Soran linked the four sites with a line, and he drew a line to the Deepwater Port in the north. The north was in the northwest of the mainland, and the Frost Kingdom was the real north. The west coast was the rebellious principality, and this route was of little value because it belonged to the territory of the dark tide Kou Tao; the pirate forces were mainly concentrated in the northwest.

Soran drew one like connecting Shipwreck Bay and Deepwater port.

The southern islands were close to the south pole.

Even though this realm was not like earth, the north and south pole was still cold.

The southern islands were like the outer islands but were somewhat like Indonesia.

It was similar to the small land plate countries near the Pacific Ocean, which used to be part of the continent, but later due to the huge destruction, land migration occurred. From the southern islands southward, there was an endless icy land. It used to be a vast continent, and now it was covered with blue ice. There were not many people living in this land, but there were many undead, a kind of intelligent species with bright blue light in their pupil.

They were horrific creations during the Arcane Empire.

Soran had not gone to the poles but had read information about them.

“Shipwreck Bay, Deepwater port, Southern islands.”

Soran drew a line, followed by a line from the southern islands, along the west coast to Arendelle.

His eyes lit up, and he said in a deep voice, “the supply can keep up with it. I can get the supplement from the Deepwater port through Gloria’s authority, and then attack the southern island countries directly from the west coast!”

Soran was not an indecisive person.

Since Prince Hans of the southern island dared to attack Arendelle, he had to pay a heavy price!

Soran looked at the map in front of him.

Lastly, he drew a cross somewhere around the capital of the southern islands.

Cross ocean expedition!

The main forces of the southern islands blocked the port of Arendelle. Soran did not believe that there was enough naval fleet in the southern islands.

To support Arendelle from the south coast was too far.

It was crossing a large distance. However, it was possible to attack the southern islands from Shipwreck Bay.

It was also time for war!

With the help of this expedition, the northwest coastline along the north coast would also be directly included in his territory.

Soran stood there for a long time, pondering. At last, he collected the map and turned to walk outside. He was in Arendelle now. If he wanted to mobilize the fleet on the south coast, he would need wizard means. He had not mastered spells of communication, so he needed to rely on the strength of the witch in the north. There were three days before the launch, so he had time to prepare.

Three days had gone.

Inside the hall of Snake island, Soran’s pirate leaders gathered.

“This is an order from his Excellency.”

Adele Isabella, the red-haired pirate, looked at the others, then took out a sealed document and said in a deep voice, “The message was transmitted by the witch council! There should be no mistake! ”

The half-elf first mate was also there.

However, he was now the leader of the eastern sea route, with hundreds of warships under his command. Soran’s promotion of him seemed to have turned him into the second leader of the pirate group.

Of course, this was not counting Vivian and Gloria.

The two had no interest in the internal power struggle of the pirates. Their centers were all in the outer islands, but their status was superior.

After all, they were two very powerful spellcasters!

“What orders!?”

The half-elf first mate directly reached for the document and then opened the seal on it. His actions made the red-haired pirate a little displeased, but she forced her patience. The half-elf first mate had made contributions several times in a row. His reputation in the pirates was higher than that of her. This kind of behavior did not make other people dissatisfied but made the red-haired female pirate, who once was the second in command, very uncomfortable.


The half-elf first mate took a quick look, and then a little excited and bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face. He said in a deep voice, “His Excellency wants us to attack the southern islands!”

He passed the document to the others, and soon the others looked through it.

The orders were simple.

Mobilize the fleet of port Tylon, Snake island, and Shipwreck Bay to attack the southern islands. Sail from the west coast route to the Deepwater port, then get supplies from the witch council. Cut off the route of the southern islands, loot, and harass the coastal cities of the southern islands. The message also named to let half-elf first mate take the dragonhead warship and attack the capital of the southern island country. However, it was not a real attack, but only a feint that would make them feel threatened. The task was to seize the west coast and force Prince Hans to withdraw from Arendelle.

“His excellency has given an enlistment order!”

The red-haired female pirate took a look at the others and said in a deep voice, “All the pirates on the south sea can act together. The loot won’t need to be offered. All of the loot would become their loot.”

The south coast had the most pirates.

Because of natural sea route problems, it made the south coast pirates very active.

These pirates were not all under Soran’s control. As the pirate king, Soran only controlled the largest pirate group. There were many large and small groups of pirates on the south coast. These pirates lived and ate in Soran’s territory. They couldn’t plunder merchant ships freely and had to give a percentage of their loot.

Under normal circumstances, this would be split into 70, and 30 percent of their loot would have to be given to Soran.

Soran had given enlistment orders.

In the name of the pirate king, he ordered other pirate groups to fight together.

All the booty would belong to them while they attacked under Soran’s name. In the future, if the southern island countries wanted to take revenge, they could only go to Soran to fight.

They would not be able to take revenge on these small pirate groups.

This was equal to a chance of blatant robbery. They were responding to the call of the pirate king, and would not have to bear the consequences of this attack. In other words, Soran would bare most of the responsibility.