Abyss Domination

Chapter 378 - Adele’s Ambition

Snake Island.

With Soran’s orders, the whole south coast pirate community was working. The southern island country belonged to the coastal principality. Although it was not as rich as Arendelle, it was also much better than other places. Also, after Soran unified the south coast, private looting was strictly prohibited. Many small and medium-sized pirate groups had no business recently, so they had no choice but to follow the fleet controlled by Soran behind the scenes. Although the profits of the outer island routes and the eastern sea routes were quite high, the round-trip was also very time-consuming. Especially, the eastern sea routes, which took four to six months for a round trip. The profits earned by sailing for half a year were no more comfortable than robbing a merchant ship.

Some liked to live a normal life. However, others liked the adventure.

Many people responded to the call of the pirate king very quickly. Even those who were not interested in it were of the idea of flattering Soran planned to send some people to fight. Anyway, the navy of the southern island country was still in Arendelle, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the regular army; their task was to harass the coast. When the navy of the southern island countries came back, they would sneak away. Most of the pirates had fast ships, so they were not afraid of getting caught up by the navy.

However, Some also had other thoughts when they heard this order.

On the second night, in one of the Shipwreck Bay’s strongholds, several other pirate leaders under Soran’s command gathered here.

“Adele Isabella.”

Scarface frowned and looked at the other pirate leaders present. He said in a deep voice, “Why did you call us here secretly?”

It was not only him.

In addition to Scarface, there were One-Eyed Jack, Giant, Housekeeper, and so on. Other than the half-elf first mate, half of the other pirate leaders came. As for the invitation of the red-haired female pirate, other people didn’t seem to understand what she wanted. Thus they looked at her suspiciously.

“I’ve called you guys over to discuss something.”

Adele Isabella, the red-haired female pirate, looked at the pirate leader and said, “His Excellency had given the order to attack the southern island country this time. In the order, he told us to act on our own initiative, focusing on harassing the coasts of the southern island countries and then try to weaken their strength. ”

“That’s why I have a bold idea!”

The red-haired female pirate waved her hand and asked someone to take out a map, then pointed to a mark on it and said to the other pirate leaders, “This is the capital of the southern island country. This is their coastline.”

“This is the west coast route.”

“From here to here, unless we went into the territory of the dark tide Kou Tao, you will surely pass near the dark tide canyon.”

After saying this, he turned to look at the others.

Being able to be promoted to the rank of the pirate leader by Soran was not easy. The pirates here weren’t stupid. Soon, someone guessed her idea, and even if they didn’t, they understood something.

“If we attack the southern island countries, their navy will surely come back to defend!”

The red-haired female pirate, with a calm expression, said in a resolute voice, “The order sent back by Lord Soran is very firm. It seems that he has reached important strategic cooperation with Arendelle.”

“So, if we can expand the outcome of the war, his excellency may be very satisfied!”

One-eyed Jack listened quietly and played with the dagger in his hand. When she stopped, he said slowly, “You mean? You want us to ambush the southern island navy in the dark tide canyon? We don’t have much chance against a proper navy, you know!”

The red-haired female pirate turned to look at him and said slowly, “We have at least 60% of winning. As for the equipment, we are not weak compared with the regular army. As for combat effectiveness, all of our men are elites that were born from slaughter. The navies of the southern island countries are trained only a few times a month, while we drift on the sea all year round. We have a better chance of fighting. ”

“If the navy of the southern island countries can be severely damaged or even eliminated, it will be all our territory from here to here.”

The pirate leaders went into deep thought.

One of them looked up at the map and said, “Why not invite Casa(Half-elf first mate)? He’s strongest among us with his elite troops! ”

The expression of the red-haired female pirate was a little stiff, then she said calmly, “Because his status and power are high enough.”

“Plus, he has to threaten the capital of the southern island countries. He is in charge of the eastern sea route. If he completes this mission, as the commander in chief of the dragonhead warship, he will get more credit than any of us here. If we succeed here, then the sea routes from the Shipwreck Bay to the west coast, the southern island countries, and possibly even to Arendelle, will be included in our territory.”

“I think these territories should be given to the people who have done the work.”

“What do you guys think?”

Hearing the words of the red-haired female pirate, all the other pirate leaders on the scene were lost in contemplation.

Yes, the half-elf first mate had too much power.

He was already in charge of the most affluent eastern sea route, and his warships were a lot more than them. If he was credited for this mission again, according to the style of Soran, it was likely that the half-elf first mate will take care of the territory near Shipwreck Bay. The pirate leaders always wanted to have a bigger territory and a higher reputation. If they could take the west coast, they would be able to open up the trade route to Arendelle, which was also a rich territory.

To have more, they would need more credit.

From the north of the Shipwreck Bay was a big cake. If they took it down, many of them could become the pirate leaders in charge.

“What’s the plan?”

The first person to speak was Scarface. In the beginning, his strength was greatly reduced due to the fall of Snake island. Even after he defeated the pirate king Ashrod, his territory was still the least among other pirate leaders present. So he was the first to respond to the plan of the red-haired female pirate, and said, “It’s not so easy to deal with the regular navy! We must have a detailed plan of operations! ”

The red-haired female pirate let out a smile, then turned to other pirate leaders.

Obviously, many were interested.

The gains of the west coast were big enough. Their status was no better than that of the half-elf first mate, so they all wanted to get a cut. Now that there was an opportunity, they felt excited.

Who was the half-elf first mate?

At that time, he was just a sailor under the red-haired female pirate’s command. Because of Soran’s promotion, he became the first mate of a ship.

And now?

He was in charge of the eastern sea route alone. There were now thousands of pirates under his command, and there were hundreds of warships, large and small. It was not an exaggeration to say that there were thousands of people under one man. The other pirate leaders in the scene were all the first and second leaders of a pirate force at the beginning.

Soran’s method of dealing with infighting was quite cruel. If they wanted to defeat the half-elf first mate, they had to make greater contributions.


Three days had passed, and Soran’s figure appeared once more at the port.

On this day, Arendelle seemed to be a little different because there was a strange fog near the port, which made other people feel a little surprised; it even shocked some palace witches, but they didn’t find anything. The port was quite peaceful today. Everything seemed to be the same as before. Only at the bottom of the sea, there was a huge dark shadow approaching gradually, and finally staying in some place, as if waiting for someone to come.

Soran slowly walked toward the sea.

He stepped into the shimmering sea. When he got closer to the deeper sea, a huge dark shadow appeared around his feet. The first thing that came out of the sea were sharp bones, and then a huge ferocious back. Soran stood on the head of the mutant killer whale, and as it swam, they gradually entered deeper waters.


The water in front was divided into all directions. A dark mast rose from the bottom of the sea. Then the ghost ship, Deadman’s Voice, rose from the bottom of the sea.

The surrounding mist became even thicker!

After the war with the pirate king Ashrod, the ghost ship seemed to have gained some improvements. The number of souls bound to it had increased a lot, but there was no more obvious variation. It seemed that the energy of death was not strong enough. The ghost ship was somewhat of a Construct, that was to say, it also had the potential to become more powerful.

Soran’s figure came out from the water and landed on the deck of the ghost ship.


He landed gently on the deck, then lifted his hand and took off his black cloak. He said, “Full speed ahead!”


The undead sprang into action, the sail automatically opened, and the ship sailed with a very fast speed to break the waves ahead. There were strange wails, as souls appeared around the ship, moving around the ship like ghosts, making the speed of the ship even more amazing!

This was a battle of one man.

Soran was going to pick a fight with the navy of the southern island country and the Vrykul!