Lich products must be excellent was a common saying in pubs. The undead with an infinite life could always make some powerful and shocking equipment in the long years. The lich made nearly one-third of the top legendary equipment that could match the artifacts. The other two-thirds were leftovers from various peak periods of the Arcane civilization. So, in the eyes of many adventurers, killing a Lich was even better than killing a dragon.

The last item was very average, an unusual defensive brooch which, after activated, would give the user three spells: greater Mage Armour, Fire Shield, and Elemental defense.

This was a piece of high-grade charging equipment, not legendary equipment that could recover automatically, so there was no need to pay too much attention to it. Soran put it on Vivian’s chest; the little girl needed some protective item.

A day went by.

Soran had a lot of things to do. He suddenly swallowed the territory of Ashrod, the pirate king. He and his pirate leaders were busy taking over the territory, counting materials, transporting people, guarding prisoners, taking over slaves, and so on. The city of Mordor needed a lot of labor, and even with thousands of people, Soran could still take them all in. So after taking over the territory of the pirate king, the second thing he did was to move the slave population to Mordor.

During the afternoon, when Soran was busy with stuff, Vivian appeared outside the door.

“Big brother!” the little girl said and dragged the cat girl along. “Look what I’ve discovered!” Vivian said.

A strange card was on her palm.

[Deck of Many Things]!

Soran took a glance and was shocked. “Where did you get the Deck of Many Things?”

Vivian laughingly played with the card, then handed it to Soran in front of her, and said in a crisp voice, “I grabbed LuLu and played hide and seek with me, and then happened to find it in a dark box. This card was inside.”

After such a long time.

Soran never thought that he would find the Deck of Many Things here at Ashrod’s camp. Finding this item was lucky.

“Step back a little!” Soran took the card over and told the two to step back slightly. At the same time, he activated the Deck of Many Things.

The markings on the card did not seem to be used.

The Deck of Many Things was unpredictable. As a legendary item, it could open many special effects, including permanently improving attribute points and gaining a lot of Slaughter EXP. There were three special cards in the Deck of Many Things: the clown, sun, and Iron Throne. If these three cards were opened, the user could get 50000 Slaughter EXP, 300000 Slaughter EXP, and 1000000 Slaughter EXP, respectively.

Unfortunately, Soran only saw people getting the clown card!

With Soran activated the card in front of him, the magic pattern like a whirlpool gradually shown its traces. The first thing that emerged was a bit of starlight, which couldn’t help but surprise Soran because he was likely to draw a card with added attributes. But as the moon’s light rose, there was a slight disappointment in his face, and then the pattern on the card emerged.

“Deck of Many Things [Silver Moon]!”

As the image completely appeared, a silvery light flowed into Soran’s body.

A row of data appeared:

“Activated Deck of Many Things!…”

“Gained [Silver Moon]!… Permanently gained 10 Life Force!…”

Not bad.

Soran picked up the card and touched Vivian’s head, “How did you know I needed this?”

The little girl gently nodded her head and said, “Because I saw that there were still some cards like this in at your place. I’ll tell you a secret, sister Gloria’s mother also has a card like this. I saw her turning over and over last night. If brother likes such cards, how about Vivian steal them for you? ”

There’s another card?

Soran was slightly taken aback and shook his head, “No need.”

Soran still didn’t know what’s up with the fallen witch. Someone that had signed a deal with a demon was hard to trust.

It may be best not to stir things up!

At the same time,

“Damn, Soran!”

The shrill roar of repression, pain, and anger broke all the laboratory tubes around the lab. The whole lab shook.

The red dragon duchess let off sharp roar and then walked out without expression. Her failure and death caused some small troubles. The nobles of the Principality of Rossad, who were suppressed by her at the beginning, we’re ready to move after hearing the news that Soran, the Beheader, killed her. Now she needed to clean up these guys and tell them that what was killed overseas was only a puppet. She would never be defeated so easily.

Autumn fall.

There didn’t seem anything special today.

But for the priests who believed in the half-elf god, today was hysteria. That was because it was on this day that they suddenly lost contact with their god; no one could get any power. The statues in the temple were dim. The spirit light on the gods had never been so dim for hundreds of years. Although the priests had tried to block the news, others had heard something vaguely.

The half-elf god had gone missing!

The priests could pray for divinity, and even the kingdom where the Saint was linked to the god did not know his whereabouts.