A sharp arrow flew out from the front.

Soran’s ears twitched a little, his eyebrows knitted together, and in a moment, moved as fast as lightning. He directly grabbed the sharp arrow with his bare hands.

There was a deathly silence all around. The jaw of the thief, who had just shot an arrow from the opposite side, dropped.

He had just seen the Paladin faint from a single attack by Soran. Without thinking further, he shot another arrow, trying to escape from his enemy. However, he did not expect that it was such an ending where the other side could catch the arrow barehanded.

It was almost in the blink of an eye.

The small team of Adventurers in front realized a point, that even if all of them worked together, they might not be the match for this man.

Soran looked at the group of people in front of him.

A Paladin, a Priest, a Rouge, a Ranger, the last one was wearing a robe that he could not really discern clearly, but the chance of him belonging to the Spellcasters was very high, he was either a Wizard or a Sorcerer.

This was a standard Adventurer’s team!

Paladins and Rangers replaced Fighters and Barbarians. The Rogue looked like an old-timer. His response was the fastest of all.

This kind of Adventurer team’s configuration was enough to cope with most of the situations.

The expression on the young Priestess’s face changed rapidly, from being worried and bewildered, to dubious and contemplative, and then, eventually revealing total shock.

Because she recognized Soran that was in front of her!

It has been half a year.

Soran’s appearance did not change much. What had really changed was his aura, from a petty thief in Amber City to the most powerful Pirate King on the South Coast.

The changes that happened to him made his aura entirely different!


The young Priestess took a step forward in surprise, and the Rogue next to her held her back very vigilantly. Annalynne still had an expression filled with disbelief on her face and murmured: “You are Soran?!…”

She recognized him?

After hearing the young Priestess shouting out Soran’s name, the rest of them were relieved b

If she knew him, they might be able to avoid this battle. Although they had yet to exchange blows, the others in the Adventurer’s team had been in a cold sweat since the start. Soran had come all the way and had ended an uncountable number of lives. This substantial level of murderous aura was not something that the Adventurers of their level could fight against, let alone Soran’s Fear Gaze blessed by divinity. If they were people that had weak willpower, they might have already been scared till their legs went weak.


Soran kept his Curved Sword and looked down towards the young Priestess in front of him and nodded softly, “Long time no see!”

The expression on the young Priestess’s face was a little complicated, and she slowly said: “You didn’t die! That’s great! Ever since such a big event happened that day, I’ve been worried about yours and Vivian’s safety. But when I went to the slum the next day, it was already in ruins. I have been searching for a long time and didn’t find any traces of you at all. How’s Vivian doing?”

The expression on Soran’s face was a little gentler, and he said softly: “Vivian is fine. We already left Amber City a day earlier than that. ”

The young Priestess’s face was full of doubts.

It seemed as if there were many questions in her mind, such as why Soran had appeared here. And, in just over half a year, how could he be so strong to such a degree. One must know, after all that happened in Amber City, she also made considerable efforts, and tediously became a grade three Priest, but now it seemed like she could not even walk around within Soran’s grasps.

Soran had no intention to speak too much, either.

He glanced at the rest of the Adventurer team and said in a deep voice: “Did all of you appear here because you’re just passing by, or are you guys investigating the Unseen?”


In the face of Soran’s question, the others were obviously taciturn. The young Priestess hesitated a little and bravely said: “We have received a task, and it was to investigate their identity! Are they called the Unseen? Do you know their identities? ”

They did not even know the situation about the Unseen?

Soran shook his head when he heard that sentence. He did not know whether they were too brave, or they were in a hurry to die. He said in a deep voice: “If it is really for the purpose of investigating the Unseen, I suggest you go back now and send the high-level professionals to come here. Based on your current strength, it was good that you guys did not find them. I am afraid none of you can go back alive if you’ve actually found them!”

An alarmist talk? Or was it really true?

Soran’s words made the faces of others heavy. The Ranger and the Rogue looked at each other, then bowed slightly and said: “Your Excellency! Do you know anything about them? These people have devastated a lot of the ordinary people, and recently some people from the Temples are investigating them.”

Based on Soran’s strength, no matter good or evil, he was worthy of them using honorific titles like Your Excellency.

Soran looked down at the Paladin, who fainted from a glance, then thought for a moment, and said, “The Unseen. It’s an organization that believes in the Underlord. They like to dig out the eyes of their enemies after killing them, and they prefer to dig out the eyes of the living directly in a sacrificial ceremony. I’m not sure whose followers they are for coming out and doing such activities, but I know that there are two legendary professionals among them.”

“With your strength, you guys are basically sending yourselves to die.”

The young Priestess, with a stiff expression, said slowly: “But the Temple can no longer mobilize anyone. Recently, the movement of Vampires is getting abnormal. High-grade Priests have already been sent out to deal with those Vampires. ”


Would it be related to the Demigod Vampire?

Soran, with a slight frown, said in a deep voice: “What’s wrong with Vampires recently?”

There was a little hesitation on the young Priestess’s face. Then she said: “There are many Vampire slaves in the South and North. We suspect that there is a Vampire Temple that is constantly transforming ordinary people into vampires. Recently, the Priest of the Lord of Glory is gathering people. The spread of Vampires has greatly threatened the lives of ordinary people. All the senior members of the Temple have been sent out to deal with them.”

It really looked like it’s the Demigod Vampire Rheinhart!

As a Son of Fear that was bestowed upon by the Vampire’s Divine Title, if he wanted to expand his power, he needed to have enough followers.

Ordinary people were unable to become his followers.

His core Divine Title was the Lord of Vampires, which greatly limited his scope of absorbing believers, so if he wanted to expand his faith, he must turn other humans into Vampires. But if the number of Vampires was too much, it would threaten the ordinary people. After all, they were the food source of Vampires. Too many Vampire slaves were a disaster for ordinary people. This sort of thing was bound to attract the attention of the Lord of Glory. As a follower of the Dawnlight, the young Priestess often needed to cooperate with the actions of the Temple of the Lord of Glory because the Dawnlight was one of the gods of the Glorious God system!

Should I help her?

Soran could not help but be deep in thought within his heart. He was certain he was still able to deal with the Unseen. Even though he did not like to deal with the Paladins very much, and the others might not trust him either.

But to help them deal with the Unseen, maybe he could find a way to let the people of the Temple of Glory concentrate on dealing with the Demigod Vampire.

As the backbone of the good alignment.

They would never allow such creatures like the Vampires to spread. That was to say, the conflict between the Temple of Glory and the Demigod Vampire would get stronger, which was basically reaching the stage where it was impossible to reconcile.

The Demigod Vampire was Soran’s biggest enemy at the moment.

Even as the strongest Pirate King on the South Coast, he might still not be his opponent now. After all, the other party had successfully become a god.

Soran did not like to owe other people favors.

So, after having thought for a while, he said in a deep voice, “Follow me. I’ll help you track them!”

With that, he turned and went in a direction.

The Adventurer team at the back looked at each other in surprise. At last, they turned their eyes to the young Priestess. After seeing her nodding, they immediately went forward to help carry the fainted Paladin. Then, they quickly followed Soran’s steps.

A Rogue who looked like a legendary.

If his Excellency could help them, their chances of them dealing with the Unseen surged.

Soran’s tracking ability had never been weak at all. Basically, his basic abilities have been improved a little after each battle. However, because these improvements were scattered, he did not care much about the one or two points of leveling the basic abilities, so naturally, he did not need to pay too much attention. (Note: one or two points of basic abilities improvement after each battle were not specifically listed.)

At present, compared with the past, his overall basic abilities have improved by 20 to 30 points, especially more obvious in the field of Survival, Search, Intimidation, and Listen.

Soran’s tracking speed was very fast.

The Adventurer team at the back could only wake the Paladin up, and then quickly follow suit.

There were voices of arguments that could be heard from the back. It seemed that the Paladin who just woke up wanted to wipe out the evil. Soran was not interested in taking care of this either. But if the other party dared to come up again, he would not be merciful.

A day went by just like that.

Soran followed the trails left behind and went forward at high speeds, followed by the Adventurer team. The Paladin seemed to be very repulsive to him, but because he was knocked out with a single move by Soran, he still had some fear in his eyes.

If a fight really broke out, they estimated that they would not be able to even last a few minutes in Soran’s hands.

The second day.

The trail that Soran was tracking became more and more obvious. The Unseen were obviously a big group of people conducting their activities. There were more than ten of them, so the traces left behind were also more obvious.

They followed the Unseen all the way to a place called Withered Leaves Town in the north.

As they approached the town, the traces left by the Unseen in the wilderness became much lighter, but according to Soran’s intuition, the Unseen should have already entered the town.

“It’s here!”

He stopped, turned around, and looked at the others. Then, he said in a deep voice: “The Unseen should be here. Your targets are too obvious.”

“Split up and move in pairs.”