Missing deities were a rare occurrence, but once it happened, sweeping changes would occur.

Although the half-elf god was only a [Minor] God, he was still real god after all. As long as he remained in his realm, even powerful gods would find it very difficult to kill him. Since the kingdom of gods was an independent world, they create their laws, so no god would leave their realm easily. However, something unexpected had happened; the half-elf god had gone missing.

Gods rarely left their realms.

Even if they wanted to enter other realms, they would only incarnate as a Saint or go into one of the believers.

Therefore, in terms of material level, there were also Saints in the half-elf temple who could serve as the host of gods. They had the ability to connect the kingdom of gods and could directly communicate with the half-elf god.

However, there was a problem now!

There was no trace of the god in his realm. This Minor god was not in his own realm.

All the priests could not communicate with the god. Naturally, all the priests lost their divine powers.

It was disastrous!

Although there were many Druids in the half-elf home, the Saints were the main power to protect the half-elves. His priests had been fighting against the orcs on the wild border, driving out the ogres in the mountains, and dwarfs who were not very friendly to the half-elves. The priests lost the ability to perform divinity, which was crushing. When they couldn’t contact the gods, all the temples began to operate crazily.

This kind of incident had happened before.

When the last Goddess of Riches went missing, all of her priests lost communication with her.

However, she was already weak, so a new figure took her place.

A missing god meant that he might have fallen to the material plane or some other plane.

This event had attracted many people’s attention. Even many legendary professions had turned their eyes to the location of the city. As the priests lost their spells, the city set up an emergency defense to prepare for the next possible attack. The fall of a god would inevitably lead to more terrible chain events. Both good and evil would be interested in the believers he left behind. Now the most important thing for the half-elf temple was to find a way to find any trace of their god. Because the realm of the god was still intact, he may not have fallen.

Soran was not aware of what had happened so far away.

In fact, he was very busy now because it took a lot of manpower to control the eastern sea route. At the same time, in regards to expanding the territory, he also needed to supply materials to the outer islands, which made his finances begin to come under a little pressure. Ashrod, the pirate king, left a lot of wealth, but not much of it could be turned into money. Soran had nearly 300 warships and nearly 5000 pirates under his command. These people need a lot of money to eat and drink.

After the eastern sea route had been cut, a new problem would arise.

No matter what hatred he had in the past, he had to negotiate with the eastern pirates. Otherwise, the trade route would be abandoned. His fleet could not go to the eastern countries, nor could the eastern fleet enter the southern sea.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!” There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Soran put down the document in hand.

Soon a middle-aged man who looked like a clerk came in. He leaned slightly and said, “Your Excellency. This is the latest news. Please have a look. ”

Soran nodded and said, “Put it there.”

The middle-aged man quickly left.

After reading the statistics of materials and spoils, Soran reached for the stack of intelligence documents. He glanced through and then focused on the intelligence information of Whiterun and Arendalle.

The south coast was a trading area, so information was not delayed.

Whiterun was still like that. After the red dragon appeared, trading there became slow.

Many people had avoided Whiterun so that the city’s business tax had been reduced by more than 50%. Now it was urgent to expel or kill the red dragon. The nobles in the city had to come together, hoping to attract powerful adventurers with great rewards. It was better to have a legendary team to deal with the red dragon.

Unfortunately, all of the adventurers that went did not come back!

That was an ancient red dragon. Soran was not strong enough to deal with it, so going there would only add to the headcount.

“Whiterun is a useless city now!”

Soran murmured to himself, put down the document, and whispered, “No one can kill the ancient red dragon until the Times of Trouble.”

“But this is good. When land trading is bad, sea trading will prosper.”

The second piece of news was about Arendelle. After seeing the news, Soran frowned and murmured, “The elder princess is missing and hasn’t appeared in a long time? Is Princess Anna in charge of Arendelle now? That is bad!”

Soran reached out his hand and caressed the legendary curved sword. He said slowly, “The prosperity of Arendelle is completely supported by the strength of the elder princess alone. Now that she disappeared for a long time, I’m afraid that Arendelle’s situation is a bit worrying! I don’t know if Anna can handle it alone! ”

The elder princess had immeasurable power.

However, after losing the great elder princess, Arendelle would not deserve the wealth it had.

Great wealth without great power was a disaster waiting to happen!

Now Soran was far away on the south coast, and he couldn’t help much. He could only hope that the elder princess would appear as soon as possible. After all, he felt a little guilty for Princess Anna.

He picked up his pen and wrote something, asking his men to take note of Arendelle more.

Instincts told him t

The battle of Raging Sand Island.

Soran’s harvest was not intended to be very rich. First of all, he got a lot of Slaughter EXP, most of which came from himself, and a few were provided by the mutant killer whale. It’s really a surprise for Soran that divine gifts had such an effect. Although the Slaughter EXP was less than 10,000 points, it was an additional source.

At present, he had accumulated 160,000 Slaughter EXP, which was enough to level up the wizard, but not enough to level up his Shadow Dancer profession.

Too bad, he could not kill the red dragon duchess himself.

The great amount of EXP was on her real self. Killing herself would probably give the person 100,000 or more Slaughter EXP.

As for Ashrod, this guy only gave less than 40,000 EXP.

Total trash!

No wonder he did not dare to take on the Swamp King. He was no match for the Swamp King.

The greatest reward of this battle was the legendary rating he got. After killing Ashrod, Soran got the highest amount of legendary rating.

“Battle of Raging Sand Island [legendary battle]: in the middle of February 1676 in the new moon era, you had a decisive battle with a pirate king on Raging Sand Island. In the battle, you killed Ashrod, the pirate king, and defeated the red dragon duchess. Your reputation has spread all over the world. Most pirates have heard of your name. At present, you have become the most powerful pirate king on the south coast. At the same time, because of the emergence of the Sea Goddess, people from other forces are paying more and more attention to you. The appearance of the Sea Goddess incarnation means that your existence has attracted the attention of some gods. [Legend rating + 8] ”

8 Legend Rating.

Soran had never gotten this much.

Especially when it mentioned the fact that he was noticed by gods, this let him felt pressured.

After entering the realm of legend, he would have the qualifications to be noticed by other gods.

He was concerned whether it was good or bad to be noticed by the gods so early on. But this meant that he had a clear picture of what he wanted to do.

Elemental Stone (earth)

Soran played with the legendary item he got and thought about something.

After so long, the effect of this legendary equipment had been reduced a lot; the number of enemies who could force Soran to activate Stoneskin was much less now, and the summoning of an Earth Elemental was pointless at sea.

However, it was not without use because this legendary equipment was only a part of something bigger, a chain of legendary difficulty tasks that would ultimately lead to a shard of divinity.

Elemental Stone (earth), Elemental Stone (water), Elemental Stone (fire), Elemental Stone (air).

Combining the four into one would summon a giant Earth Elemental, giant Water Elemental, giant Fire Elemental, and giant Wind Elemental at the same time. (giant Elementals were second only to the legendary Elder Elemental.)

With Soran’s abilities, he could give the challenge a try!

Moreover, there was also an item Soran needed to go to the desert to get: an artifact for Rogues, [Clock of proof against Detection]–

A legendary item that rendered the user immune to Detection like spells.