Abyss Domination

Chapter 365 - Fight

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“Pang, Pang, Pang!”

What had happened shocked the three monks because, among the professions, no one could move faster than the monk. What’s more, the monk’s ending skill relied on the continuous blow like the wind to destroy the opponent. However, the scene in front of them overturned their prior understanding because the little cat girl in front of them had an attack speed was even faster than that of a high-grade monk. That dazzling attack was almost too fast for the retina’s capture limit, especially the other side’s fantastic agility and reaction.

She used her arm and was able to walk on a 90-degree wall, but also could directly run against the wall.

Even monks needed some level of Qinggong to achieve this!

Where did this cat girl come from?

She also only a lackey? How powerful would the little girl in black dress be?

LuLu was knocked back again.

Even though her attack speed was fast, she had one glaring weakness: Strength.

As a beast, LuLu had a very high natural Dexterity, but her Strength was probably less than eight or nine. Even when she grew up in the future, she would only have 12 to 13 Strength. If she were not strong enough, she would not be able to kill. It was hard for her to fight with the high-grade monk in front of her. Even if she attacked the other side, she would only scratch his skin. It would not affect the combat effectiveness of the opponent even after 12 scratches.

“Roundhouse kick!”

The monk that had been forced back by the cat girl was losing face.

He gave a loud yell, and his legs kicked out in a row to raise a gust of wind. The strong whip leg blocked all the attacking routes directly. No matter where LuLu attacked, she had to take the attack.


The little cat girl was alert. Her innate ability let her know the danger, and immediately she pulled away.

“Chain steps!”

“Shock palm!”

The monk overwhelmed the cat girl with his continuous attack.

The monk in front of her suddenly rushed forward with a big yell. He waved his hand and beat it out. The fierce palm attack mixed with a dark force. If he hit the cat girl, her life would be in danger.

Vivian showed a worried face as she watched at the side.

“Shadow Leap!”

Just as the attack came in, the back of LuLu’s petite figure suddenly twisted, and Soran’s figure appeared in her shadow. He put the petite cat girl behind him. Then he blocked the attack from the monk with his fist.


Soran stood still and was slightly stiff.

The monk stepped back three steps in a row and looked at Soran with disbelief. The other side had resisted the dark energy on his palm. Soran showed strength uncharacteristic of a Rogue, but more like a legendary Fighter. Just now, the monk’s attack was like a cow sinking into the sea. The legendary pirate king in front of him had a Constitution far superior to that of ordinary people. This was very difficult for a Rogue because their training direction was more on skills than their own Constitution.

“Stop it!”

Soran glanced at Vivian with a slight reproach, and said in a stern voice, “Nuisance! Go back, you two! From today on, you two are not allowed to come out for two days!”

Soran just came out to have a look and saw this. Vivian was fearless and didn’t know the depth of the monks, but Soran knew that some of their unique fighting skills were quite dangerous. That’s why he took the hit. If it weren’t for him to take the attack, LuLu would have been seriously injured now.

A 7 to 8-year-old cat girl would not be able to beat a monk without any profession skill support.

“Pa, Pa, Pa!”

Claps were heard.

The figure of the legendary monk also came out. His expression seemed a little cold. Suddenly he said, “You are indeed the legendary Beheader! You are really impressive! ”

From that move, a

“I’m flattered.” Soran turned and stared at Vivian.

The little girl seemed to be a bit scared. She grabbed LuLu and said in a low voice, “I want to train LuLu. Besides, she has some unique skills that she hasn’t used.”

Soran frowned and said, “Go back to your room. I’ll deal with you later.”

At that time, the legendary monk in front of him suddenly seemed to make a decision and said, “Your Excellency! Since we have been arguing about the distribution of interests on the eastern sea route. How about this. I’ll have a competition with you. If you win, everything will follow your request. If I win, then we have the right to free trade on the south coast! ”


Soran was slightly shocked but looked at the opponent and replied, “Sure.”

This guy wanted to try his Strength. In this case, he couldn’t give in.

“Let’s do this!”

“Anger Strike!”

When a monk reached level 10, their hands would become + 1 rare weapons. When they reach level 13, their hands would be regarded as + 2 rare weapons. After that, the unarmed attack ability of the monk would be strengthened at every three professional levels. The legendary monk would get at most +5 rarity.

Some of the monks could even train their hands to metal like–making them hard as metal.

Anger Strike was a saying of adventurers.

The original name was probably ‘Kill Strike,’ a lethal attack.


The legendary curved sword appeared on Soran’s hand. Soran couldn’t allow any carelessness at this level of the duel.

“Trackless Step!”

In the face of the legendary rising pirate king Soran, the legendary monk didn’t have the slightest intention of mercy. He started with a fierce attack and wanted to use the monk’s active attacks to suppress Soran.

“Shocking Strike!”

The legendary monk, who was proficient in unarmed combat, approached at high speed and raised his hand to strike Soran’s chest.


The golden palm hit the curved sword, and a force passed through the blade to Soran, making him feel as if he had been punched.

This was a technique used on full armor Fighter, but he used it on a Rogue.

“Sword form [Spinning Strike]!”

Soran’s curved sword cut toward the waist of the opponent. The legendary monk, avoided the attack, while his legs swept and kicked toward Soran.

“Sweeping Kick!”

“Continuous Strike!”

“Spinning Kick!”

Legendary monks were good at continuous strikes; their speed and technique would dazzle an opponent.

“Sword form [Beheading]!”

In the face of the fierce and incomparable continuous attack skill of the enemy, Soran had no panic in his heart. He was very clear about the fighting style of the monk; that was, he should never show weakness. Once he gave in, he would be beaten to the point of no return. He suddenly burst out and wave the sword and cut toward the opponent’s head.


“Scaling Step!”

In the face of Soran’s counterattack, the legendary monk’s expression became more and more dangerous. Although the enemy didn’t use many abilities from the beginning to the end, it was the most straightforward moves that could reflect the real strength of the other side: powerful attributes, high reflexes, amazing dodge techniques, and almost non-human immunity.

The figure of the legendary monk rose to a height of 20 meters as if he had been enchanted by magic. His expression was very serious. He fell from the sky like a shell. At the same time, he claps his hands suddenly, and a burning breath emerged.

“Yang style!”

A fire exploded, and the extremely hot waves came out. When the legendary monk waved his hand, a strong force burst out, directly shaking Soran’s figure upside down.

Cough, cough!

Soran retreated seven or eight meters in a row, suddenly rolled over, and stabilized his body. He reached out to wipe the blood on the corner of his mouth, then murmured, “I didn’t imagine seeing this move again many years later.”

Yang style.

Previously, many called it the “Jiu Yang move,” which shows how powerful it was.

Yang style, Ying style, Trackless Step were t

“Evade Sight!”

Soran’s eyes became cold. His figure went into the shadow and then completely disappeared.

He was severe now because he was facing a tough battle.