Abyss Domination

Chapter 371 - Legend of Soran

As soon as he heard that they were going to split up, the young Paladin immediately wanted to object.

But at this time, the young Priestess glanced past him and said: “Okay. How about this? You two together. Dino, you follow Ranst. I’ll work together with Soran.”

The Paladin opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he was interrupted by the skilled Thief beside him.

He seemed to have roughly guessed the identity of Soran. The experienced Thief has already seen Soran’s Curved Sword several times along the way. As a Rogue, he still knew a little about the legends of his profession. He followed Soran all day yesterday. The more he saw it, the more he felt that Soran was the legendary [Beheader], the most powerful Pirate King on the South Coast!

For this existence, there are different opinions from the outside world. Some people thought that he was formidable, while others believe that he was too cruel.

But there was no doubt that if anyone offended his Excellency Beheader, the final result would be terrible.

If the man in front of them was the most powerful Pirate King Soran on the South Coast, then they had better completely follow his arrangement because they were just a group of third-class Adventurers compared to this rising legend. The experienced rogue still believed in his eyesight. According to his judgment, he was 80% sure that the other party could be that Pirate King on the South Coast.

He was not the only one who had guessed this; the young Priestess also roughly guessed a little.

She did not ask because the time was not right.

The party soon separated, and Soran brought the young Priestess to enter from the other side, while the others came to the town in batches. The targets of two people acting together were much smaller. In this era, the vigilance of foreign Adventurers was still extreme. A team of more than five people could easily attract the attention of spying people. The two of them entered the town quickly and then came to the tavern here. The young Priestess was silent all the time and had a complicated expression.

Her heart was full of complications.

That year, she looked down on Soran a little. It was not that Soran was hateful, but she liked the little girl Vivian very much. She also thought that a little thief like Soran would never be able to reach anywhere. At last, she kindly advised for Vivian to be a Priest, and also tried to find a job for Soran, to change to doing something more decent.

Unfortunately, Soran refused her without hesitation.

In the eyes of the young Priestess at that time, Soran’s actions were undoubtedly very disrespectful.

But time proved that she was wrong.

Soran’s current strength, the equipment he was wearing, and his very movements were radiating prestige. Everything told her that the Thief who could not get on the stage in the past was not the same now.

Not only did he become a strong man in the legendary domain, but he might even be a person where the South Coast would shake if he shook his feet!

Regardless of good or evil, Soran’s achievements were already beyond her imagination.

The young Priestess thought of a lot of things in her heart. After there was no one else nearby, she finally summoned up courage and went: “Soran. Is the man on the South Coast really you? I always thought it was just the same name!… ”

Soran did not answer but only nodded softly.

The young Priestess shuddered and finally got her answer, but she was shocked from the bottom of her heart.

How long was this?

From the great disaster of Amber City to now, she started her adventuring career because the original Shrine was destroyed. She thought she had made rapid progress. But now she had just become a formal priest. And, Soran had already become the most powerful Pirate King on the South Coast.

She suddenly had a feeling that fate was unpredictable!

“Follow me.”

Soran glanced at the people near the tavern, then grabbed the young Priestess behind him and took her into an alley.

The young Priestess’s white little hand was held by him, and she was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted and said: “Have you found those Unseen? Where are they?”

“No.” Soran shook his head and said in a deep voice: “There are vampires here!”


The young Priestess looked a little surprised and murmured: “Vampires? They have already expanded to here?”

Soran’s senses were very sensitive.

As a top Rogue in the gray field, he also knew a lot about the dark creatures. Just after glancing at the tavern, he found that one or two people in the tavern were in an abnormal condition. Their skin was too pale. As residents of towns of this scale, these people need to work hard every day. It was hard for people who have been working for a long time to have pale skin like them. Besides, these people looked quite healthy. At the same time, their breath was very weak, not as strong as ordinary people. Soran’s powerful observation abilities found that their chest undulation was obviously lower than that of ordinary people, only about one-third of the strength of ordinary people when they breathed.

If ordinary people breathed like that, they would have already been hypoxic!

They were Vampires.

They should be Vampire Slaves that were just converted and did not know how to disguise themselves to look like ordinary humans yet.

“Demigod Vampire?”

Soran frowned, and in his heart, he went: “His forces have already expanded so quickly? His claws have already reached such a remote place.”


“The more prosperous the place is, the more powerful the Temples were. These relatively remote towns are the places where he could easily take advantage of due to its remoteness.”

The prosperous areas were divided by the Temples of the gods, and it would not be easy for the Demigod Vampire to enter.

In other words, these more remote towns were weak in defenses, and could easily be infiltrated by Vampires. Then, he could gradually spread his beliefs, expanding the number of followers of the Demigod Vampire.

“What should we do now?” The young Priestess looked at him and asked.

Soran glanced around, pulled her, and continued forward, then said in a deep voice: “Let’s find a place to spend the night first. Vampires like to make their moves at night. I’ll follow them to see what I can find. If the Unseen also came here, they would definitely brush with them.”

The forces of the Demigod Vampire must be suppressed.

Recently, all the information that was collected by Soran was not very good for him, especially the growth of the Demigod Vampire, which made Soran felt a serious threat.

“Okay.” The young Priestess nodded.

On the other side.

The people who were separated were ready to go around to the other side and enter the Withered Leaves Town.


The Paladin’s face showed a trace of shock and murmured: “You say he is the legendary Beheader – Soran? How could Annalynne know him? ”

When he heard the true identity of Soran from his companions, even as a Paladin, he could not help feeling a cold sweat down his spine.

That was the most ruthless Pirate King in the legends!

Maybe his conduct was not that cruel, but his methods were extremely ruthless. It was said that thousands of people died in his hands.

The Paladin was not an idiot.

There were so many evil practices in the world, and they could hardly keep them under control. Therefore, there was also a warning against blindly taking action in Paladin’s doctrine.

If he did not know Soran’s identity, maybe he would still dare to fight. But after understanding Soran’s identity, there was no desire to fight in his heart at all.

He was not even considered an opponent at all!

He even knew what kind of disaster he would bring upon the Adventurer team if he offended the legendary Pirate King.

“It should be him.”

The experienced Rogue had a good attitude towards Soran, even a little bit of awe. He said in a deep voice: “He’s worthy of being one of the strongest Rogues in the legends! To become the most powerful Pirate King on the South Coast in just a few months! His strength can be said to be unfathomable. When he started to engage you, he did not even exert much strength at all!”

Rogues rarely produced heroic characters.

The main reason was that Rogues had no advantage in frontal combats, and their fighting style was used to assassinations, spying, sneaking attacks, etc., so most Rogues liked to hide behind the scenes, which was more secure for them.

Soran was definitely an exception!

In recent hundreds of years, few Rogues have appeared in such a direct way, and there were also Swashbucklers who had a tough fighting style, just like the protagonists in anecdote stories of Poemers.

In fact, the story of the rise of the evil Pirate King based on Soran has appeared in the mouths of the Poemers, but most of them had negative comments. People thought that he was one of the most terrible Pirate Kings of this era!

The Poemer was not that bored to talk about a Pirate King as a legendary hero. After knowing, people were actually more afraid of him.

But this was not the same for the Rogues.

There were also legendary powerful people among the Rogues, but many of them never revealed themselves at all, or there were other characters who were mysterious from the beginning to the end, only leaving behind their legendary names.

This was also good for their safety.

Soran was the only legendary Rogue standing on the stage and as the leader of a force as well even if an organization like Shadow Thieves that has been passed down for many years, the leader of that organization would not be known to other people as blatantly as he was.

Basically, nearly half of the world’s Rogues have heard of his name, and many of them admired him.

To Rogues, the concept of good and evil was weak. Many Rogues started their careers as Thieves, and even the legend of the Beheader – Soran, had used to be just a petty thief in the past.

Rogues were more optimistic about the rising figures within this profession.

That was why Soran had a high reputation amongst the Rogues!


The experienced Rogue in front of him suddenly stopped, and then came to a graveyard quickly. He said in a deep voice: “Took at these tombs! These tombstones have been erected for a long time, but the soil has recently been turned over.”

Hearing his words, the rest of them woke up immediately and came to the graveyard quickly.