Under the twilight, a

Arendelle’s prosperity was supported by trade and taxes.

As the navy of the southern kingdom blockaded the port, the trade in Arendelle was wholly cut off. Many ordinary civilians lost their jobs in the port and had to find another way to make a living. There were a lot of goods piled up near the tavern and hotel. There were hundreds of merchant ships here every day. Once all of them were blocked here, many products couldn’t be transported out. Many in the city were complaining. The businessmen would not think so much; they only hoped that the war would end as soon as possible.

Soran pushed open the tavern door.

In the evening, the weather suddenly changed. It rained heavily all of a sudden. It was around summer already, and a storm was natural.

The rain melted the snow, and soon this icy kingdom would be covered in greenery.

“Damn bastard!”

A drunk man raised his head and looked at Soran; a cold wind came in because he pushed the door open. He scolded, “Close the door quickly, or I will throw you out.”

Soran came to him, expressionless, then stretched out his hand and pinched his neck. Then the man of more than 200 pounds was lifted easily by him and threw into the smelly ditch outside the pub. At last, the tavern was quiet. Other people looked at Soran suspiciously, and some people who looked like adventurers looked at him thoughtfully as if they were speculating about his class.

“A glass of your finest rum.”

Soran shook his cloak and ordered the best rum, but it wasn’t for himself, it was on the opposite side of the seat.

He tapped his fingers and waited, and the others quickly returned to their conversations.

Soran only threw out a drunk with a bad mouth. No one cared too much about this kind of thing. Only adventurers were very interested in Soran.

Roughly thirty minutes later.

The door of the tavern was opened again. A cold man with scars on his eyes came in. He was about thirty years old. After a sharp glance at the tavern, he sat directly opposite Soran.

“Your excellency.”

The man handed a document under the table and said, “This is what you wanted.”

“Good,” Soran nodded.

Then he tossed a diamond, pointed to the rum on the table, and said, “That’s for you. When did the thieves’ union begin to record my data? ”

The man hesitated for a moment. However, after seeing Soran’s look, he looked away and said, “Last year October.”

“We collect any information that is of value. Your excellency has always been someone we focused on.”

Soran nodded gently but didn’t show any expression.

He got up, took a look at the man in front of him. Then he said, “Let your leader come to see me sometime. I want to talk to him about something.”

After saying that, he turned and walked out.

The rain made the port even more lifeless.

Piled up goods were placed near the warehouse. After the port was blocked, these goods could be transported out. These goods could probably only be sold at a low price or kept for a short time. On the side of the pier was a low shack. Even the rich Arendelle had a group of poor people. Many strong men were sitting under the eaves. Most of them were coolies of the wharf, relying on selling their strength to support their families. Now that the wharf had no work, these people could only sit here.

Soran, who was walking in the rainstorm, was a bit striking.

People looked at him curiously to see what the man who looked like an adventurer was going to do.

Because of the heavy rain, the patrol guards were sheltering from the rain, so in the night, no one disturbed Soran’s work. He came to the edge of the wharf step by step, and then stood in the sea. Soran pulled out a dagger that slightly reflected the light of gold, and then cut his palm a little. Drops of blood fell into the sea. When Soran put his hand into the sea, an invisible magic aura spread.

“What happened over there?”

A boy of fifteen or six years old at most shook his head, then rubbed his eyes and said, “Did you see that? It looks like a light spreading out! ”

The others around the boy answered that they didn’t see anything.

“Is it just me?” The boy’s expression was a little disappointed. He scratched his feet and stared at the sky.

Deepwater Port.

On the sea, which was located tens of kilometers away from the port, there was a sudden wave. Then the sea separated to the left and right, and a dark mast rushed out of the sea. The ghost ship sail spread rapidly, the body of the ship broke through the waves, and the undead on it began to work. With the cold chill in the night, a mist spread out in the nearby sea area, and then the ghost ship sailed in the direction of Arendelle at an extremely fast speed.

It felt Soran’s call!

As a legendary ship, it could steer itself to the destination.

Snake Island had been completely reconstructed. This island was now a transfer island, supporting the materials needed for the outer island trading.

On the silent sea, a huge dark shadow gradually rose. The first thing to appear was ferocious, sharp bones, and then black scales. This huge sea monster emerged on the sea, stayed in place for a moment, and then seemed to feel some kind of call. It swam towards the north sea, its huge body once again dived into the bottom of the sea, and advanced at speed far faster than any warship.

Its master was calling it!

The fresh blood told it where its master was; even if it was thousands of miles away, it could still track it.

Arendelle port.

Soran slowly took back his palm. The wound on his palm was almost healed. He looked at the sea in the dark, then turned to the palace of Arendelle and murmured, “Three more days.”