Chapter 361: Chapter 7 +5 Lich Ring

On the second day, the whole Raging Sand Island became busy.

After the battle, a large number of captives were captured. Many pirate minions surrendered as soon as they saw the situation. Coupled with the appearance of the Sea Goddess, these pirates were more awed by Soran. But because it was late, Soran couldn’t deal with trouble, so he could only put them all in custody, and blocked the warehouse on the island. In addition to the massive amount of food and equipment, there was also Gold Derahls to reward his men.

Ashrod was better with money than Soran.

This guy was in charge of the eastern sea route, with the support of the Naga Siren royal family, and at the same time snatched the spoils of Soran’s Snake island. In the treasure house of the island, there were more than 200,000 Gold Derahls and a large number of pearls. There were special pearl collectors in the East. This was probably how Ashrod collected hundreds of thousands of pearls. Soran couldn’t take all the reward; almost half of the reward would be given to his men.

After a ship sinks, only half the men aboard would be alive.

Attacking Raging Sand Island was only a start. After killing Ashrod, Soran naturally needed to control his other territory.

Furthermore, after taking over the eastern sea route, Soran needed to transfer his men.

It was a time-consuming and laborious thing to manage the eastern sea route. After some thinking, Soran decided to let the most capable half-elf first mate manage the eastern sea route. He was ruthless and decisive. In this period, he would be the person who could stabilize the situation as soon as possible.

Soran left the people with a high killing aura.

After taking over the eastern sea route, only the most ruthless pirates could control the situation.

As for the other people.

Port Tylon, Shipwreck Bay, Modor all needed men. Soran needed to promote some men to these new vacant positions.

Ashrod had many rewards.

However, even after gathering all these items, they were not comparable to the three items that the red dragon duchess dropped.

That was because all the items she dropped were legendary equipment.

“Item Type: Ring of Wizardry [+1]

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 1)]

Description: This is a very special wizard ring because it can only add level 1 spell slots. It is said that it is a piece of legendary equipment made by a special wizard himself because the owner of this ring was a chaotic wizard. In order to increase his level 1 spell slots and memorize the unique Recklessness spell, he spent a lot of time making this special grade 1 legendary item. This item once drifted into the hands of many people, but in the end, only the frenzied wizard could exert its greatest power.

Requirements: None.

Effects: double one’s level 1 spell slots.

This was the first item the red dragon duchess dropped.

It was also very famous legendary equipment because for special chaos wizards, this grade 1 legendary item was a very powerful artifact.

This was mainly because the frenzied wizard had a special level 1 spell ‘Recklessness.’

“Recklessness [Level 1 spell]: a special spell that can only be mastered by a frenzied wizard. The power of chaos makes magic produce unknown variations. A chaotic wizard can try to use Recklessness instead of any spell he can master, including the legendary spells he has mastered. However, the spell requires the user to pass a test of confusion. If the user failed to pass the test, there might be unimaginable things happening. ”

[Note: Can use Chaos Barrier to increase the chance of passing the test.]

Chaos wizard–

A group that focused on chaos spells. They were almost like a bunch of nutjobs.

They were few in number, and many of them died under their own magic, but occasionally there were some terrible chaos wizards. After entering the field of legend, they become strong enough to face a group of legendary wizards or become a powerful existence in some planes.

Since chaos had infused into their soul, any spell they used would change.

They could replace any spell with the unique level 1 spell “Recklessness.” As long as they successfully passed the test, and they would be able to cast as many legendary spells as the number of spell slots they had.

In theory, if they were strong-minded, they were unbeatable!

But if their character was not strong enough, the magic could petrify themselves, turn them into frogs, send a flash of lightning, or something else strange and unimaginable.

Soran had never seen a surviving chaos wizard.

This legendary item was their artifact and allowed their level spell slots to double.

In any case, neither Soran nor Vivian could bring the item to its best effects, so it didn’t matter who had the ring. But Vivian was a wizard and sorcerer, and the level 1 spell slots were calculated separately. If she wore this equipment, Vivian could gain another 15 level 1 spell slots.

15 level 1 spell slots; even if they were used to memorize Arcane Missile, the effects would be tremendous.

Thus, Soran did not hesitate to give this item to Vivian.


The second item was somewhat more impressive. It was also a ring, but it was more famous.

That was because it was an item that was more powerful than artifacts!

Item Type: Lich Ring

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 5)]

Description: This is a ring made by the legendary Lich. It is engraved with a complex magic array. It makes the user immune to any toxin, disease, and increase its resistance to Charm spells and mind control spells. This ring uses a special alchemy technique that reduces the casting time of any spell by one second. However, please note that this ring is shrouded in the power of the dead, with a special curse on it, which may reduce your Constitution.

Requirements: Constitution above 10.

Special effect: A cursed item, reduces 2 points of Constitution. You can’t take it off by yourself after wearing them. You can only remove the ring by first removing the curse. (Note: the undead are not affected by these effects.)

Equip effect 1: [toxin immunity]. This ring has a special power, which can make the wearer immune to any toxin attack. No matter the poison made by alchemy, natural poison, or poison attack produced by magic, the wearer can be completely immune to the damage caused by them, as well as other negative states, such as paralysis, rigidity, etc.

Equip effect 2: [disease immunity]. This ring has a special power, which can make the wearer immune to any disease attack. No matter the disease caused by magic or natural disease, it cannot have any effect on the wearer. Even the most terrible plague can not threaten the wearer of this ring. Any disease spell is invalid for the wearer.

Equip effect 3: increases immunity resistance to charm and mind control spells by 2.

Equip effect 4: Increases your casting speed by 1 point.

Equip effect 5: adds an additional level 6 spell slot and a level 7 spell slot.

Equip effect 6: able to use “Greater Haste” once a day.

Equip effect 7: increases spell resistance by 10.

Equip effect 8: increases regeneration ability and basic life recovery speed + 1 per hour.

Equip effect 9: Defence level + 2. ”

That’s right!

This was the ring of the legendary Lich. Soran had only +2 rings in the past, so when he saw a +5 Ring Lich, he was almost stunned.

This was a priceless ring!

It was a legendary item that couldn’t be measured by money. It could be said that any reward that Soran got was dim compared with it.

From certain aspects, this item was more powerful than artifacts, but it was also dangerous to run around with this kind of item because spells could locate it. Many wizards, dragons, and special lifeforms liked to use spells to track this kind of top-level legendary equipment. It may be fine to stay in the base camp with it, but once taken out, the red dragon duchess will probably track and locate it.

That’s because the item had a strong magic aura–strong enough to cross planes.

That’s why it was basically an artifact.

Even the gods may be interested in its existence.

Thus the first thing Soran did after identifying the equipment was to let the fallen witch Corinne seal its magic aura. The northern witches were proficient in Divination, and there were many ways to make others unable to track and locate it. Unless, of course, someone was bored enough to track the location with a legendary Divination spell. For the time being, no one else would be able to determine its location.

As for the last item, compared to the +5 Lich Ring, it could be completely ignored.