Soran had just entered, and a figure followed him soon after.

But instead of going straight to the front door like Soran, he quietly turned the window sideways to go into one of the rooms. The rooms here were luxurious, which was a little out of place compared with this remote town. There was even some expensive Oriental porcelain. The floor was covered with soft carpet, and the quilts in the room were expensive velvet. No matter from any angle, the decoration here was not what a little noble in a remote area could enjoy.

There was not much-cultivated land nor special products in the Withered Leaves Town. The main tax here was the rent collected by the Lord.

With such little money, they could barely maintain a decent life.

It was estimated that in some larger cities, the slightly wealthy businessmen could have a better life than the aristocrats.

But now, looking at the decoration in this house, it was at least at the rank of a Viscount aristocrat, that was, the luxury decoration of private manor of a middle-level aristocrat.

Soran walked around the luxurious mansion and realized that the other party’s identity might not be very clean.

In short, a normal income could not maintain this kind of life. Ordinary bedrooms were decorated to this level. It was estimated that the master bedrooms were comparable to Gloria’s bedroom in Whiterun.

What was Gloria’s identity?

She was a member of the Northern Witch Council and the actual leader of a Northern City. The status gap between them could not be compared.

Da da da.

Soran suddenly stopped. He was completely invisible in the stealth state, so he did not need to worry about being found by others. Just now, a Vampire Slave passed by in front of him. He did not even notice Soran standing a meter away in front of him. Unless there was a clear stench of blood on Soran, which depended on the blood tracking ability of Vampires, they were unable to detect the existence of Soran.

There was a slight noise in the other room.

Soran took a step back with great vigilance. Even though he saw a room with windows on its side being opened, he did not see any figures. The door was only opened gently, and then it closed gently again.

A rogue!

There was also another high-grade Rogue here.

The other party’s Sneak ability was equal to Soran’s. Soran could not see through the other side’s Sneak, and the other side seemed to have not felt Soran either.

If the door didn’t suddenly open, it might require two of them to be close enough to each other before they could rely on their perception and experience to find each other. But now. Soran determined the position of the other party first. The first chance was in the grasp of his hands. If he wanted to, he could even kill the target in three seconds.

But by doing so, his trail would be exposed.

Soran, with a trace of curiosity in his heart, temporarily restrained the idea of determining the identity of the other party. Instead, he quietly followed behind, pulled away to a certain distance, and then planned to see what he came here to spy on.

He was not someone with the Vampires!

Not many people would be that bored to Sneak in their territory. Just now, he waited for the Vampire Slave to leave before coming out. It was likely that he was a Sneaker from other forces.

In such a remote town, in addition to the Unseen, Soran never thought there would be other high-level Rogues.

This house was relatively bigger.

The Rogue in front seemed to be familiar with it. He should have come to investigate it secretly before. Only to see him turn about and eventually arrived at a door, and then opened the passage leading to the basement.


When the door was opened, there was an obvious sound, and the Rogue in front seemed a little nervous.

After opening the door, he went in quietly, and then he closed it. It was no doubt a good habit to close the door subsequently. Soran could only wait in place for a while and then gently open the door. There were torches on both sides of the basement. The stairs below lead to the depths. It looked like there was a tunnel. It was estimated that it had been arranged here for some years.

Having just entered the basement, Soran smelled a faint smell of blood.

At the corner of the stairs, he saw a limp corpse. The killing technique was crisp, very simple. It hit the enemy’s heart directly and then twisted his neck.

A master!

Soran looked at the corpse, and his expression became more and more serious. The life force of the Vampire Slaves was very tenacious. It was impossible for ordinary Rogues to kill them with a single attack. Either he was an experienced veteran, or he was a high-grade professional above level 16. Soran could see a little bit of an assassin’s ruthlessness from the position where the body was hit.

This guy might have been trained as an assassin!

Following the passage, one could see some strange murals. But Soran has no time to look at them because he found two more bodies in front of him.

Close to a legendary’s strength!

Soran glanced at the two bodies lying in the corner, and his expression became more and more serious. Because the two enemies were still killed by one blow, and he killed two enemies at the same time without disturbing others. Even with Soran’s current ability, it was not so easy. The previous Rogue might have reached a profession level of more than 18.

In other words, he was at least a quasi-legendary Rogue!

As he went deeper and deeper into it, Soran’s vision gradually widened. In front of him appeared a large secret chamber. The most striking thing was one of the buildings similar to the altar. There was a blood pool in the center of the altar, and there were several smaller blood pools around it—no wonder these vampires could not find their companions killed. The bloody stench here was too strong. They could hardly smell other bloody scents.

The altar of the Demigod Vampire!

As a dark creature that fed on the blood of living people, Soran naturally did not expect to see anything good near their altar.

But looking at the size of these blood pools, it seemed that the Vampires have been living here for a while. If there were not dozens or hundreds of missing people, it was not enough to fill up these pools with blood.

A prayer was going on at the altar!

In the center was a priest in a black robe, and then an old man dressed obviously as a noble. Vampires would not age, so his current appearance undoubtedly represented that he was transformed into a vampire by others after his body entered the state of old age.

A fanatical prayer.

Soran did not find the Rogue from the start, but he was sure he was hiding somewhere nearby.

“Bring up the sacrifice!”

After finishing the last prayer, the black priest said to the believer who was kneeling under the altar.

Very soon, a man was subsequently brought to the altar.

His body was shackled. From the back, he seemed like he was not an ordinary person. To deal with ordinary people, these Vampires did not need the shackles made of refined steel.

This was a professional!

Soran could not see the other party’s appearance from the back and could not judge his profession. He could only confirm that he should be a melee professional.

But, as the sacrificial man was brought up, Soran immediately noticed that the nearby shadow was distorted.


The priest of black robe said coldly, but in response to him was a mouthful of phlegm and a voice full of fanaticism. “The Unseen are the true gods! You hypocrites won’t live long!…. ”


A heavy punch went forth; the man’s words were forced to hold back.

Hearing what he said, Soran immediately roughly sorted out the whole story. It seemed that there was a conflict between the Unseen and the Vampire Church. Both sides wanted to carve this place into their territory. It seemed like the Vampires had captured the Unseen believer. When the man on the altar was hit with a fist, Soran saw the appearance of the other party when he was sideways. The man had only one eye, and the other eye socket was empty.

A senior member of the Unseen!

Only true believers would dig their eyes out. No wonder a high-grade Rogue was coming to save him.

However, how could a Rogue defeat these Vampires?

Soran’s heart was just a little confused, then he felt a vibration around him, and then there was a loud sound coming from above.