Abyss Domination

Chapter 368 - Teleportation

After such a long time, Gloria fixed the teleportation array connecting the shadow plane, opening a portal that could allow free movement through the channel at any time. The teleport gate was full of magic alert traps, which made it difficult for even legendary professions to sneak in quietly. Exploration of the shadow plane was very time-consuming because neither Soran nor Gloria could take down the wizard tower. Even if they joined forces, they might not be able to defeat the first level guards of the wizard tower with three diamond golems and one Construct. Also, the powerful tower spirit that controls the wizard tower.

Before Soran left, there was still one thing to prepare.

That was to memorize the level 5 spell “teleportation.” Gloria had set up a teleportation array in Mordor city. As long as Soran learned teleportation, he would be able to come back from thousands of miles away.

This was the best cheat of a spellcaster!

Unfortunately, the spell was hard to master, so Soran would have to study it on his way there.

As the gate to the shadow plane was ready, Soran once again stepped into the shadow plane.

But this time, there were more people. Not only Soran, Vivian, and Gloria, but also the fallen witch Corinne. She had a lot of research on the period of the Arcane Empire and was even more proficient in some aspects than Gloria.

“This is!”

The fallen witch came for the first time, so when she saw the wizard tower in front of her and the maze that was covering a large area, she was shocked and said, “What a powerful maze! I’m afraid it’s more powerful than the maze we have in the north! But its power has declined, and many parts are no longer working! ”

Soran did not say anything.

In this aspect, the two witches were more authoritative!

“If you’re the x-factor in faith.”

The eyes of the fallen witch were bright, as if a wave of hope appeared, murmuring, “Then maybe there is something I want to find here! If I don’t have to go to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, then I can… ”

She stopped before she finished her sentence and frowned, “The wizard tower is still working even though it had used plenty of its power. I feel that the maze is still supplying energy to the elemental pool. This wizard tower has been in operation for so many years, so there must be a spirit in it responsible for maintenance.”

The group slowly got close to the maze.

Soran using his memory, brought them through the path he took last time.


But when they were just near the range of the wizard tower, a sound of mechanical synthesis sounded, “Intruder! Intruder! Combat readiness activated!… ”

“Guardian golems charged!”

Bad news!

Realizing the situation, Soran immediately said, “Back away! It’s dangerous here!”

As soon as he said this, there was a loud bang. Then three huge and incomparable diamond golems appeared, targeting them, and rushed to them.

“Get back!”

Soran quickly backed away, and the others also followed up. Diamond golems were highly resistant; a legendary spell may not necessarily be able to beat them. Relying on hand combat to deal with them was even more difficult.

Even in Gloria’s tower, there weren’t any such top-grade golems.

“This is no good.”

As the fallen witch withdrew from the maze, she said, “We can’t enter it at all if the first layer of defense is so strong. There must be a half-plane in the wizard tower of this level. I’m afraid there are countless dangers in it. Even the Eye of the North would not survive. ”

“We must be able to stop its supply of power!”

After saying that, Gloria and her mother both looked at the location of the maze. The maze was not only a large-scale defense facility but also maintained a part of the energy supply. At least one nuclear power plant was needed to maintain the power supply. As a defense device, the maze also bore part of the energy consumption of the wizard tower. As long as the wizard tower was still running, a legendary team may not be able to enter it alive.

“Is there a way to cut its power supply?”

Gloria gently tucked her long hair and turned to look at her mother. She was fascinated by the knowledge of the Arcane Empire. She should be the most familiar one among the people present.

The fallen witch frowned slightly, looked at the huge maze in front of her eyes, and said slowly, “It’s very difficult! We can try it, but we have to break the ancient maze.”

“This may require a long time! As long as no Wizard was controlling the maze, the wizard tower would only operate according to the original set procedure, and the tower spirit should not have the right to take over the maze operations. This means that we have a 50% chance of breaking the maze.”

This exploration still ended without anything good. The diamond golems and the wizard spirit were a solid defense line. Soran could barely deal with a diamond golem, but if three diamond golems attacked at the same time, even a legendary fighter would not be able to stand one round.

To explore this wizard tower, they would have to cut off its power. Going into a working wizard tower would surely mean death.

If the power was cut, then the diamond golems would not work.

The defense system in the sorcerer tower would be automatically removed, only relying on the energy stored in the element pool to maintain a few defense programs at most. Technology during the Arcane Empire had a high demand for energy, which was like modern technology. Without power and fuel, many things would become decoration.

Exploring the tower then would be easier!

Soran had no intention of rushing into these legendary difficulty ruins. Past bloody experiences had told him that anything related to the Arcane Empire should not be taken lightly.

Gloria and the lot would be in charge of cutting off the power, while Soran would prepare to search for the three Elemental Stones.

If he could gather the stones together, he could not only get a piece of divinity shard but also summon the “Elemental army” to replace soldiers as expendable soldiers when exploring the wizard tower.

That was why, around mid-March, Soran began his journey to the north.

This time, he would cross the north and the mountains to enter the Frost Kingdom. After he had memorized the teleportation spell, he would be able to teleport back to the outer islands anytime he needed to.