Chapter 385: Chapter 31 Soran?!

A cold light appeared.

The patrolling guard slowly fell to the ground, covering his neck. Soran reached for his body before the other party fell to the ground, and then put it in the dark corner. There wasn’t much time. The patrol guards would change shifts every once in a while. When they noticed something unusual or see the bodies, then they would sound the alarm.


Soran watched with no expression, then leaped forward with a slight landing sound, his figure leaping to the roof next door.

He sneaked in and landed around a house.

A room was in the front, and their sailors were snoring.


Soran counted the number of people in the room, and a cold light appeared in his eyes. He pushed the door open gently, and then quickly killed one of them. With a splash of blood, he immediately cut to the others. A cold and merciless sword light appeared. Soran slashed three targets and directly stabbed the enemy’s vital point. Then he rolled forward and cut another three enemies again. In less than three seconds, Soran cut six times in a row, then left six dead bodies in the room.

A limitless Rogue was rather scary because no profession was better at stealth assassination than Rogues, and if they don’t have scruples anymore, the results would be terrifying. If Soran leveled up toward the Assassination route, then it would be a nightmare for everyone on this island!


At night, when the palace was ablaze with lights, Princess Anna sat on the throne, listening to her counsel. Next to her was the fully armed female captain and a witch in a dark blue robe.

Since Prince Hans blocked the port of Arendelle, the guards in Arendelle Palace have doubled. There were numerous sentries on the lookout. The palace witch group had also been summoned to set up magic traps everywhere. Princess Anna was not the elder Princess, after all. With the incredible power of the elder Princess, everything in the palace was under her control. But now the elder Princess was mysteriously missing, so the palace witch had to protect Princess Anna.

“That’s what happened.”

A bearded general with blood on his body wiped the sweat on his forehead and said in a deep voice, “When I noticed something was wrong, I left immediately.”

The hall was quite.

Princess Anna was wearing a pure white lace dress. After listening to the general’s report, she asked, “You mean? There’s a ghost ship nearby? Helping us deal with those enemies? ”

“Yes,” the bearded general nodded and continued, “It did not attack us. So it seems that’s the case.”

People in the hall were obviously not buying his story.

The witch, standing on the right side of Princess Anna, frowned slightly and said, “Ghost ships are mostly wandering undead. Even if they appear, they will not help others. Maybe it happened to be attacking the Vrykul pirates and not you. Maybe it was just a coincidence. ”

The bearded general looked at the witch and said, “I’m afraid someone is controlling the ghost ship.”

“Have your Highness heard of the Beheader?”

The Beheader?

Princess Anna’s face was a little confused when she heard that. Since the mysterious disappearance of the elder Princess, she had been exhausted dealing with the matters of Arendelle. On the one hand, she had to worry about her sister’s safety and find a way to find her. On the other hand, she had to deal with many things in the country. Sometimes she was so tired that she fell asleep on documents, especially after Vrykul pirates ransacked Arendelle’s coast.

Thus she had no idea of what was happening outside of Arendelle.

“The Beheader?”

The only one who heard the name was the ice witch. She was surprised and said, “Do you mean the recently risen pirate king on the south coast?”

“Soran the Beheader!”

“It is said that he has a powerful ghost ship under his command! How could he be here? He’s said to be on the south coast! I’m afraid it’s more than half a continent away! ”


When she heard the name from the witch, Princess Anna was shocked and stood up.


The crystal cup placed next to the throne fell to the ground and was accidentally knocked down by Princess Anna.

Her voice was a little surprised and disbelieving. She murmured, “Soran? You mean his name is Soran? Did he show up? Did he really show up? ”

“Did he come back!?…”

Hearing Princess Anna’s incoherent questions, all the other people on the scene were puzzled. Only the captain standing nearby was surprised. She didn’t know who the Beheader was, or who the pirate king of the south coast was. But she knew the name Soran and even knew it very well because it was mentioned by Princess Anna more than once.

Could it be him?

Princess Anna suddenly thought of something and said worriedly, “No! It’s too dangerous!”

“He’s just one person! Gather the army! I must go and help him! How can he deal with so many enemies alone!…”

Looking at Princess Anna, who was in a state of urgency, the female captain immediately reached out her hand and held her down. She said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, Princess! Maybe it’s just someone with the same name! Besides, if it was him, he would not act rashly! ”

“We should find out more about this matter first.”

Princess Anna gradually calmed down after hearing the words, but her expression became very firm. She said seriously, “It’s him! It must be him! ”

“He said he would come back when I needed him, and he would stand behind me.”

Dragonbone Island.

Under the dark skies, a slaughter was happening.

After some time, a patrol guard finally noticed something was wrong and saw the bodies dragged into the corner.

Alarms rang!

In an instant, the whole island became alerted. Yelling was heard everywhere, telling people to wake up.


“The enemy is here!”


Flustered sounds were heard, but they were drowned out by a series of explosions.


There was a series of explosions near the port. It seemed that the place where the gunpowder was stored was ignited. One after another, the explosion turned the whole port into a sea of fire.

However, this was just the beginning.


In the dark night, a fog appeared in front of the port. Then a black warship appeared from the fog, and dense cannon fire poured out from the warships toward the port.