The dawn came after the storm.

Prince Hans stood on the harbor with a worried face. Anyone would be worried if their fleet went out and did not come back. It had been a whole day since the patrol fleet left yesterday morning. They didn’t know whether it was sunk by Arendelle’s navy or by the storm last night.

Logically, this kind of storm couldn’t threaten the large warships. Last night’s storm would at most overturn some fishing boats.

“Your Highness.”

A fully armed young man came quickly, kneeling on one knee, and said, “There is no news! There’s no clue about the ship that was sent out. ”

Time went on slowly.

Soon, the warships sent out to search today returned to the port one by one, but Prince Hans, who was waiting in the port, glanced at them and, and his face immediately became worried. He frowned and said, “What about the Orion?”

“Didn’t Orion go out today?”

Hearing his inquiry, others also looked at it suspiciously. They didn’t find the Orion warship, but the search warship sent out just came back. Then someone comforted the prince and said, “Your Highness, don’t worry. Maybe the Orion is still in the back. I have told them today not to leave the nearby waters so that they aren’t attacked by Arendelle’s warships. If there is any movement, they will send a signal flare immediately, and you can see it directly from here. ”

Prince Hans nodded at his words, but he still looked worried. Intuition told himself something was wrong.

On the quiet sea, a wrecked ship was sinking a little. Soran stood on the deck of the ghost ship, staring at the sinking warship in front of him. He was playing with something similar to a fireworks tube. It seemed that he was thinking about something. After a while, he shot the signal flare, which rose to the sky, and then exploded very striking fireworks in the air. They could be seen far away, even in the daytime.


Soran looked at the island far away and ordered, “Summon the fog!”

“Prepare for battle!”

The ghost ship gradually dived into the sea, and there was a mist on the nearby sea. However, because of the daytime, the mist only made everything look a little hazy.

On another side.

Near the port of Arendelle, above a towering lighthouse, Princess Anna also looked into the distance with a sad face and whispered, “Have you seen their warship today?”

In order to block the port of Arendelle, the warships of the southern island countries appeared in the nearby sea area once a day.

They didn’t dare to attack the port, only temporarily blockading it.

After all, Arendelle was also a kingdom. No matter how hard the navy would hit, the most basic defense was still there.

Standing next to her was a general with a big beard. He put down his spyglass and said in a deep voice, “I haven’t seen the enemy’s patrol warship, even the Vrykul’s warship.”

Princess Anna frowned and asked, “Did they retreat?”

“Not likely.” the general shook his head and said, “I’m more worried that they want to attack the port. Last time they shelled the lighthouse, but our fleet immediately drove them back.”

“They had twice the number of warships we had. I don’t think they would give up so easily!”

Princess Anna was worried. She hadn’t slept well for a long time didn’t seem to have a good sleep for a long time, and her beautiful face seemed to be a little haggard, murmuring, “If only my sister was here. I’m really useless! ”

The general with the big beard had a bitter expression and said, “It’s my incompetence! If I had noticed their trap, the navy of the kingdom would have the ability to go to war now. ”

“Your Highness’s abilities are without fault!”

“Your Highness has been able to deal with all the kingdoms issues. It’s all because of me…”

Princess Anna waved to stop his words and said, “Don’t blame yourself, general Barca. We didn’t expect them to join forces with the Vrykuls.”

The regular navy of a kingdom actually joined hands with a group of notorious pirates.

This kind of thing was harmful to the reputation of the kingdom. They did not expect Prince Hans of the southern island country to do so.

In those days, many kingdoms jointly issued the “pirate act.”

Arendelle’s prosperous economy was due to the weakness of the pirate force. After all, there were not many pirates like Soran in the world. Most of the pirates were in a chaotic camp and lived entirely by robbing merchant ships.

“Your Highness!”

The bearded general named Barca suddenly raised his head, pointed to the sky in the distance, and said, “Look over there! Somethings happening! ”

A bright flare shot straight to the sky.

The flare was so bright that even Arendelle could see it. It was a specially prepared alchemy item, which could be seen as far away.

Dragonbone Island.

As time went by, Prince Hans’ face became more and more worried. When other warships returned, he still didn’t see Orion. “Spotter? Haven’t you seen Orion yet? “asked the prince.

“Your Highness!” the general pointed at the sky and said, “Look! A flare!”

“Something’s happening over there! It must be a flare from Orion!”

When Prince Hans heard that his whole body was shocked, he immediately ordered, “Summon the fleet to sea! Ask the Vrykul to set out together! ”

A patrol fleet disappeared last night, and another warship did not return today. It was why he ordered his fleet to go out.

The fleets of the southern island countries gathered quickly, and the long-standing navies boarded the ships and went to sea. The Vrykul pirates also appeared in the port. Their number was only half of that of the navy, but most of them looked fierce. A big man wearing a bull horn helmet said a few words to Prince Hans, then boarded a leading warship. Maybe because the ship missing was not a Vrykul ship, the expression of Vrykul pirates was indifferent. Only less than one-third of the pirate ships went to sea.

However, there were still hundreds of warships sailing toward the position of the flare.

In the blue water, Soran’s hair danced with the current. He watched the sea quietly, waiting for the enemy to appear.

Reaping heads was undoubtedly the fastest way to gain Slaughter EXP, especially in the southern island countries, where many of the navies were advanced professions. In just last night’s battle, he gained nearly 50000 Slaughter EXP because many enemies died in the hands of the undead and mutant killer whale. With this progress, he would probably enter the realm of legend after eliminating the navy of Prince Hans.

Soran now had a total of 230000 Slaughter EXP in reserve, which he could use to level up the profession Shadow Dancer.

This time, he didn’t save the Slaughter EXP but directly raised the Shadow Dancer level to level 6.

“Gain 32 (agility 26 + (intelligence 22-10) × 0.5) skill points, and increase HP by 14 (professional life 8 + (physique 22-10) × 0.5).”

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now Level 6.”

“Received 32 [DEX 26+ (INT 22-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 14 [Profession HP 8+ (CON 22-10)*0.5].”

At this stage, Soran’s growth would slow down, because he had entered a bottleneck period, that was, the field of quasi legend.

It was only when he broke through the field of legends that he would get a big promotion. At that time, he would master the profession rewards of [Reflex Danger Sense], [Reflex Evasion Proficiency], and [Mental Flexibility]. The legendary realm was another level. After entering the legend field, Soran could then further master the legendary combat skills [Shadowstep] and the legendary ability [Shadow Realm].

After entering the realm of legend, the most obvious professions that get a boost of power were the Fighters and Barbarian, because at that level, they would get the ability [Epic Toughen].

After the appearance of this ability, they would become superhuman!

In general, the Saints would have more than 500 health points, which could only be achieved by Fighters and Barbarians among all the professions.

When [Epic Toughen] is maxed out, this would give an additional 300 HP.

It was such an abnormal vitality that they could bathe in magma. As for other professions, it would take a long time of training after the realm of legend to become powerful, especially for spellcasters, to learn and master the legendary spells. After the legendary realm, the ability of the Rogue to fight close quarters would be weaker to the traditional melee professions, so mastering the ability [Shadow Realm] was the key to dealing with them.

Soran had already got the notification once.

After two more notifications, he would be able to master [Shadow Realm]. By then, he could try to escape across planes no matter which powerful enemy he encountered.

As he got closer and closer to the realm of legend, the Slaughter EXP needed for upgrading his class had been multiplied. His current career level was “Level 10 Commoner (Max)/ Level 7 Rogue (0/186500)/Level 6 Shadow Dancer (0/215000)/Level 10 Wizard (0/148500) [Grade 4]”

He was just short of two profession levels to the realm of legend!

However, these last two levels were also the most difficult because he may need nearly 450000 Slaughter EXP, and there was a gap of nearly 400000 EXP. If, according to the harvest of last night’s battle, he would at least need another nine of such battles.

In other words, he would need to at least sink 50 warships of the southern island country.