Near the end of February.

A week had passed. As Soran was busy with things, he finally got a reply from the eastern pirates. The other side wanted to sit down and talk.

There was no eternal enemy in this world, only eternal interests. It was not only Soran who was blocked by the eastern sea route but also they were unable to transport expensive Eastern goods to the south coast in exchange for interests. Compared to the more fertile southern area, the eastern desert covered a wide area. Because of the energy variation left over during the Arcane Empire, the east desert covered two-thirds. Such a colossal desert area significantly limited the output of the eastern world. Trade was the most important economic source of the eastern pirates.

At noon on the second day, on the east side of the Raging Sand Island, Soran saw the eastern pirates.

It was hard to believe that the most significant force among the eastern pirates was the pirate group controlled by a group of monks–monks that were lawful evil. Both desert bandits and eastern pirates had monks among them. They were a rather difficult enemy.

It was a monk who was sent out to negotiate with Soran this time. He was a legendary monk. Just after the dragon warship approached, several figures on the opposite ship flew out. These monks fell directly on the sea, then walked on the sea at high speed, and finally landed on the deck of the dragon warship.

These monks seemed to have distinct oriental ethnic characteristics, not easy to describe, but similar to Indian people.

Soran looked at the monk on the deck.

As the opponent looked him up, Soran also checked him out.

At least in terms of appearance, he was not old. His appearance was not very different from that of the oriental people in Soran’s memory. Although his skin was like an Asians, his forehead, bridge of nose, and eyes were all prominent western ethnic characteristics. His eyes were sharp, and there were thick calluses on his palm. The monks were proficient in unarmed combat, and their palms were the strongest. The most striking thing was his skin, with a little bit of light gold, as if the yellow skin was somewhat golden.

[Perfect Self]!

A unique ability of the legendary monk.

However, Soran preferred to call it “King Kong body,” because after they reach the legendary level, monks could be immune to diseases and toxins, and would never grow old again. They would only die when they reached the end of their lifespan. Ordinary weapons couldn’t hurt them. They also had terrific resistance to magic. Legendary monks were one of the most difficult enemies to deal with.

“Your excellency!”

The legendary monk looked at Soran, as if in disbelief that Soran was the legendary Beheader.

From his appearance, Soran was just too young.

In terms of strength, Soran seemed to have not reached the legendary realm, at least for now, he was no legend because there would be a kind of sublimation of the soul in a traditional profession. As a legendary monk with high perception ability, he could feel this. However, Soran’s prestige was accumulated by a mountain of heads. Although the other party had doubts, he had no disrespect.

“Please!” Soran gestured to invite the monk and his three fellow monks in.

All of them were high-grade professions.

The background of the eastern pirates was still so strong. In the beginning, he traveled to the Oriental world and saw many legendary figures. It may be because of the energy variation during the Arcane Empire, or it may be because the environment was too harsh. In the eastern world, evil things, gods, and Abominations often appeared. There was even a monk monastery that Soran dared not break into; it was built directly above the nest of some ancient Abomination. (Note: the name seems to be Phaerimm, a terrible Abomination that ended a specific era.)

One of the jobs of the monks was to guard these ancient creatures.

This was the same for the monks who were lawful good, lawful neutral, and lawful evil. The monks of the three camps came from many different monasteries, but the essence of keeping order still existed. Their task was to prevent those chaotic and evil creatures from causing more significant damage. Among the adventurers who were mainly active in the eastern world, some people claimed to have seen the legendary monk with a profession level of 40.

Soran did not believe that because a level 40 monk would have incredible fighting capabilities.

They would become almost immune to any physical attack or spell damage. Soran estimated that the most powerful monk in the eastern world had only a profession level of about 30. (Note: the Son of Slaughter, who was said to have created “Yin style” and “Yang style” was at level 40.)

This was the limit to his estimation!

Ranging Sand Island.

Soran was discussing matters with the legendary monk.

Sounds of argument seemed to be coming out.

But Vivian didn’t pay much attention to these. She was interested in the three bald-headed monks outside because she once met a monk that gave her a little gift.


The little girl was dressed in a black princess dress and looked at the monk outside the door with her head askew. “I’ve seen people like you before,” she said in a crisp voice, “But he looked much stronger than you. ”

The monks did not respond, only looked at her.


Vivian looked at them said in a crisp voice, “I heard that you have some potent fighting skills. I dare you to compete with my lackey?”

The three monks looked at each other, and one of them showed some interest.

However, when Vivian pulled out the candidate to compete with them, the monk’s face immediately showed disappointment, even a little sad.

That’s right–Vivian pulled LuLu out!

LuLu was wearing a pink skirt today. There were many sweets in her pocket. As Vivian’s little attendant, she followed her all day.

Just like her tail!

At the moment, LuLu, who had just eaten a candy, came out with such a stunned face and looked around doubtfully.

“Don’t look down on her!”

Vivian pursed her lips, then said, “You may not even win!”

“LuLu. Fight the bald head in front. If you win, I’ll give you a holiday and anything you want to eat!”


In an instant, her eyes were shining, almost without thinking much. She turned into a shadow and rushed out and slashed at the monk.

“Pang, Pang, Pang!”

LuLu’s small figure directly flew out, and then fell on the ground with a plop. She meowed a little looked at her dirty dress and let out an angry look.

She was mad.

At the same time, the senior monk who just fought with her stared at his chest with astonishment; there were three faint bloodstains on his arms, chest, and abdomen. The enemy’s attack was not enough to threaten his life, but the speed was incredible. As a monk with strong perception, he still couldn’t keep up with the attack speed.

What monster was this!?

The high-grade monk’s face became serious. He put his hands together in a tiger-like posture, and at the same time, his eyes locked on the delicate cat girl in front of him.

Vivian had a playful look.

It seemed that she had confidence that LuLu would win the fight.