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“Spinning Kick!”

In the face of Soran, who disappeared without a trace, the legendary monk’s response speed was extremely swift. He stamped his toe into the soil. Then a whirlwind kicked up a large piece of earth, and then his legs kicked out in succession to raise a gust of wind, which blew the soil away in all directions, covering the front area of more than 10 meters.

An experienced legendary monk, indeed!

If Soran hadn’t moved after he went into the shadows, the dust would reveal his figure.

However, Soran was not an ordinary Rogue. He played with all his strength against the legendary monk without reservation. After he entered the shadow, he immediately used Shadow Leap, and he had already left his original position.


The legendary monk moved back and did not dare to stay at his original position.

No trace of Soran was found in the dust. The legendary Rogue had already lurked near him. Unless the other party moved first, he could not even determine the specific location of the enemy.

The legendary monk was now in a defensive position.

At the same time, he moved in a circle at high speed, covering any weakness he had.

Soran’s situation was a little bit disadvantageous because he didn’t have buffs. Fortunately, all the monks were highly conscious, so Soran was very likely to have an advantage in attributes. The legendary monk had a strong intuitive dodge ability. They could easily detect the normal sneak attack. To deal with this kind of enemy, one must use a wave of offensive attack to occupy absolute advantage.

“Shadow Jump!”

“Shadow Strike!”

“Sword Form [Waist Slash]!”

Soran figure appeared behind the monk, and at the same time, he slashed toward the monk’s waist.

However, the legendary monk seemed to have expected the attack. He suddenly burst out, and at the moment before Soran launched the attack, he turned around and kicked out a whip leg.

Monks had extremely high evasion ability and were very perceptive to threats.

“Tiger Strike!”

“Shadow Kick!”

The sudden attack from the legendary monk was fast. He kicked toward Soran’s head, covering all areas.

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Leap!”

Soran’s figure disappeared once more, but this time he did not move far.

“Conjure Shadow!”

A twisted shadow suddenly emerged from the shadow of the legendary monk. It just went over and clung to the enemy. Although the crooked shadow could not threaten the legendary monk who had a great Constitution, it could still hinder its movement.

Soran’s figure appeared once again behind the legendary monk.

“Vampiric Touch!”

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

Soran’s figure appeared out of the sky and used Vampiric Touch at the moment of contact with the enemy. At the same time, a cold light appeared, which immediately slashed toward the head of the enemy in front of him.


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The legendary monk’s palm turned to gold in a flash, and he held Soran’s attack with his hands directly, creating a metal ring.

Drops of blood dripped down.

He had underestimated the sharpness of the legendary curved sword. A crack was heard, and half of the monk’s hand fell to the ground.

“Your excellency is truly powerful!”

The legendary monk immediately decided to step back, and in an instant, opened a distance of ten meters. His voice trembled slightly because of the pain, then he bowed slightly and said, “I give up! From today on, the interest distribution of the eastern sea route will be following your requirements.”

The other three monks came to his side, a


Soran stood and stared at the monk. There was still a sense of killing in his eyes. He looked at his opponent silently for a while. Then he took back his curved sword and said in a deep voice, “Very well.”

Monks seldom-used equipment.

This was their biggest weakness. Even the legendary monk would not be able to take the edge of Icing Death. As long as he forced the opponent to a corner, Soran’s chance of winning would significantly improve.

The legendary monk covered the wound, but there was not much emotion on his face. He just bowed and said, “Then everything is settled. I will convey your request to the monastery. ”


After saying that, he left without even looking at his hand on the floor.

Only after walking out of the hall, did he relax.

Just now, if he didn’t give up and back away in a hurry, he would have been beheaded by Soran because the other side did not use his trump card. The shadow crossing ability of the legendary Rogue was not only that, but there were also different legendary abilities. Soran had not mastered the fighting skills of the legendary Rogue. He had used up his Shadow Leap, Shadow Jump, and Conjure Shadow.

The legendary monk made up his mind to tell the monastery about his danger and try not to conflict with the rising pirate king.

“Big brother!”

Vivian, who had been standing beside, came over. There was a trace of murderous air in her beautiful big eyes. She said in a crisp voice, “Why didn’t you kill him just now! He hurt you! ”

Soran glanced at her and said, “Nonsense!”

“Do you know how strong the monastery is? It’s an organization that has guarded ancient evil for thousands of years! Even the temples of the gods have no advantage over them. ”

The monks’ missions were to guard evil creatures.

As professions in the lawful alignment, they had many strict dogmas. These people may not be kind, but they had been maintaining the world order.

Soran had no intention of starting something with them!

“Go back!”

Soran glanced at LuLu and said in a deep voice, “You can’t do this again! LuLu is still a child; you let her fight with a high-grade monk. What if something bad happened! Dark Blade will train her tomorrow. You’ll return to the outer islands today. Gloria is preparing a shadow teleportation door, so you go help her with it.”

The little girl felt wronged. She pulled LuLu away too.

She should have won! Stupid LuLu using a powerful skill at the beginning, if not for that, the monk wouldn’t have had the chance.