It had been three days after the battle at the Dark Tide channel.

After defeating the navy of the southern island states, Soran took over the route from the west coast to Arendelle. Unfortunately, some of the enemies escaped. Soran couldn’t find Prince Hans, the prince of the southern island country after the battle started. He must have used magic to run when he saw that things were going south. It was a pity for Soran, but it was only natural because high-grade spellcasters must surround Prince Hans.

These three days, Soran re-posted the pirate leaders under his command. The half-elf still managed the eastern route, but the outer island sea route was given to the Knight and Housekeeper with stable characters. These two pirate leaders descended from nobility. Fighting among the nobility in the mainland was very fierce. They belonged to the losers in the nobility family, almost equal to being exiled. They were the two newly rising pirate leaders.

Compared with other people, the two pirate leaders received more education, and the aristocratic political skills would be good when dealing with other trading partners.

The west coast was given to One-Eyed Jack to manage. His ruthlessness was needed here.

As for the red-haired female pirate, Adele Isabella, who was most eager to get recognition and wanted to be powerful again, was slightly disappointed. Although Lord Soran asked her to take charge of the north coast route, he sent two other pirate leaders over.

They were Giant (Had the blood of Giants) and Scarface.

Although Soran defeated the navy of the southern island countries on the north coast, it was the territory of Vrykul pirates after all. These Vrykul pirates living in Iceland were very fierce. Soran arranged the people who were also war-torn and bloodthirsty.

“Dong, Dong, Dong.”

Knocks on a door were heard.

Soran, who was sitting in the room, looked up and said, “Come in.”

“Your Excellency,” the red-haired pirate walked in and asked, “Do you have orders for me?”

Soran looked her up and down.

Although she had been wandering on the sea all year round, the red-haired female pirate’s skin was still white. She was tall, slender, and well proportioned. She was a first-class beauty from any angle. What’s more, because of the education she received from childhood, she had the feel of a noble, which was very important for Soran. For his next plan, the red-haired female pirate was a very important chess piece.

“There’s a dress over there.”

Soran pointed and said, “Try it on.”

The red-haired female pirates had a faint blush on her face, but she was ready to change clothes obediently. Prepared for her was a lace patterned long dress with exquisite sleeve edge; next to the dress was a pair of white silk gloves. The red-haired female pirate rarely wore clothes like these, so after a moment of hesitation, she clumsily changed in front of Soran. No matter what Soran wanted, she had no right to refuse. Moreover, she may not be willing to refuse him anyways.

However, Soran had no other intentions.

When the red-haired female pirate was changing her clothes, Soran lowered his head again and picked up the goose pen to write a letter. When the red-haired female pirate changed her clothes and came to him, he then looked up, “Not bad! You look beautiful! ”

After a change of apparel, Adele Isabella looked like a beautiful, noble lady.

Her dress softened her fierce manner, and her noble education made her look like a noble lady from any angle.

“I have a mission for you.”

After looking at her dress for a moment, his expression became serious. He looked at the red-haired female pirate in front of him and said in a deep voice, “The Vrykul pirates on the north coast had other people to deal with. Although you are responsible for managing the route to Arendelle, I have more important things for you to do.”

“This is a letter for Princess Anna of Arendelle.”

“Take this letter to see her. She will let you stay in the palace as a companion and give you a title.”

“When you get there, your first task is to learn the royal etiquette. Then I need you, as the descendant of Isabella, to find a way to get in touch with the nobles on the south coast. It’s better to contact the aristocrat’s close to your mother. Your new identity will be recognized by Princess Anna, the successor of Arendelle. Then, no one will doubt you anymore. Your task is to make friends with them and find a way to obtain the support and trust of these nobles. ”

Soran’s original plan was to support Adele Isabella, the red-haired pirate, and then try to create a situation for the aristocrats on the south coast. But now that Arendelle backed him, he had a simpler way to give Adele Isabella a new identity.

The descendant of Isabella living abroad!

With the recognition and support of Princess Anna, the successor of Arendelle, her new identity would be nailed on the iron plate. The aristocracy was a group of shallow-minded people. Anything related to the royal family could get their attention. In Soran’s plan, the red-haired female pirate would become Princess Anna’s best friend and accompany her to the court several times.

As long as her identity was recognized, then the next thing Soran had to do would become much easier.

“Pa, Pa.”

Soran clapped his hands lightly. Then two or three beautiful maids and a middle-aged butler came in.

Soran looked at Adele Isabella and said slowly, “They will be your servants with your new identity. Tomorrow you will take a merchant ship from Shipwreck Bay to Arendelle. When you get there, someone will take care of you and arrange your other tasks. Your main mission is to get recognition in Arendelle and return to the south sea with a new identity. ”

“I will transfer one hundred thousand additional gold Derahls for you! The specific tasks are here, and I’ll give you new missions later on.”

Soran gave her two letters. The red-haired pirate reached for them and nodded solemnly, “I will never let you down again.”

Even an idiot would realize the vastness of Soran’s plan. The Beheader was going to stretch his hand to the land on the south coast. His plan was not simple.

No matter how large the sea was, he still felt as though they did not have a root.

Although they had established a foundation in the outer islands and the city of Mordor had gradually grown, it was still too far away from human civilization.

A lot of things needed to be supplied by the mainland. The kingdom on the south coast was the place Soran needed to enter, no matter from which point of view. Otherwise, he was too dependent on port Tylon.

A pirate naturally couldn’t just reach for the mainland territory, which would attract too much attention.

Soran’s plan was complicated.

The identity of the red-haired female pirate was just the beginning, and more preparation was needed to achieve his goal.

A day’s time went past.

Adele Isabella embarked on a journey to Arendelle. The stereotypical middle-aged butler kept telling her what aristocrats should pay attention to, and she listened carefully. It was a task to test her abilities, and women were born to be very good at acting, so she was very confident about this task.

The journey was peaceful.

As Adele Isabella arrived at Arendelle, and the people that were supposed to fetch her also arrived.

“Madam Isabella.”

A low-key but luxurious carriage stopped at the port and then drove her to Arendelle without attracting as much attention as possible.

The carriage finally stopped in front of a luxurious mansion.

There was already a line of servants waiting in front of the door. They were greeting their new master, though no one had seen her.

This was only one of her properties!

Adele Isabella was now a noble, rich, young, and beautiful, noble lady. She not only bought some of the best houses in the noble area in recent days but also directly bought three shops in the central area near the port of Arendelle. It was said that she ran her chamber of commerce on the south coast and intended to bring her business up to Arendelle.

For this rich and beautiful aristocratic lady, many people who were interested in her were, of course, very attentive.

However, she seemed to be very low-key, and she refused to pay any visit to other nobles of Arendelle. Occasionally, some people wanted to test the details of this young, beautiful, and rich aristocratic lady, but they were all severely hit. They understood that the identity of this lady was not so simple.

She was not a soft persimmon. A lady who could bring her business from the south to the north was not easy!

However, the first-time Arendelle’s nobles realized that she was not simple was at a dinner party in the palace–A dinner party held by Princess Anna.

The mysterious, rich, and beautiful, noble lady, who was said to be the direct descendant of Queen Isabella, was directly accompanied by Princess Anna and sat beside her during the banquet.