Prince Hans stood on the deck and looked around. He said in a deep voice, “Why is it foggy in such weather? Your Excellency, Kenloto! Please expel this fog! ”

Standing next to Prince Hans was an old man in a robe who nodded at his words and said, “Yes, Your Highness. The fog is a little strange. ”

A glow of magic appeared.

With the old man’s casting, there was a gust of wind around to disperse the fog on the sea, but soon there was a new fog, which covered their vision, but it didn’t seem to be so rich. The old man standing next to Prince Hans frowned and raised his hand to cast another spell. It seemed that he was a high-grade Sorcerer, so he didn’t need to memorize the spell in advance. In general, wizards rarely remembered such spells.

“This fog is not natural!”

The high-grade Sorcerer named Kenloto had a stern expression and said a deep voice, “It seems like something is summoning the fog. Your royal highness! We may have encountered some sort of sea monsters! ”

Normally a fog would not just appear on the sea in a limited area.

Theregeographical environment nearby was not likely to create fog, so according to the speculation of the high-grade Sorcerer, the strongest possibility was that there was a sea monster that could summon the fog.

“Damn it!”

Prince Hans slammed the deck of the boat and said slowly, “Why is a deep-sea monster suddenly running out here? So the warships and Orion’s loss are all because of it? ”

The high-grade Sorcerer nodded softly and said, “It’s possible. If it was the sea monsters that attack them, I’m afraid they are all in danger. ”

Prince Hans nodded and asked, “Then, are we able to kill it?”

The high-grade Sorcerer beside him pondered for a moment, then turned to the naval officer beside him. After a few questions, he said, “Yes! The Vrykul have some whaling guns on board, and we have some special equipment for dealing with large marine creatures. If we can find it, we should be able to kill it. ”

Prince Hans let out a smile and asked, “But how do we find it?”

“This is the sea. If it’s under the sea, we can’t help. Your excellency Kenloto! Please be sure to deal with this sea monster. Otherwise, I’m afraid our warship will be attacked in the future. It’s a great blow to our morale! ”

The high-grade Sorcerer hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ll try.”

A weak glow of magic was seen.

Soon, in front of him appeared an eye-like thing. Immediately the area became clear.

“I’ve found it!”

The high-grade Sorcerer let out an excited expression and said, “It’s in front! It really is a deep-sea monster!”

A huge shadow figure.

Through the aura generated by the magic, other people on the scene also saw a trace of the figure. It was a very large black shadow, wandering in the front of the seafloor. The figure was probably larger than the largest blue whale. Such a huge shadowy figure was definitely a deep-sea monster. After seeing the huge shadow, Prince Hans showed a smile on his face, but soon he became worried because such a monster was not so easy to deal with.

“Prepare for battle!” The officer beside them quickly ordered, “Ready the whaling cannon! All men prepare for battle!”

The fog in front became slightly thinner.

With the command of the admiral, the fleet was spread out so as to avoid being affected in the event of a battle. The fleet sailed in a fan-shaped formation to deal with this huge sea monster. Only by opening the space could they cause tons of damage to the sea monster. Because of some unknown energy radiation, probably related to the ancient Arcane Empire, there were often mutant creatures in the ocean area. The most common was the giant octopus, so the navies of these southern island countries have had experience dealing with sea monsters.

As though a storm was brewing on the peaceful sea.

The huge dark shadow was locked by the Sorcerer’s magic. Even Prince Hans on the deck was a little nervous. After all, it was not easy to deal with such monsters in the sea.

“Alert!” The warship in front of suddenly shouted. Then someone shouted, “Enemy in front! It’s Arendelle’s Navy! Get ready to fight! Ready to fight! ”


Prince Hans raised his head in surprise when he heard the words, and then he saw a fleet with the flag of Arendelle in front of him. Arendelle had fewer ships than that of them. It seemed that because of the fog in this sea area, they didn’t spot each other until they got closer. After seeing so many southern island warships in front of them, Arendelle’s fleet seemed to be a little flustered, as if to turn around and retreat.

“Destroy them!”

Prince Hans’s expression was excited, and he said in a deep voice, “don’t worry about that sea monster for the moment! As long as we don’t provoke it, it shouldn’t dare to attack so many people.”

“Full speed ahead! Destroy Arendelle’s fleet!”

On the other side.

A general with a big beard was also standing on the top of a large warship. When the fog around him became thinner, his face suddenly changed, and he said in a deep voice, “No! It’s a fleet of southern island nations!

“Damn it. It’s their trap.”

The flare today was too obvious.

Even in Arendelle, he saw it. Although the general suspected it might be a trap. He still decided to lead the fleet to check on the situation. In order to avoid being intercepted by the enemy, all he brought out this time were fast ships. If it wasn’t for this strange fog, he would have seen the enemy far away, but because of the fog’s obstructed vision, they spotted each other only after they got closer. Therefore, the first reaction in his mind was that he had been trapped by the enemy.


Cannons fired.

The first warship to enter firing range, fired continuously. The leading warship of the Vrykul pirates rushed to get on the enemy’s deck. Only the fast ships of pirates could catch up with them. Many of the fleets of the southern island countries were medium-sized warships with fierce firepower. However, Arendelle’s fleet was also quick to respond. With the general’s order, it seemed that they had no intention of fighting with them.

They didn’t have the capability to fight with them.

If a warship wanted speed, it had to give up its firepower. Most of the fast ships don’t even have half of the cannons on a medium-sized warship. For a large warship like the dragonhead warship, it could carry hundreds of cannons. It could be said that if in a face to face battle, even the ghost ship may be destroyed. The warship sent by Arendelle had only twenty-four guns. But Arendelle also had their advantage, that was, Arendelle had a group of Ice Witches.

The fog became thick once more.

The Witches seemed to have made the fog thicker, making it impossible to see outside of 50 meters.

A lot of cannon fire landed on the sea. Arendelle’s fleet was now a vague figure in front. The Vrykul pirates rushed in, and when the distance was about 100 meters away, the navy of the southern island countries could not even see the Vrykul pirate ships.


A naval officer stopped the gunner from filling and said, “those idiots! We might hit them if they are unlucky! ”

Their field of vision they had got smaller.

Blindly firing would likely result in friendly fire, and it was difficult to aim at the enemy unless the distance was shortened to a certain extent.

At the same time, as the navy of the southern island nation was chasing and preparing to annihilate Arendelle’s fleet, a huge shadow rose slowly on the dark seafloor. Near the huge shadow, a ghost ship gradually floated up too. The undead, with a ferocious smile on their faces, rose with the ship under cover of the fog.

A battle was just starting!

The unexpected appearance of the Arendelle fleet did not spoil Soran’s plan.