. Inside them were sealed Genies. If you could find them, you could control the Genie to serve you, but there were corresponding rules.

Elementals had their own rules.

Perhaps there’s no need to fight it?

Soran stopped and turned to look at the Qorrashi in the distance, but he didn’t get close.


He bowed slightly and said, “Your Excellency Karonagos! It is I who freed you!”

Demigod Genies were strong.

Unfortunately, they also had a fatal weakness, that was, they could be imprisoned by some special means. That was why many legendary spellcasters had tried to imprison Genies.

The Qorrashi seemed to have been sealed!

Soran carefully observed the Genie. Among the enemies at the level of demigod, the most difficult to deal with were the demigod Liches. Although the challenge difficulty of the Genies was much lower than that of the demigod Lich, it was still a legendary creature with a monster level of 24. (only a legend could become a demigod.)


Karonagos stretched his body, frowned, and said, “I don’t like the material plane. Mortal! I will soon return to the Elemental world, so are you ready to accept my test? ”


Soran was taken aback when he heard this and asked, “What test?”

“Even if you let me go, I can’t let you take away the Elemental Stone, let alone violate the contract to reward you,” said Karonagus, looking at Soran in front of him.

“Any seal would be broken one day.”

“Anyone that breaks the seal would have to complete the test before you could take the Elemental Stone! Of course, you could run! But you’ll have to fight me then.”

Speaking of this, the Genie raised his hand, pointed and saw the ice and snow breaking in the distance, and then turned into a big avalanche in an instant, blocking the way out of the valley. The scene was shocking to Soran because if he had just escaped, he might have been buried in the snow now. Although it would not threaten his life, his escape plan would have been lost.


Karonagos frowned and looked at the sun, then said, “Mortal! I don’t have much time to delay, so be ready for my test now. ”

“I’ll ask you some questions!”

“Choose your answers carefully because it will decide what you will face next.”

He looked at Soran and said in a deep voice, “So! Mortal! You are trapped in a dungeon, and there is a button in front of you. If you press it, you will be saved, and an innocent person will die. What will you do?”

Soran frowned, looked at the Genie, and said, “I’ll press the button.”

“Very well.”

He nodded, not knowing whether he was satisfied or not, and then asked, “Because you pressed the button, an innocent man died. However, although you escaped from the dungeon, you encountered a powerful and incomparable Demon. You could not defeat this Demon at all, but you found your past companions. If you gather the strength of all your companions, you may defeat this powerful demon, but more likely, you will all die here. But you can also seduce others to help you attract the demon, and then as a Rogue, you could easily escape. ”

“What would your choice be?”

Soran’s brow was even more wrinkled when he heard this. Without him knowing, he had put his hand on the handle of his sword. Then he said in a deep voice, “I will choose to fight.”

The Genie smiled suddenly and began to ponder.

With a flick of his hand, a 20 sided dice emerged with numbers ranging from 1-20. He looked at Soran and said in a deep voice, “Do you know the game of war and chess in the age of the Arcane Empire?”

“To defeat an impossible enemy, you must have absolute luck.”

The ice dice spun quickly.

Then, it fell to the ground, rolled, and stopped at the number 20.

“It seems the Goddess of Good Fortune is by your side!”

Karonagos didn’t care about the result, and he continued in a low voice, “Congratulations! You have killed this powerful demon, you and your companions have been saved, and as a reward to defeat the demon, you have gained a lot of wealth. ”

The genie gently waved his hand.

In front of him appeared a dimensional space, and then pieces of blue gemstones fell from it; not many, just 20 pieces, all placed in front of Soran.

The genie glanced at the surprised Soran and said, “Mortal! This is Cryolite from the Element plane, a rare and expensive gem, and you deserve the reward. ”


At this point, he paused and continued in a low voice: “it’s not over yet.”

“As you overcome this powerful demon, you find that the dungeon is a very complex maze. Besides the demon’s body, you see something that comes from the most important person in your heart.”

“The person you cared the most seems to be trapped in this dungeon!”

Soran’s expression changed a little, but the expression of the genie was still very playful. The genie continued, “You are going to enter the dungeon again to find the person you care about most.”

“But your companions have different opinions. Some think that they should leave here first after the battle, rather than putting everyone in danger for one person. While half of the group is willing to follow you, the other half is against you, ready to leave and find a path out.”

“But at this time, the demon’s shadow appeared. It criticizes you with insightful words and tells others that your first plan was to let them delay the demon and then prepare to run away. Your companions trusted the demon, and because the demon’s words corrupted their hearts, your companions left, leaving you alone.”


“What do you do? Exit from the dungeon maze with them? Or go back to the dark and dangerous dungeon and look for the most important person who might be trapped here? ”

Soran looked up at the genie and said without hesitation, “I’ll go back and look for that person.”

Just as he answered that, the genie nodded, waved his hand, and shadowy figures of monsters appeared.

“You choose to go back to the depths of the dungeon, and your companions search for the exit,” he continued in a low voice

“It is dangerous here. You’ve just encountered an unbeatable demon, and soon, you encounter another enemy!”

“A strong, powerful Taurens Fighter!”

A glow of magic was seen.

It seemed that the genie, a demigod, exerted some kind of summoning spell. A shadowy figure from the Abyss appeared. The shadowy figure turned out to be a strong Tauren, who was as high as three meters in armor. It held a battle-ax weighing more than 300 pounds in its hand. When it appeared, it roared at Soran and immediately swung its ax at him.

“Unfortunately, you encounter a Tauren from the Abyss,” the genie continued in a low, commentating voice. “It may not be as powerful as the first demon, but it is still quite difficult to deal with.”


The ice on the ground was split by the ax. Soran leaped forward to avoid the enemy’s attack, and at the same time, pulled out his sword.

This test had become a little more interesting!

In his past memory, it seemed that only a small number of genie could do this. Turn simple problems into reality, and one of the names seemed to also have the words ‘nagos’.


Soran swung his sword to hold the attack of the Tauren from the Abyss. His whole person stepped back three steps under the great power. Then, he turned around and swung his sword, leaving a mark on the armor of the Tauren.

The beast had a monster level above 15!

This was a Tauren sent by a medium or high-grade summoning spell. There were many Tauren like this in the Abyss because one of the most powerful demon lords was a Tauren.


The Tauren stepped on the ground, and a wave of air expanded around it like a shockwave. Then it locked on to Soran’s position and once again swung its ax toward him.

“Shadow Strike!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

A cold light appeared in Soran’s eyes, and his figure suddenly swooped up. In a flash, he moved like a shadow, and then his sword passed through the throat of the Tauren.


A headless body fell to the ground while Soran sheathed his sword without any expressions.