Abyss Domination

Chapter 383 - Slaughter Everywhere

The undead did not tire.

With bursts of cannon, the undead on the ghost ship moved quickly, pouring in at a rather amazing speed. Soon, three enemy warships sank, and the animated ropes swept out like vipers, strangling the nearby enemies. Soran stood on the deck holding the Elven War Bow, not eager to kill other enemies but shooting arrows accurately to kill the targets trapped by the animated ropes.


The body of the ghost ship shook a little.

After a ferocious round of artillery fire, the enemy finally responded and began to turn around and fight back at the ghost ship. Even if the ghost ship could avoid the attack automatically, it was still hit because the enemy cannon fire was too dense. A hole tore in the broken hull of the ghost ship. It looked like the rotten hull was very strong, only a small hole had been opened. But what happened next subverted the understanding of all the pirates; the souls on the ghost ship wailed, and then the ship’s body, which was hit by the shell, began to repair little by little.

It was like the regeneration of human flesh and blood. The place where the ghost ship was hit was also repairing itself.

That was why the ghost ship was scary.

It would never sink as easily as other warships, but the cost of the repair was a slight decrease in its bound souls.

These souls were part of the ghost ship!

The regenerative ability of the ship was due to these souls.

There were plenty of bound souls on the ship.

In other words, Soran would only worry about the ship sinking if the firepower of the enemy was too great, shredding the ship to pieces.

But the function of the bound souls was very important. Whether the ghost ship could continue to improve its strength depends on the accumulated number of souls. That was why Soran had no intention to keep getting hit.

“Full speed ahead!”

Seeing that Arendelle’s warship was almost out of danger, Soran immediately ordered, “Prepare the ram! Sink the ship ahead! ”

The ghost ship picked up speed.

The sharp ram directly rushed to the pirate ship in front, and then a huge hole appeared on the pirate ship.

The collision ram was the least used equipment of Soran. If it was not close enough, he preferred to use the alchemy cannon.

“Retreat! Turn back!”

With Soran’s order, the ghost ship did not need to be steered at all. She turned its sail directly and moved away.

Soran looked at the Arendelle navy in front and ordered, “Dive!”


The seawater surged in all directions, and the ghost ship sank to the bottom of the sea, leaving behind only ships full of astonished sailors as well as bodies floating on the sea. The enemy’s bodies were all swallowed up by the mutant killer whale. The whole battle process was less than five minutes, and a round of volley of the ghost ship severely damaged these Vrykul pirates. As the ghost ship gradually dived into the sea, the sea became quiet again.


On the warship of Arendelle, the general with a big beard was shocked. After a long time, he murmured, “Ghostship!…Ghostship!… Black sail?!… Deadman’s Voice?… Soran the Beheader? ”

“Is it that south sea pirate king? Why is he here?! Why would he help us fight the enemy?”

His mind was filled with questions.


Prince Hans’s face changed, and he said angrily, “Gone? What about the Vrykul pirates? Are they all dead? ”

They thought they were the cat chasing the mouse. However, after losing contact with several warships in a row, he felt that they had switched roles.

They felt as if there was a shadow in the mist, waiting for the chance to kill them.

Sounds of cannon.


Sounds of battle.

They heard a lot of voices in the fog, but they couldn’t see the battlefield. When they followed the voice, they saw only the blood and the sinking of ships.

They had lost at least ten ships now.

But haven’t even seen the trace of the enemy, only some vaguely saw the huge black shadow in the sea moving.

Fear spread. An unseen enemy was the scariest!

Prince Hans was so angry that he couldn’t help himself, but he couldn’t do anything either. Up until now, he had not noticed the enemy. This damned fog had covered everything up.

Even the Arendelle fleet had gone missing.


The high-grade sorcerer suddenly said, “Your Highness! There’s someone alive there!”

A barrel floated on the sea.

There was a pirate sailor with blood all over his body floating on it. Soran was not a god after all and could not ensure that he would not miss some enemy.


Prince Hans worried and yelled, “Quickly get him on!”

The sailors pulled him up.

Soon someone saved the pirate. His breath was weak. His chest was pierced by wood, and he could not live for long.

“What happened?”

Prince Hans grabbed him and asked, “Tell me what happened?”

The pirate struggled to open his eyes, and fear immediately filled his face. Suddenly he yelled, “Undead!… Black sail!… ghost ship!… Monsters!… They are all dead!…”

“All dead!… All of them are dead!…”

He was incoherent.

But the things he said shook everyone’s heart. All who heard him felt terrified.

They felt as if something was looking at them through the fog.


Prince Hans continued with a tremble in his voice, “Ghostship? A black sail? How is this possible! There shouldn’t be any Ghostships here!?”

How was this possible!

When did a Ghostship appear around Arendelle?

As a person of the sea, of course, he knew the scary legend, something more terrifying than sea monsters, but even until now, few had seen it!

“Your Highness!”

A navy officer beside them swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They lowered their voice and said, “It’s said that where the ghost ship appears, there will be a fog that can’t be dispelled! I’m afraid this place is haunted! ”

“How about we retreat first?”

He was scared. Not only him, but even the sailors on the deck also became terrified when they heard about the ghost ship.

It must be known that those that had been killed by the ghost ship would have their souls bound to it forever.