Abyss Domination

Chapter 389 - Ruler of The Three Sea

Arendelle was now peaceful, but Soran’s war was not over because he had to teach Prince Hans a painful lesson.

Otherwise, Prince Hans would threaten the west coast. Soran did not want to see another threat. As long as Prince Hans’ fleet was wiped out, it would be almost impossible for him to threaten Soran’s rule of the west coast in a short time. It took time, energy, and wealth to build a fleet. Soran could only relax after crippling the navy of the southern islands. Then, his pirate leaders would be able to control the trade routes.

South coast – Outer islands.

South coast – Eastern continent.

South coast – Arendelle.

When these three lines were connected together, Soran’s power would spread all over the three seas, and his wealth would increase at an amazing rate. It may even exceed the total tax of a kingdom. At that time, there would be many things that could be done. Soran would have all the financial, material, and human resources in place. The network connected by three routes would be a C-shaped encirclement, and he would be able to forge ahead with his desired goal at any time. At that time, Adele Isabella, the female pirate with red hair, would have a role to play.

The Dark Tide channel was a special sea route because it was the boundary between the Dark Tide Kou Tao and humans. The sea creatures had their own territory. There were vast and incomparable boundaries in the sea. Marine intelligent species had their own independent territory, and they would not be stupid enough to include the vast sea in their sphere of influence, but they would never allow other creatures to enter their territory easily. Therefore, it was not easy to enter some places in the sea, especially large-scale fleets.

The Dark Tide channel was a dividing point. The deviant, Kou Tao, had established their own kingdom under the sea. They had magnificent cities and palaces. Just like other deviant creatures underwater, they live a life almost isolated from the world. Marine species rarely communicated with humans. In fact, with the protection of the Goddess of the Sea, it was difficult for Soran to have too many interactions with the Naga Siren people.

Even the Ogres were more friendly than them! (Just send some meat as a gift.)

The ghost ship got close to the area.

On the side of the channel, there were already packed pirate ships: some of which were large warships and small ships. The narrow and long terrain of the channel allowed the small ships to fight flexibly and facilitate the boarding of pirates. Almost half of the pirate leaders under Soran’s command came, but they were not led by the half-elf first mate; instead, they were led by the red-haired female pirate Adele Isabella.

Soran roughly guessed this but did not care about it.

Although Soran set out late from Arendelle, he first arrived at the Dark Tide channel. With the appearance of the ghost ship, the pirates immediately felt excited.

This was the power of a leader!

Since Soran’s rise on the south coast, he had never been defeated. So, the pirates under his command were confident in the battle.

Victories built morale.

Some may like to use inspiring words to boost morale, but Soran believed in the courage that victory brought to them.

Words were empty to him.

“Your Excellency!”

The red-haired female pirates, One-Eyed Jack, Scarface, Giant, and other pirate leaders gathered. They knelt down to Soran on one knee and bowed their heads and said, “They are all ready to fight.”

As Soran’s territory got larger and larger, his status was different. Although he was still the pirate king, some people thought that he had almost established a pirate kingdom.

Pirates were thought to be chaotic, but he established the order of pirates, though it was accumulated by blood and killing.

However, order was order after all, and order would make rules.

Rules of the pirates.

After Soran had beaten the navy of the southern island country by himself, some of his subordinates even proposed to re-establish the legendary pirate code. As the ruler of the south coast, the Beheader, the owner of Mordor, the protector of the Sea Goddess, and the guardian of Arendelle, Soran should rewrite the pirate code, so as to base his position among the pirates.

The king of three seas!

Soran’s pirate leaders thought that he was qualified to be the pirate king who ruled the south sea, west coast, and north coast. As Soran’s right-hand assistant, their status should be further improved.

“Prepare for battle!”

Soran’s figure soared. He used Fly to look down at sea from a high altitude. Then, he easily found the enemy approaching in the distance.

The enemy was entering the mouth of the channel. Prince Hans never dreamed that pirates on the south coast would ambush him here. For a long time, pirates dared not fight with the regular army. Soran would be the only one who led pirates to confront the royal navy. This was not a personal vendetta between pirate kings. Once the war started, it would be equivalent to declaring war with a kingdom. But Soran now had such a base and strength because he was the real king of the sea!


Cannons were firing.

When the enemy appeared in their sight, the pirate ship immediately began to attack. It was full of pirates waving weapons and shouting. They threw their hooks and locked on when they were close to the enemy’s warship.

A shadowy figure also moved under the sea.

Not only did the mutant killer whale appear, but there was another twisted giant body. It was a sea snake with three heads, who became Soran’s servant after the incarnation of the Sea goddess came.

“Black flag!…”

“Pirates!… Prepare for battle!…”

The warships in front of them were all flying black flags representing Soran’s fleet. When they realized they had the same number of ships as the enemies in front of them, the navy of the southern island countries wavered.

The nightmares of the past few days seemed to linger in their hearts. Now, they had to face a greater challenge: The entire pirate fleet of the south coast.

Prince Hans stood on the deck with chills with a look of despair on his face; he saw the ghost ship in the distance, which appeared like a nightmare for a while.

“Your Highness!”

The high-grade sorcerer’s expression was also a little panicked. He grabbed Prince Hans next to him and whispered, “Prepare to retreat! We can’t beat the enemies! ”

“Retreat?…” Prince Han’s face was numb, “Where do we retreat to? Back to Arendelle?”

The Sorcerer did not dare to look at the prince. As a high-grade spellcaster, he did not want to lose his life here.

He then whispered to the prince: “I’ll set up a teleportation array on the ship, which can teleport us directly to my tower.”

A teleportation array?

Prince Hans’s expression showed a trace of vitality, but asked, “What about them? We can retreat! But what about these troops? ”

The Sorcerer had a determined look and said, “Your Highness! We can’t care that much right now!”

“When the enemy is near, it won’t be that easy to retreat!”

The pirate army force was strong!

The pirate leaders under Soran were all high-level professions who grew up in the battle. Maybe no one among them had advanced to the legendary realm, but many of them were the leaders of pirates at the beginning, rich in fighting experience. The pirate minions were all roaring with high morale!

The battle on the Raging Sand island had not passed for too long.

For the scene in front of them, they were not afraid; some of the pirates even feel that the strange light would appear again. (Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon.)

Prince Hans stood stiff there.

Finally, he clenched his teeth, handed command to the admiral beside him, and followed the high-grade Sorcerer into the cabin.

Their flank had already been attacked by the monster. If they didn’t run, they would not have the chance.

On another side,

However, the enemy would not let the command ship appear in the front. In this scale of a naval battle, even the most powerful warship would be in the center of the fleet. Only with the ghost ship, a special warship that could dive into the seafloor, could Soran stagger among the enemy.

The battle was still happening on the channel.

But the outcome of the battle was predictable, and no one noticed that on the other side of the channel, dark scaly sea creatures were watching.

“No need to care about them.”

A strange creature, covered in dark blue scales, looked ahead. It had a mouth half the size of its head and a strange blue metal weapon like a trident in its hand. In its vicinity were many similar marine creatures, all of them had dark scales, staying in the sea like an army.

A sneer appeared on the Kou Tao, who looked like the leader, and said slowly, “It’s just a war among the humans!”

“As long as they don’t enter our territory, don’t worry about them. If they dare enter our waters, immediately scuttle all their warships! ”

These sea creatures went into the sea once more.

However, some dark blue figures could be seen faintly outside the channel.