There was a loud rumble resounding forth.

Soran felt the shock of the explosion, and then the Vampire believers in front of him started to move at full speed. Some pulled out their weapons to see what was going on, while others took refuge in panic. There was a woman among these Vampires, and she seemed to be quite young as well. She was dressed as a standard noble lady. She looked a little panicked. She seemed to have no experience fighting. However, the black Priest’s expression was very calm. He gave a few orders in a deep voice. He had some of them to go out and take a look at the situation. At the same time, he pulled out a sharp blade and prepared to bleed the captives of the Unseen believers.

For any godly Temples, fanatic believers were the most important wealth!

It was not easy to cultivate a fanatic believer. No organization could easily give up their inner fanatic believer, and even the Temple of the Underlord was the same. Soran had never been defeated in battles thus far, from killing the Swamp King to slaughtering a Dragon, and then the decisive battle with the Pirate King Ashrod. After so many battles, Soran’s Pirates did not have many fanatical admirers for him, but these people were the core cornerstones of his rule on the South Coast. As long as these fanatical pirates were not consumed, he could make a comeback in any situation.

Under normal circumstances, t

Soran’s elite guards were only a hundred men.

Less than a third of them adored him enthusiastically. These were people who have experienced the battle of the Swamp King, the battle of Dragon slaying, and the battle of the South Coast.

For the Unseens, a high-level fanatic believer could not be given up so easily!

When the black-robed Priest was ready to cut off the throat of the sacrifice, the high-grade Rogue, who had been hiding in the dark, could not sit still anymore.

Only a twisted shadow appeared, and the high-grade Rogue appeared behind the black priest in after using ‘Shadow Leap.’

A sharp cold light emerged!

The high-grade Rogue stabbed at the heart of the other party in an instant, but what came out instead was the sound of metal colliding with metal.


There was a hole in the black-robed Priest’s clothes, revealing the whole body armor made of refined steel inside. The Priest was just another name for the priest. Their fighting style was slightly different from that of the Priests. But the Priest was also a man who could use Divine Spells and was equipped with full armor. This sort of profession was like a steel plate, but they were a steel plate that could also use Divine Spells.

The dagger failed to penetrate the whole armor of the black priest. The high-grade Rogue turned around and chopped his body. Another cold light appeared to cut the shackles of the sacrifice.


The sound of it breaking apart rang and the shackles forged by refined steel were cut off directly.

“A weapon made of gold?!”

Soran, who was hidden in the dark, was shocked for a moment, and then thought to himself, It seems that only pure gold can directly break the shackles, other than first-rate legendary equipment.


There was an angry, low roar vibrating.

As soon as the captive man on the altar was cut off the shackles, he let out a roar and directly rammed against a person beside him.


The Vampire’s chest depressed by the powerful impact. At the same time, the man grabbed the sharp sword in an instant and cut off the head of the aristocratic woman who was panicking at the beginning.

A wave of hacking and killing.

It seemed that the man was a high-grade fighter, and his sub-profession was a barbarian. In the blink of an eye, he killed three to five vampires like a killing machine.

Many of these vampires looked like members of this noble family.

The sound of a battle breaking out came from the entrance.

The high-grade Rogue cut off the refined steel shackles and then lashed out one attack after another. The stormy attacks forced the black Priest to have no chance to use his Divine Spells at all.

One must not give the Spellcaster a chance, or the consequences would be unimaginable!


But it was quite surprising that in the face of the ferocious attacks by the high-grade Rogue, the black-robed Priest blocked them one after another. The weapon he used was a shield and a staff, which was not weak at all.

Battle Priest–a priest who had received special combat training. He has also mastered the skills of using a shield.

Another cold light appeared.

Soran finally saw the face of the high-grade Rogue. His eyes were covered with black cloth, and there seemed to be nothing in them. He did not know how he saw the surroundings so clearly. When he attacked the black-robed Priest in front of him, Soran also locked on to another weapon that slightly reflected some golden light. It was a very small dagger, which did not seem like his usual weapon of choice.

It was really a weapon of pure gold!

This kind of expensive metal was rare in the Underdark. Forging large weapons was too expensive. Even forging such a dagger would cost an astronomical amount. Incorporating a small amount of refined gold would be able to forge a + 1 extraordinary equipment, which could be continued to be upgraded to level + 2 and + 3. This dagger in front was at least a refined gold weapon of more than + 3. On the surface, the proportion of gold was absolutely not little.

A group of Unseen believers attacked inside.

These guys were easy to identify because many of them lacked an eye, which was a fallen’s desecration ceremony.

When finished, they would receive an additional desecration bonus.

The effect was similar to Soran’s blessing by the gods. Many rituals of sacrificing demons could also obtain this kind of desecration bonus. The higher levels were like the insignias on the Fallen Witch, which was the highest level of a desecration ceremony.

Soran began to move.

The battle between Vampires and the Unseen seemed to be a little even. Dark creatures had a natural attribute bonus, and the advantage of the fallen’s bonus after the desecration of the Unseen was not as obvious.

But Soran was not interested in this kind of scuffle. His goal was the high-grade Rogue and the black-robed sacrifice.

The refined gold dagger was of great value to him!

The Priest was the key to spreading the belief of the gods. By killing this black-robed Priest here, the Demigod Vampire’s power would be greatly affected. Before launching an attack, Soran tore a piece of cloth from his body and then tied onto his eyes. But they were not completely covered, but just a product for semblance.

—- “Shadow Leap!”

—- “Shadowstrike!”

—- “Swordform [Behead]!”

Soran’s figure suddenly appeared behind the black-robed Priest. For the black-robed Priest who was fighting against the attacks of the Unseen, Soran’s sneak attack was undoubtedly making it worse. He could not even dodge or block, so he was killed under the siege of two high-grade Rogues. The legendary Curved Sword in Soran’s hands sliced off his head with Icingdeath. With the gushing of blood, the headless corpse of the black Priest fell to the ground.

The sudden appearance of Soran surprised the Unseen.

But as the black Priest was killed, especially when he saw the black cloth covering Soran’s eyes, he relaxed a little bit.

But this moment of relaxation is deadly!

Soran’s face was cold, and he stabbed forth again. His heart was pierced instantly.


Soran threw away the black cloth covering his eyes. The back of his hand broke the enemy’s heart. The Unseen’s unbelievable expression was still written on his face, but his body had lost all breaths of life.


Two bodies fell to the ground one after another, and Soran quickly searched the Unseen for the refined gold dagger.

A proper plan would make it easier to eradicate the enemy.

Soran killed two high-grade professionals with one stroke, and then launched the ‘Evade Gaze’ in an instant, and entered the stealth state again.

The scuffle continued.

But then, it was his hunting time alone!


When a violent explosion came, the young Priestess’s face immediately changed, and then she approached the place where the fire broke out.

The Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, and the other figures soon appeared.

The movement here has shocked many people, even the town’s guards were approaching quickly, but it would take time for them to gather. There was also no need to place too much hope on the fighting force of the guards of a remote town, either.

“The Unseen!”

The Ranger first rushed into the burning mansion. He took a look at the nearby corpses and said in a deep voice: “They’ve attacked here! Something’s wrong! Be careful! ”

He leaned over to look at another corpse and said in a deep voice: “It’s a Vampire! There are also Vampires here! ”

“Be careful as we proceed!”

The Paladin humphed, then took out a shield to protect the others, and said in a deep voice: “Their leaders might be down below.”

“This place is filled with an evil aura!”

“It’s probably the Vampire’s lair. They’ve corrupted the nobility here!”

The group of people quickly spread out into a standard battle formation, and then cautiously went inside.

But the deeper they went inside, the more surprised they were because there were all corpses and not even a living person.

And the way that these corpses had died was very strange. They even saw a Vampire’s body, and an Unseen believer died together directly. It seemed like they were killed at the same time.

This killing technique was very sophisticated. Many people were killed by a single blow!

“There are masters!”

The Rogue’s expression was serious, murmuring: “I’m afraid it’s even a legendary level master!”

The young Priestess heard his words and thought for a bit.

The others also looked at each other, but helplessly accelerated their steps, because they seemed to have guessed something.

At last,

“But there should be a few left behind!”