Abyss Domination

Chapter 375 - A Rude Request

The light of the morning sun slowly crept up.

Yesterday’s luxurious mansion turned into ruins. The young priestess was negotiating with a middle-aged man who looked like a guard captain. She had taken out a badge representing the Dawnlight, and the badge certificate assigned to her by the Glory temple. In the eyes of ordinary people, the Glory temple had a high position because they were all on the side of good and justice, no matter what. There were many corpses of vampires in ruins.

Soran, in the meantime, sat on a roof and toyed with an emblem that he found from the Unseen. It was engraved with a huge Beholder, but unlike other beholders, all its eyes had been cut off. The eyeballs on its tentacles were cut off one by one. Even the huge eye in the center of the body was dug out by cruel means. It opened its mouth and stared at the front with a big mouth. There was a twisted mass of flesh and blood around its empty and bloody eyes, as well as something that could not be said.

“Evil Eye?”

Soran carefully observed the emblem and murmured, “The Unseen was the Evil Eye! Who defeated this challenge rating 25 monster? And cut out its eyes? It seems like it’s gone on the path of evil? ”

The Evil Eye was a very scary monster that was more powerful than the Dead Eye–Both of which were mutant forms of the Beholder.

There were very few in the entire universe.

Although Soran had encountered an Unseen in the past, it was his first time getting hold of such a unique emblem. The Rogue should be a core member of the Unseen organization.

A monster level 30 creature trying to become god would surely wild up troubles.

In history, no Beholder had succeeded in becoming a god. Soran was not sure whether this guy had succeeded, because no one had seen the true form of this evil being.


When the young priestess had finished speaking with the city guard, Soran came down from the roof.

“It’s done.”

The young priestess’s expression was somewhat strange. She looked at Soran and said, “We have sent someone to inform the witch council. I think someone will come to deal with it soon. They probably don’t want the vampires in their territory.”

Soran nodded and tossed the emblem to her.

“You’re going?” the young priestess asked.

Soran smiled and answered, “Yes. I have other matters to attend to.”

“En,” she nodded and said, “Hope we’ll meet again. I do miss Vivian.”

Soran smiled.

Then he turned around and walked out of the town. Killing so many vampires and Unseen believers, some of whom were nobles, would require them to explain to the witch council. They had to stay and explain everything to the witch council before they could leave. Otherwise, the witch council will probably be furious because of the death of a noble. Even the people of the Glory temple dared not easily offend these powerful witches.

Soran didn’t have time to wait here.

They needed to wait for at least three days to finish the job.

Leaving after creating this mess could only lead to greater confusion. There were many small matters that needed to be dealt with.

However, this was also trouble for vampire believers!

Soran went through the northland.

With the aid of the spell Fly, he went through the mountain range and came to a cold kingdom.

The snow and ice here still did not melt.

Soran went on the path he recalled and came to a small town near Waterdeep. Previously he had passed by here too.

Winter-Spring was the town’s name.

It was a town between Waterdeep and Arendelle, with thousands of people. After a few days of camping, Soran was ready to spend the night here, so he went straight to a tavern after entering the town. People seemed anxious. It had only been a few months’ time, and it seemed that the atmosphere of panic had also spread to this cold world. The town guard stopped Soran and asked him a few questions before warning him not to cause trouble.

“Seems like something had happened!”

Soran saw a tense look on the guard’s face. After entering the tavern, he wanted to hear what had happened here.

In fact, the news had already spread.

It’s just because of the distance, so Soran didn’t get the news on time after all the Frost Kingdom was very far from the south coast.

What Soran had worried about had finally happened.

Without the protection of the elder princess, Aendalle’s wealth brought disaster to them. About a week ago, shortly after Soran received the news from the Frost Kingdom, Arendalle was attacked by the enemy. Not only the Vrykul pirates, who were stationed overseas in Iceland but also the other southern principalities, had launched attacks.

The port of Arendelle had been locked down.

The war had not yet fully erupted. The fleet of the southern island countries only joined forces with the Vrykul pirates to ambush the warships of Arendalle, thus temporarily cutting off the routes of Frost Kingdom.

A blocked port was a precursor to the outbreak of the war. When the news spread, even other places were affected.

The tavern was filled with discussion. There were some businessmen complaining that after the port was blocked, all the goods could not be transported out. But more discussion was about how Princess Anna of Arendelle would deal with the crisis,

“Hey!… Have you heard?…”

A bearded businessman who had obviously drunk a lot belched and looked at other people, “It is said that the man who led the fleet to block the port of Arendalle is a prince of the southern island country.”

“This shameless pirate had made a rude request after blocking off the port!…”

A request?

Soran, who was sitting in the corner, could not help frowning at the words. He looked at the middle-aged businessman who was deliberately holding back from telling the story. Soran got a gold Derahl out and tossed it over. He then said in a deep voice, “What’s the request? I don’t like to hear people beating around the bush, or I’ll wring your neck! ”

The middle-aged businessman quickly reached for gold coin, then swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, “I also heard this from others.”

“That prince of the southern island seems to be called Hans!… He sent messengers to say If Princess Anna promised to marry him, he would order the blockade of Arendalle to be lifted. Otherwise, none of Arendalle’s ships will go out! ”


The glass in Soran’s hand broke. A cold murderous aura appeared on his face. He then asked in a deep voice, “are you sure?”


The middle-aged businessman was startled by him, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He seemed to sober up a lot, and his words even became clearer, “I also heard from others. I have a relative who works in Arendelle.”

Soran became even angrier when he heard this.

He tossed a gold coin on the bar and immediately left the tavern.

It was already night.

Soran’s figure blended into the darkness and soon disappeared.