Abyss Domination

Chapter 379 - A Storm Coming

There was only one day of clear skies.

On the second day, the atmosphere was covered once more by dark clouds. It was as though it was going to rain.

Soran stood on the mast of the ghost ship, looking at the billowing sea in front of him. There was a huge dark shadow on the side of the ghost ship. He gazed silently at the front as if waiting for something. Soran had always been a patient person, so he waited very quietly, only looking up to the sky occasionally.


Lightning slashed through the skies.

With the roar of thunder, a drop of rain fell. At first, it was only light rain, but soon it became a torrential rain.


Soran finally smiled, but it was cold and cruel. With a gentle wave of his hand, the undead on the deck quickly moved. In the eerie whisper of the Sirens, the ship began to descend, and the whole ship gradually sank to the bottom of the sea. Seawater flooded the deck, Soran came to the rudder position, and then let the water from all around to completely submerge himself. When the ship finally sank to the bottom of the sea, he looked up at the sky. The wind and waves on the sea were more prominent, and there was a fantastic lightning stroke in the sky.

Storm shrouded in this area of the sea, countless strikes of lighting crossed the skies. It seemed that the storm had only started.

The sea was rough, but the bottom of the sea was calm.

The deep dark sea couldn’t hinder Soran’s vision. The ghost ship had submerged hundreds of meters under the sea. He was calculating the position of the enemy as he had collected a lot of information before he set out.

With his current reputation as the pirate king of the south sea, the thieves’ union would rather offend the southern island countries than offend him.

“Rise 300 meters!”

Soran looked around. There was a reef in front of him and some fish in the sea. But because of the energy of death, almost all the fish didn’t want to be near the ghost ship. The mutant killer whale was around the ship, guarding it. Although the north sea was not as dangerous as the south, there were also some deep-sea giants, and these deep-sea giants seemed to ignore the blessing of the Sea Goddess. There were other gods in the world who were involved in the portfolio of the sea. For example, the gods believed by the Vrykul were involved in the field of the sea.

The Vrykul believed in a barbaric god.

The god is also the only one with the title ‘Pirate God’, but few pirates other than the Vrykul believed in him.

This title arose because the Vrykul were natural-born pirates, relying on plundering to survive.

“Rise 100 meters!”

Soran watched the surrounding environment and watched the movement on the sea. After he had risen to the height where he could vaguely see the surface of the sea, a cold light appeared in his eyes, and he ordered in a deep voice, “Summon the mist!”

“Scuttle their warships!”

Under the dark sea, a

A bolt of lightning crossed the skies, while the waves rocked the ships.

“Damn it!”

A middle-aged man dressed in navy clothes swore, then grabbed a corner of the boat and shouted, “Work harder! When we get back to the port, I’ll invite you to drink!… ”

“This damn weather.”

“I already said the storm wouldn’t be over so soon. There was no need to patrol the seas in this weather.”

A wave hit the ship.

The body of the warship shook, and seawater washed up on the deck, which made a sailor unsteady and hit the barrel. However, he was not seriously hurt, but he frowned and trembled with pain.

“Where is South?”

The middle-aged man looked around. He didn’t know when the fog appeared around his ship. He couldn’t help swearing again, “This damn weather! There’s a fog forming in the storm!? ”


“Lit the fires and stay close to the convoy.”

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to have fog in such a storm, so the middle-aged officers, who had been wandering on the sea all year round, intuitively knew something was not right. He shouted, “Everyone, stay alert! This fog is weird! We may have encountered a sea monster! ”

“Ah!” Just as he said that a sailor screamed out.

Hearing the scream, the others were suddenly frightened. The middle-aged officer immediately shouted, “What are you yelling at? What did you see? ”


The ship suddenly shook. Many people on the deck fell. Another sailor almost fell out of the ship and was caught by a rope.

“Black…black shadow!”

The sailor who shouted at the beginning was frightened and said, “what a big black shadow!” Bigger than our ship! Under the water… I couldn’t tell what it was… But there’s something under the sea! ”

The middle-aged officer was slightly scared when he heard this. He murmured, “We’re not that lucky, are we?”

The body of the ship shook once more.

All of them could now see that there was a huge black shadow wandering in the fog. The reason why the boat swayed was that it hit it.

“Bad!… Bad news!…”

Another scream came out, and a wet sailor ran out and shouted, “The cabin!… There’s water coming into the cabin! ”

The ship shook again, and a sailor was thrown directly into the sea with a scream. He could only make a shrill wail, and then he disappeared into the rolling waves.


The storm seemed to have gotten bigger, and the warship was tossed and shaken in the waves, which made it look like a boat that could turn over and sink at any time.


The sound of the keel breaking came from the ship’s body, and then the ship shook greatly. Finally, it flipped in a huge wave and sank to the bottom of the sea.

On the surface of the sea.

A sharp and incomparable bone spur emerged, while vaguely, they could also see a dark shadowy ship under the sea.


“Please help!…”

The sunken warship didn’t kill these sailors immediately. Many of them were low-level professions. Their tenacious vitality enabled them to swim up after sinking into the sea. However, at this time, black ropes came out of the sea. The black figure on the bottom of the sea became clearer and clearer. Ropes twisted and tightened around the sailors who fell into the sea, then dragging them deep into the ocean. Vaguely, there was some seaweed like human monsters around. They came to the sailors with a ferocious smile and ruthlessly killed them like fish in a net.

Dragonbone Island.

This was an island occupied by the Vrykul pirates. It was said that a dragon was once buried here, so it was called Dragonbone Island.

The island was not very large; it was estimated that it was not the size of Snake Island, but there was a semi-natural port because a steep mountain wall blocked the howling sea wind. There was a lighthouse built on this island. Any port city would have a landmark lighthouse, which was used to guide the direction of ships.

“Why haven’t they come back?”

At the top of the lighthouse, a young man dressed as a nobleman frowned at the distance and said in a deep voice, “They should have been back.”

A bolt of lightning crossed the skies.

Lightning lit up the distant sea. Waves on the sea were getting bigger and bigger.

“Your Highness.”

Behind the young man was an old man with a white beard. He was wearing a fine robe and said in a deep voice, “I’m afraid they are in trouble because they haven’t come back!”

Prince Hans’s expression suddenly changed when he heard the words. He said with a scarred face, “A standard patrol fleet, a large warship, and three frigates. Even if they were in trouble, how could they not come back? Did Arendelle’s fleet attack them? ”


“We’ve dealt a great blow to the Arendelle navy with the help of the Vrykul pirates.”

This was a battle he was proud of.

First, he let the Vrykul attract the attention of Arendelle’s navy, letting them think they were just pirates coming out to plunder. But what they didn’t expect was that they encountered the main navy of the southern island country near Dragonbone Island, that was, the fleet led by Prince Hans.

Needless to say, in the face of nearly twice as many enemies, Arendelle’s navy was almost annihilated.

Arendelle was so devastated that it was difficult to regroup their fleet to sea.

Around the port, with waves after waves, a broken piece of a ship deck gradually drifted to the edge of the port. The nearby garrison seemed to find it, shouting.

There were also other pieces floating nearby.


Another stroke of lightning crossed the skies.

Under the dark clouds, the waves on the sea were even more amazing. In the deep night, there seemed to be a terrible monster, silently watching the island, waiting to swallow everything above it at any time.