Abyss Domination

Chapter 391 - Demigod Genie

Soran did not waste time.

After sending a new round of construction blueprints to the outer islands, he continued to prepare to complete the chained tasks of the four Elemental Stones. Now, he was closer and closer to the legendary realm, he estimated that after completing these tasks, he would be able to advance to the realm of legends. At that time, he might try to integrate the shards of divinity obtained from the mission. It was said that a sealed shard of divinity came from a fallen evil god; it was said to be a little dangerous and required a high will to fight against the remaining consciousness of the divinity.

Therefore, Soran was hesitant to give Vivian the shards of divinity to absorb.

The will of the gods was a complicated thing!

Vivian was still young, so her will power was not as great as Soran’s.

As time went on, the news of the defeated southern island navy had spread out. Finally, Soran got the legendary rating.

“Misty sea battle [Legendary Battle]: in early March of the new moon era, 1676, you exceedingly damaged the confederate forces of the southern island states and Vrykul pirates alone in the sea near Arendelle. In this battle, you beat the navy of the southern island country. The legend of the ghost ship had also gradually spread to the Frost Kingdom. The outcome of this battle is still brewing, and there is a faint folk rumor that you are the guardian of Arendelle. [Legend Rating + 2] ”

“Dark Tide naval battle [large scale battle]: in the middle of March 1676 in the new moon era, you led a pirate army in the Dark Tide channel to raid the retreating army of the southern island country. In this battle, you have severely damaged the navy of the southern island countries and brought the west coast into your sphere of influence. With the victory of this battle, your reputation is getting higher and higher among the pirates. Some people even propose to rewrite the Pirate Code on behalf of the pirate king in your name. [Legend Rating + 3] ”

The two Legend Ratings were given separately.

Perhaps it was because the two battles were different. In total, Soran got a Legend Rating of 5.

With the increase in Legend Rating, his personal reputation became higher and higher, and more and more people would know him. The most common adventure would often get a 10 Legend Rating. At around 20 Legend Rating, the reputation of the person would spread around. It was possible that many people in a country would have heard about your legend, such as when Soran had just become a pirate king. When a person’s Legend Rating was more than 30 points, then the scope of spread would be expanded rapidly, perhaps spreading to half the continent.

50 Legend Rating was a dividing line.

If you wanted more, either you had done something to make you a household name, or you had to find a way to spread your reputation beyond the mainland.

For example, Soran, even though he was a well-known pirate, many kingdoms would not have heard of his name.

The Underdark would definitely not know him!

As for the other bottomless Abyss, the Nine Hells of Baator, the Blessed Fields of Elysium, the Grey Realm, and so on, they would not have heard of his name.

The Frost Kingdom.

Soran came to the Frost Kingdom again, but this time it was not to Arendelle, but to the snow mountains.

This was the territory of the Ice Trolls.

Although Soran had the ability to challenge these creatures with amazing regeneration ability, he had no intention to use them to level up because these monsters were not easy to kill. Their regeneration ability was too abnormal. What’s more, the Trolls here had spell-like abilities–probably because they lived in the cold, these Ice Trolls had mutated to have spell-like abilities. There was also a chance to encounter the Troll shaman, a healer type Troll. Trolls, a monster like this, was able to grow its head back after being cut off. If it was stabbed in the heart, it would still be fine.

Along the icy mountains, Soran gradually walked into a valley.

There was steep ice on all sides, and as the number of creatures entering here began to decrease dramatically, there appeared some Elementals.

Ice Elemental!

“Ice Elemental [Elemental] (Grade 4)

Challenge Rating: Level 10 (Monster Level: 15), has spell-like abilities

Highest and Lowest Attributes: 22 and 10 (Total Attribute Points: 90-100)

Specialty: Elemental Armor, Ice Spear, Elemental Characteristics, Ice Characteristics.

Difficulty: A+

Elementals were all supernatural creatures.

They were around grade 4 and were very difficult enemies for ordinary people to deal with. Even the pirate leaders under Soran’s command would find them difficult to deal with.

Ice Elementals had a cold ice body up to about two meters high. Like the Earth Elemental, they also had a humanoid shape. Their bodies were light blue, and they were completely composed of ice with high hardness. They had no fatal points in their whole body, and any injury could be gradually repaired. Healing for them was just turning water into ice.

As he got into the territory of the Ice Elementals.

The legendary curved sword started to emit cold light when the temperature was close to zero; a glow appeared, which reduced the cold damage Soran could receive. This level of fighting was not very difficult for Soran. He easily defeated these Ice Elemental and gradually went to the altar.

The real show was the huge Elemental that would appear after he took the Elemental Stone.

The last time there was a legendary Earth Giant. This time, something would also appear, but Soran did not know what it would be.

The altar was similar to the one last time.

Soran approached cautiously, then fumbled around the altar and soon found the Elemental Stone (water).


When he took out the Elemental Stone, the ice under his feet immediately began to break, and then a huge arm suddenly stretched out from under the altar.

The ground had cracked like a spider’s web. The size of the arm was already at Soran’s height.


A huge body appeared. The upper body was made of ice, while the lower body was a water spiral.

“Qorrashi!” [Demigod]

Damn it!

Soran’s expression changed a little. In an instant, he slipped into the shadow and fled towards the valley.

All of the Genie Elementals were demigod creatures, which were much more powerful than the Elemental Elders. Some of them could even realize the wishes of ordinary people, just like the legendary lamp.

This was difficult for him to deal with!

But just when Soran ran for the road outside the valley, the Qorrashi, who rushed out of the ground, suddenly said, “Finally free!”

“Mortal! Did you free Karonagos?”