Abyss Domination

Chapter 386 - Death Walker

A great fire erupted.

With the explosion of the powder kegs in the warehouse, the whole port had turned into a sea of fire, and with the spread of the fire. Some warships caught fire. It seemed that the wind helped the spread of the fire. In an instant, the flames were on more than ten warships. Although the ships were made of wood, it was not so easy to ignite. The sails of the whole ship were the most likely to ignite.


A series of cannon fire was heard, and the dark ghost ship continued to fire towards the port. When the enemy responded and was picking up their anchor, the ship gradually disappeared into the dense fog.

At that time, Soran was nowhere to be found, leaving behind only death, fire, and destruction.

A panicked Prince Hans appeared with a group of escorts. After finding the signs of an assassin, the number of people in charge of protecting Prince Hans doubled. At the moment, Prince Hans’s face was not filled with anger, but fear, a terrible fear after a deep sense of powerlessness. Although there seemed to be only one enemy from the beginning to the end, he still felt like prey trapped on this island.

The fog in the night was like a cage, and they still couldn’t figure out where the enemy was!

“It’s a high-grade Rogue!”

A figure with a veil on his face appeared and fell gently beside Prince Hans. He said in a deep voice, “The killing technique is crisp and sharp. He is likely an Assassin close to the legendary level.”

Soran’s killing methods were very similar to an Assassin.

In fact, in the Underdark, even Rangers would accept Assassin training.

“Are you able to find him?”

Prince Hans continued to ask, “Is he still on the island? Can you find him?”

The masked man standing beside him shook his head and said in a deep voice, “He is proficient in stealth. There is no trace of him nearby. He may have left the island.”

“Your Highness. Such a high-grade Assassin is very dangerous. It’s hard for others to find him. You’d better not leave my sight from now on.”

Prince Hans turned hard and looked at the high-level Sorcerer beside him and asked, “You can protect me, but what about the others?”

“What if he comes every day to kill the others?”

“Your Excellency?”

“Is there a way to find that Assassin?”

The high-grade Sorcerer heard this and pondered for a moment, then said, “If I can find out his general position in advance, I can use my magic to break his stealth. But the whole island is so big that we can’t monitor all the places. It’s easy for him to sneak around. Unless you have an expert in tracking, then we would be able to find him. ”

The fire slowly subsided.

However, the losses they suffered were quite heavy. The leader of the Vrykuls yelled angrily because many of his pirates were killed in their sleep.

This way of dying was shameful to them because they didn’t even see the enemy.

“I can set a few magic traps.”

Looking at the fire around him, the high-grade Sorcerer felt a little nervous, as though someone was looking at him. “But don’t expect too much. This high-grade Assassin should be good at disarming traps too.”

In terms of assassination, the first target would be Prince Hans; the second would be the spellcaster like him.

Thus the spellcaster felt very worried for his head.

In fact, there weren’t that many high-grade Rogues because many Rogues stay at the level of petty theft. If they wanted to advance to a higher level, they must undergo strict training and level up gradually in the killing. The casualty rate of the rogues in an adventure team had always been high because they needed to explore the road, remove traps, and investigate the enemy’s situation. If they failed, then they would be doomed. The number of high-grade Assassins like this was even rarer.

For an Assassin, killing a spellcaster below legendary was an easy task.

Prince Hans stood in the middle of the crowd and asked a nearby naval officer, “How many men have we lost?”

The naval officer looked a little frightened and lowered his voice, “The casualties are not very big. Many of them are Vrykul. Many of our men were on ships. However, our gunpowder had been blown up. I’m afraid there is a shortage of ammunition. There has also been an explosion in the place where the materials are stored, and the estimated loss is not small. ”

Prince Hans smacked his hand into the wall and yelled, “Damn it!”

The battle results were glorious.

Soran stood on the deck and watched the island, which was still burning.

He didn’t expect that the enemy would set up a warehouse for storing gunpowder near the port. The defense there was not strong either, which was great luck. That was why when he left the island, he ignited the powder keg and blew up the whole warehouse. Now, the navy of the southern island countries had been severely damaged. It was estimated that they would have no ability to attack Arendelle, only relying on the materials stored on their warship.

After today, they would probably increase their defenses.

Soran was going to slow down and wait for what was going to happen. As long as the news of the pirate attack on the southern island came back, Prince Hans would not be able to sit still.

After looking at the burning one last time, Soran ordered the ship to turn back.

Today’s gain was huge.

That was because, after so much slaughter, Soran finally got a legendary ability notification.

“Death Walker!”

“Death Walker [legendary ability]: you have become accustomed to death and blood in the process of killing again and again. Ending life for you has become as simple as eating and drinking water. You are ruthless to the enemy. You have ended thousands of lives in your hands; you begin to ignore death. After countless battles, you have awakened the ability, Death Walker, which will make you do not pity the enemy. Even spells would not affect your judgment at all. At the same time, the aura of death will further strengthen your intimidating ability, and form a kind of intimidating influence on all nearby people. Any enemy fighting with you must experience a mandatory Test of Will. Otherwise, they would fall into a state of panic due to fear. [Permanent will + 3, Threat + 50] ”

(Note: You’ve caught the attention of some spirits because you’ve ended too many lives.)

Death Walker.

As Soran killed more than a thousand enemies, he finally got the legendary ability.

And because of the added Threat ability of [Death Walker], Soran Threat ability had become the second only to Sneak. His Threat ability was now 135!

However, more will and Threat were not important. The most important attribute of the ability was the fact that it had a death aura.

This was an invisible energy.

It could be understood as a weaker Dragon aura, making the enemy tremble if their will was low!

This ability could greatly strengthen Soran’s capability to deal with head-on combat if combined with his ability “Fear Gaze,” the ordinary soldier would not have the courage to fight him.

This was a demon-like ability.

High-grade demons would often impose fear on the enemy in the battle. Many times, the demon would not have a chance to win, but because of fear of the demon, they would always win.

Dawn was here.

Before Soran arrived in Arendelle, he hid the ghost ship under the sea while he walked back to the port alone.

He would wait for the news from the south!