Abyss Domination

Chapter 382 - The Deadman’s Voice


Continuous cannon fire was heard.

No one noticed that under the calm sea, there were already some dim shadows approaching the warships. With a squeak, a warship of the southern island country suddenly shook. Then a huge black shadow suddenly collided with the ship. The hull of the warship was overturned, and many sailors on it fell into the sea. The fog on the sea became thicker. Although you could hear the noise, it had become less clear in the sound of gunfire.

The Vrykul pirates finally caught up with the fleet of Arendelle. They hooked and boarded their ships then a fierce hand to hand combat ensued.

Sounds of killing and fighting were everywhere!

The sky was covered by the fog. It was hard to master the sense of direction where the ship was sailing in it. At this time, Prince Hans found that he had lost control of the fleet completely. He could only mobilize twenty or thirty warships around him. As long as the distance was more than 500 meters, they were too far away to be seen. Unless they stuck together, it was easy to become lost in this thick fog.

“Damn fog!”

Prince Hans hit the deck heavily and said in a deep voice, “Can’t you disperse it? The other warships are lost, and they wouldn’t be able to see our signal flags.”

The visibility in the fog was now only 10 meters. Everything outside was a blurry figure.

Vaguely they could hear screams. However, they couldn’t tell if it was the fleet of Arendelle or Prince Hans men.

“This is bad! The high-grade sorcerer had a grim expression and said, “That sea monster has come up!”


There was a loud crash in front accompanied by screams of joy from the Vrykul pirates; it seems that they had caught up with the Arendelle fleet.


Cracks were heard from the deck.

The undead, which was wet and covered with seaweed, appeared. They came forward with a grim smile and wielded their blades to reap the enemies who fell into the sea. In the ocean, even people with higher profession levels couldn’t fight these undead who don’t need to breathe. The main battlefield was underwater. Under the dark seawater, a string of animated ropes shot out, which dragged the fallen into the sea after entangling them.

Blood was everywhere.

A slight change had taken place on the body of the ghost ship. There were more souls on the ghost ship sail, and a dark red line loomed on the sail.

The red lines were like blood vessels, something that naturally occurred, not of enchantment.

Soran had a stern expression, focusing to control the ropes on the ghost ship. After harvesting the enemy on one warship, he paused for a moment, then turned to another group of enemies.

But just then, he noticed an Arendelle ship that was on the brink of losing.

The Vrykul pirates were fiercer than the pirates on the south coast. If they were not small in number and overbearing, they would have become the real lords of the sea.

In terms of combat ability, the Vrykul pirates were the strongest of them all!


Soran frowned for a moment, then ordered the undead to come back, and at the same time, controlled the mutant killer whale to rush over.

The fleet of Arendelle still had some use under these circumstances.

With their fleet here, the southern island country fleet would not realize the fact that Soran was here. These warships could at least confuse the enemy’s vision and temporarily divert their attention to facilitate Soran’s actions.

On the sea, spikes were seen coming out of the water.

The mutant killer whale came to the surface and immediately rammed into the Vrykul pirate ship.

There was a great shake.

Many Vrykul pirates who planned to board the enemy warships fell into the sea and were met by a bloody jaw. The mutant killer whale opened its jaws and devoured a group of people.

Five rows of sharp teeth shredded the pirates, leaving no one alive.


Soran looked at the pirate ship coming and immediately gave the orders, “Ready cannon!”

These fast-moving undead trapped in the ship filled the cannons swiftly.

The sea around the area spit open!

In the dense fog, the ghost ship broke through the waves, followed by dull gunfire. Twenty four cannons opened fire continuously, which instantly damaged the pirate ships on both sides. At the same time, the heavy swivel guns fired continuously, puncturing the body of a leading warship on the spot, and then saw a large amount of seawater pouring in.

“What!… What is that?!…”

The Vrykul pirates that were blindsided screamed as they fell into the sea.

No one expected that a warship would suddenly emerge from the bottom of the sea. At the same time, the firepower was so fierce that people had no chance to react.

“Ghost… A ghost ship!…”

Screams were heard. With the appearance of the ghost ship, some people saw its true face through the fog. It was a ship that had been destroyed with a dark ghost sail. The strong death energy spread in all directions, making people feel a chill from the soul as long as they were close to it. A twisted ghost was flying in mid-air, and there were a lot of wails. Standing on the deck were the undead, Sirens, and other angry souls.

Even the fiercest Vrykul pirates felt shivers down their spine.

The horror legend of the ghost ship had already spread all over the world. They may not be afraid of the powerful enemies alive, but they were horrified when they fought with the monstrous undead.


As Soran gave the order, many angry souls flew into the sky and launched toward the enemy.

There was a sea of screams. At this moment, the attributes of the ghost ship were not the same as before!

Name: Ghostship [Deadman’s Voice], [Undead Construct]

Type: [Animated ghost ship]

Description: This is a warship that sank on the reef hundreds of years ago. It woke up in the long years on the seafloor. The souls and grievances gradually assimilated with it, turning it into a ghost ship wandering in the sea. There were many legends about it. At last, it attracted the attention of the believers of the Sea goddess. The legendary priest captured this ghost ship, and then secretly activated it. It had a simple consciousness and will recover itself like the dead. This ghost ship could sail in any sea area. Its power was frightening in the sea! (Note: killing and death would lead to changes.)

Captain: Soran.

Sailors: Drowned (72), Vengeful Sea Spirits (24), Oceanic Ghosts (108), Sirens (12), Undead Weresharks (11), Bound Souls (1105).

Equipment: Howl of the drowned (Collision ram), Cannons (24), Sail (Mutated), Swivel cannons (2).

Basic ability: Summon Fog, Deep sea dive, Animate Ropes, Cursed Ship.

Special ability: [Soul capture].”

The change in the ghost ship happened after the bound souls exceeded 1000; Soran only noticed this recently.

Under the characteristic of the ghost ship, another title appeared, the [Undead Construct].

At the same time, the number of undead sailors on the ship also gradually increased due to the increase of the spirits bound by the ship. The most obvious increase was the Vengeful Sea Spirits and Oceanic Ghosts. And the original “Underwater Navigation” ability had become the current “Deepsea Diving.” The specific effect was not clear to Soran because he had not yet controlled the ghost ship to dive deep into the sea.

Lastly, t

Soran didn’t understand its feature, but with the appearance of this feature, the original [Soul Bound] disappeared.

Previously it had [Soul Bound], but now, there was only [Soul Capture].

Waves of Oceanic Ghosts launched out. These half solid undead creatures had 50% physical attack dodge ability naturally. Even Soran could only deal with the ghosts with holy water previously. Thus these Vrykul pirates would find it harder to deal with them.

“What is that? A ghost ship?!”

On Arendwlle’s ship, the bearded admiral reached out and wiped the blood on his face, then looked forward with a face full of wonder. A ghost ship had appeared on the side of the warship, and it seemed that it was helping them deal with Vrykul pirates. It was a strange thing to see, and he was totally unprepared. However, he soon got hold of himself and began to gather his men to kill the enemy who had boarded the deck. Unfortunately, a ghost ship wouldn’t be able to turn the tides of battle. The most important thing to do for the fleet of Arendelle was to find a way to escape before being surrounded by the enemy.