The side of Withered Leaf Town was a graveyard.

In the remote towns of this era, the graveyards were rarely placed too far away, which was similar to the eastern tombs, which were concentrated near the gathering place. Initially, other people would not pay so much attention while passing by the cemeteries. Still, most of the Rogues were the ear and eye scouts in the Adventurer team, so their natural observation abilities were much better. The experienced Rogue glanced and found that some graves in the cemetery were not right, and the soil looked like it was newly turned.

“This was recent.”

The Ranger grabbed a handful of earth and looked at it. He pulled out the weeds on the grave. His expression was congealed, and he said: “At most seven days ago. Someone dug up these tombs, and the tombstones were all erected again at the end.”

Did someone touch the graves?

Everyone’s expression became serious. The Spellcaster, who seemed to be silent from beginning to end, looked around for a while, then cast something similar to a detection spell, and then said: “It’s not the work of a Necromancer. There is no aura of the undead spreading nearby. A Priest has blessed the cemetery here, and the undead would not be born automatically.”

The Paladin’s expression was a little angry, and he said in a deep voice: “Who would have done this? It is a great sin to desecrate the dead!”

The common customs still respected the dead.

Generally, after being buried, they should not be disturbed. Most of these acts were strictly prohibited by law.

“Open it to see, and we’ll know!” The Rogue’s expression was heavy.

The four people at the scene looked at each other. The Paladin’s expression was hesitant, but they all nodded at last.

The cemetery was weird. Soon, they dug up one of the overturned tombs. Then they found that the coffin in the tomb was empty.

“Dark creatures.”

The Ranger sniffed the smell inside and said in a deep voice: “This disgusting smell is definitely the dark creatures. I have a clear memory of my hatred towards them!”

The Rogue looked at the tomb and said slowly: “It might have been a Vampire.”

“Maybe it has been infiltrated by the Vampire Temple.”

Soran still did not know what was going on at the cemetery.

However, it was much easier for him to find Vampires compared to these people. When the sky was getting dark, he entered the tavern quietly.

The tavern was relatively very lively.

Beside the bar, there was a Poemer who looked rather down-to-earth. Although Poemers was also one of the professions, many of them did not seem to have done well, because this profession was too much of a jack of all trades. There were not many powerful professionals amongst Poemers. However, Hellpoemers were an exception. More of these Poemers were like the ones in front of them. They relied on performances to please others in exchange for some rewards. Occasionally, good-looking Poemers could hook up with some ladies so that they could earn some extra money.

Third rate casting ability, third rate fighting ability, and a third rate thieving skill–these added together made a Poemer.

There had been some strong Peomers, but if this profession wanted to be strong, they had to be supported by strong attributes. Even Soran’s attributes might not be able to support a Poemer with just one strong attribute. In those days, the Poemers who were able to do this had special adventures or got the help of gods. In the past, there was a point of view that only when all the initial attributes have reached 18, could one become a top-level Poemer.

If one’s initial attribute was so powerful, they would have been a first-rate Spellcaster, a first-rate Fighter, and a first-rate Rogue.

Unfortunately, there were too few of them.

And no matter what profession was the most advanced, one should know that Soran’s initial attributes were not so high.

The Poemer was telling a story in the unique way of playing an instrument and singing in the North. The protagonist of the story was called Soran. Yes, he was talking about the battle between Soran and the Pirate King Ashrod. The biggest naval battle on the South Coast in decades was spreading in all directions with great speed. More and more ordinary people had heard about the war.

However, the content by the Poemer had nothing to do with the process of fighting. In his words, this fight was more like a duel between the nobles.

Soran and Ashrod fought for three hundred rounds.

In the end, the more evil Beheader-Soran killed the Pirate King Ashrod. Thence, pleased the cruel Sea Goddess.

That was roughly the story.

The main point of the story was the battle between Soran and Ashrod. How did both parties fight to their deaths? How did the Throatcutter-Soran sell one of his flaws and killed the other Pirate King?

Most of the stories by Poemers were unreliable, but this sort of artistic expression undoubtedly attracted other people’s attention.

Soran was a little startled. He was not used to becoming a protagonist of the story himself. Especially since he was portrayed by the other party as if he was weaker than Ashrod, finally resorting to strategies to defeat the other party.

Soran’s target soon emerged.

After the day was getting dark, the two figures, a little sneaky, walked out.

He quietly got up and hid in the shadows. Then, he followed them. The two new Vampire slaves could not detect him and would not be able to find any traces of Soran.

They crossed the street and went into a rather luxurious mansion.

A nobility!

The ruler of the Withered Leaves Town seemed to be a lord whose name Soran did not remember.

The two Vampires entered through the back door. It was not convenient for Soran to follow them directly. He could only wait for them to enter and quietly flipped into the yard.

The breath of dark creatures.

As soon as Soran entered, he smelled dark creatures. There seemed to be not many living people in the mansion.

Sure enough, the problems were here.

His expression was serious as he went: “No wonder vampires were lurking here but no one found them. It seems like the aristocrats who rule here have been corrupted by them.”

With the aristocrats hiding the truth, even if there were signs of the spread of Vampires, it could still be covered up temporarily.

The North was the land of the Witches.

Such a remote place belonged to the blind area under their management, and the power of the Temple was quite weak.

“They must be exterminated!”

Soran frowned and listened to their movements. Then he quietly approached the hall. The power of the Demigod Vampire could not be further expanded. This matter must be told to the Witch Council.

Presumably, they would not want a large number of Vampires within their own territories!


Very slight footsteps were audible.

Just after Soran entered the mansion, another figure came in at the back, but the figure that followed was a little special because his eyes were covered with bandages.

His eyes were slightly sunken as if there were both the pupils were not in them!