Abyss Domination

Chapter 369 - The Unseen

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This time, Soran made all preparations before he left.

He drew out the blueprint for further planning of the outer islands. According to his original layout, the population limit of Mordor city was about 50000 people, which was not a small city in the current era. The port was still operated by the temple of Riches and the Sea temple. Soran paid more attention to the land, and his future focus would also still be land. When his strength had accumulated to a certain extent, he may expand to Treasure Island, where the wealth was enough to easily replace the island trading.

After all, no matter how lucrative trade was, it couldn't be compared with gold mining. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to become a more powerful pirate without gold as support.

[Note: Treasure has been mentioned before, islands which were rich with minerals.]

Going out alone was simpler.

Soran set out directly on the ghost ship and arrived at Shipwreck Bay along his route. There was no need for resupply. After a little inspection of the black market and slave trading, Soran continued his journey to the north.

The north was around the north-west direction on the mainland.

The Frost Kingdom was located in the northernmost position, so Soran's voyage was quite long. To gather the other three Elemental Stones, Soran would need to journey almost half of the whole continent. From the south to the north, from the north to the east, and finally across the desert of death into the Underdark because the last Elemental Stone was in a certain area in the Underdark--A place that may encounter a Beholder.

Back to the north again, Soran's mood was very different. He got to Deepwater Port and left the ghost ship in the nearby area.

The port was still busy, as usual. However, among the noisy crowd, there were many more people who wore weapons, even some children had daggers hidden around their waist.

Soran could not help but frown. He walked along and got close to the city gates when he saw a bunch of bounty: Humans, Dwarves, and Lizardmen.

The public security here seemed to deteriorate from the last time. One billboard was posted with ten wanted notices. The guard in charge of patrolling was also much more nervous than before. The adventurer's guild was also more lively than before, and there were even billboards outside with many tasks written in bright red big characters.

——"A hundred miles to the south of the port, Gushu town was attacked by the dark scale Lizardmen. A small number of enemies, danger degree of C, and a mission reward of 1200 Gold Derahls. Urgent task, there will be additional rewards after completion. "

——"There are fleeing ogres near Fakena town. Recently, there are many people missing. The mayor wants to ask someone to investigate this matter and determine the number and trace of ogres. The mission reward is 300 Gold Dearahls. There is an extra reward for helping the town guard to kill the ogre. "

——"Yesterday there was a strange fog around the port. Some merchant ship sailors said that they had seen the trace of a ghost ship. This task is a special task. Anyone can get a reward as long as they provided clues. The difficulty of the task is level B. "

Perhaps it was close to the Times of Trouble. There were many missions given out.

However, Soran felt ironic that the difficulty of the tasks erected outside ranged from level F to level C. The only task of level B was to investigate the strange fog around the port yesterday. Needless to say, it must have been because of Soran's arrival because he had used the fog ability before he got close to the port. Unexpectedly, the nearby sailors saw the fog. That's why there was this B grade mission.

It was something surprising to him, Soran had also accepted the task from the adventurers' guild in those years, but unexpectedly, after so many experiences, he became a difficult task one day.

There were groups gathered outside the city gate.

Before leaving the town, Soran saw a group of trained militia, mostly adult men, many of whom were 15 or 16 years old. In previous years, militia training would not be carried out in March, during the busy farming period, but after wheat had been harvested. Therefore, if you had the experience, you would guess that there was a problem with the public security nearby. Since they were training, something important must have happened nearby. Otherwise, they would be planting wheat.

Soran did not stay here for long.

In fact, he had been prepared for the coming of chaos for a long time. A catastrophe was far more than what was seen now. When the real chaos came, it would be a real disaster.

If everything went according to plan, Soran would reach Frost Kingdom tomorrow. Unfortunately, some small accident happened before he left the port.

He found a pile a corpse. Strictly speaking, it was a pile of corpses that have been dead for a while. The corpses had begun to rot; Soran was alarmed because of the stench here.

Corpses were not something rare. If it only was a corpse, Soran wouldn't care one bit. But the corpses had a distinctive feature that made Soran stop: all the corpses had their eyeballs taken out.

They all had bloody eyes, and there were fight marks on them. In terms of the fight marks, some people may have their eyeballs taken out when they were alive, and then their throats were slit by the enemy.

It was a very skilled killing technique!

Soran checked through the eyeball-less corpses and muttered, "The Unseen!? Has this group appeared?"

The Unseen was an evil cult that was not strong or weak.

They believed in an evil god without eyes. These people liked to dig out their victim's eyes after defeating the enemy, or sacrifice to the evil god they believed in with killing, and finally dig out the eyes of the killed people as a sacrifice. The reason why Soran knew about them was simple. Previously, he was assigned to investigate another cult.

The evil cult was called the [The Blind].

The two evil cults had similar areas. While Soran was investigating the Blind, he came across the Unseen.

"Die! You evil-doer!"

When Soran was about to leave, he suddenly saw a magic glow that made him extremely uncomfortable, and then a paladin's signature spell "Detect Evil" fell on him.

As though activating a landmine!

Soran's body flashed in a moment with a very strong blood-red light. As the most powerful pirate king in charge of the south coast, Soran was now said to be bloody. Although he brought order to the south coast, the life of ordinary businessmen had been much more stable. There was no denying that he controlled the black market, the slave trade, and the protection of other businessmen. So no matter from which point of view, Soran's evil aura was very strong!

There was only one kind of person that would cast 'Detect Evil' on anyone regardless.


There was a trace of a murderous aura in Soran. If there was any behavior in the world that disgusted him the most, there was no doubt it would be the paladins.

That was why Soran had a great intent to kill!

The paladin was a handsome young man.

He looked like a noble person. Because he was wearing gorgeous full-length armor, just as he cast 'Detect Evil' on Soran, he had a righteous expression. At first sight, the paladin didn't have much combat experience. Before the distance between the two was shortened, he already went into a charge. Soran could even close his eyes to catch the track of his attack.

What an inexperienced noob!

He probably was around grade 3, and a profession level of 12 or below.

From the color of the magic glow, Soran belonged to the heinous person type! Therefore, when the paladin saw such a strong blood-red light, he did not hesitate to launch an attack. In his view, Soran was one of those evil people who could be judged directly!

"Do not engage!"

"Come back!"

"Are you mad! Don't cast Detect Evil without thinking!"

There was a female voice behind the young Paladin, and two or three other mixed voices, which seemed to be a team of adventurers.

The Paladin seemed to have taken up the role of the Fighter.

They looked like a team of adventurers who have accepted a certain mission. The Paladin walking in the front, after seeing the corpses and Soran standing beside them, reacted first by casting Detect Evil.

Damn you!

With a clang, Soran suddenly pulled out his curved sword. Then just like how the monks moved, he rushed toward the paladin. After a parying, the attack from the paladin, Soran slashed his sword toward his head!


Three figures rushed out from the side of the woods. One of the women's voices seemed familiar to Soran, and few people could make him feel familiar. So after a little hesitation, he turned his sword over and used the back of his sword.



The young paladin fell to the ground, unconscious.

Soran turned and looked at the four adventurers who were close to him. After checking them out, he noticed a familiar face.

Annalynne--that is the young priestess from Amber city