Bursts of cannon resounded over the southern island town. There was a pirate ship with black sails near the port. Hundreds of cannons fired at the city wall at the same time. One round of shooting already resulted in a hole. The fierce cannon fire stopped the defenders from retreating, so they could only find a way to avoid in the corner. There were cries all over the town. The sudden attack terrified the ordinary people who lived in peace.

“Damn it!”

A man wearing noble wear yelled, “Attack! Quickly attack them!”

“How could there be pirates here?”

“Black sail!”

“Aren’t these the men of the Beheader? Why are they attacking us! Are they not afraid of retribution?”

Answering the man was the second round of artillery fire. Along with the great firepower, small rafts were put down from the pirate ship ahead. Groups of pirates then started to go ashore. Some of them jumped into the sea directly and then rushed towards the town ahead. There was a lot of strange noise, and the pirates rushed to the town’s garrison with weapons and began to slaughter the guards there.


“All of you go!”

One-Eyed Jack shouted loudly, “Don’t worry about these ordinary people! Run to the governor’s mansion!”

“Quickly now!”

“Their navy is around the area. We have to be done before they arrive!”

One-Eyed Jack chopped a garrison to death with a sword. He glanced around and then said, “Follow me! This is the residence of the chamber of commerce! Charge! ”

A group of pirates rushed in and fought with the guards there.

The whole town was in battle, but the core of the battle where the nobles and businessmen lived. The slums had not been affected; robbing the poor would get them a few pieces of rotten bread and copper Derahls from their hands. Soon, the residence of one of the chambers of commerce was captured. Among the bloody corpses, two big pirates were carrying a chest. There was another garrison coming to counter-attack, so they immediately took up arms to fight.


The chest fell on the ground, and a piece of gold Derahls and silver Derahls came out at once. The gold coins flittering with light attracted many people’s attention. Then men who seemed to be a little different from the pirates in the main battle rushed over, reached for it, and prepared to put it in their pockets.


A cold light flashed by.

One-Eyed Jack killed the pirate then and there. Then he looked around. His eyes stopped on another group of pirate leaders and yelled, “Have you forgotten the rules set by his Excellency Soran? Anyone who does this again will end up like him! ”

The attacking pirates were two groups.

One group was organized to attack the warehouses and houses in a planned manner. The other group would loot as they moved. Some would even retreat after they got some loot.

The other group of pirates was the small pirate groups that were not under Soran’s command.

“It’s broken into!”

“The warehouse is open!”

Cheers were heard in front, and then another slaughter began. One-Eyed Jack looked around and then told his close companion, “Come with me!”


The door to the warehouse was knocked down, and the treasures appeared in front of them.

They could see boxes of gold and silver as well as all kinds of other goods: food collected as taxes. The southern island country was quite rich, so the whole warehouse was half-filled, and there were many swords and weapons.

“Move everything.”

“Move everything out! Quickly!”

One-Eyed Jack smiled with satisfaction and yelled out, “Is the governor’s residence taken down?”

“Not yet.”

A young pirate replied, “There is a wizard there! We’ve some casualties! Kanado took our men back to let those guys go deal with him first. ”

A Wizard?

One-Eyed Jack heard this and said, “Then let them deal with it. Let’s move the thing from here.”

“The navy will probably come after half a day.”

In the east of the town was a castle built on the hillside. The mansion at the foot of the mountain had been captured, but the nobles who ruled here had retreated to the castle. Without enough firepower support, it was very difficult to capture the castle. After the first wave of attack was defeated by the defenders, the group of pirates had retreated.

An old noble stood on the castle and said, “Where is the Nalor city relief troops? Why are they still not here?”

“These damn pirates! I want to…”


A pirate ship turned it’s position and fired toward the castle. However, because it was out of range, the cannonball had become less powerful.

The battle was still going on!

However, some pirates had begun to retreat in an organized way to transport boxes of gold, silver, and goods back; they even did not let go of the food in the warehouse and carried them back to the warship in sacks. The whole town was in a mess; there were fires in many places and cries everywhere. The scattered fighting continued in some corners.

By the time these pirates retreated, the whole town was almost in ruins, and the only place in good condition was the slums. The other place that was hardly affected was the shrine. Few pirates dared to attack the shrine, so it also became a shelter for the poor. Many old, weak, women and children hid here to seek protection. The power of the gods made people afraid. Even these fierce and cruel pirates dared not attack the temple.

The pirates on the ships cheered, then they fired another round of cannon before leaving the area.

The same thing happened in another place.

The pirate leaders under Soran’s command and the small pirate groups attacked all the cities along the coast of the southern island country. The endless attacks made the army of the southern island country exhausted. Except for a few towns that were not captured, many places were looted. Because the royal navy was out with Prince Hans, they couldn’t even fight at sea. They could only cower in the town and defend passively.

Their naval territory was now ruled by the pirates. Everything was a mess now.

Ultimately, the southern island countries had to give an order to evacuate all the towns along the coast. As long as they were far away from the coastline, the pirates had to go ashore to attack. Once they got ashore, the regular army would have to attack them. And as long as they were far away from the coast, it was not so easy for pirates to retreat. The heavy cavalry from the southern island countries could give them a good run!

However, it seemed that the pirates had no intention of attacking inland.